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  1. If it is a second property then it is not exempt.
  2. The boss of Moderna has said today that he thinks the current vaccines will not be totally effective against the new variant. He expects it will take a good few months to develop a new vaccine to counter it.
  3. I see you posted during the middle of the night. If you don't get any responses, try posting again during the daytime.
  4. You probably need to obtain a visa that permits working, but I am not sure. If you are on Facebook, this group gives great advice: https://www.facebook.com/groups/248686685795058/
  5. For tomorrow, you can modify date/time.

  6. A freesat set top box has a 7 day EPG - It is nothing to do with catch up!

  7. You have had a generic satellite box installed. These only as you have found out do a now and next EPG

    If you want UK freesat with a 7 day EPG and recording facility, you will need like others have said a box from the UK. There may be some available second hand in France.

    Humax are the current recommended ones, but they are stopping, and a new company (formerly Pace) will be entering the market, but not for a few months.

    If you LNB (the thing on the end of the dish arm) has 2 connections you can watch one channel and record another (sometimes a third!).

  8. I had mine done earlier in the year by a reliable company in 24.

    If you want to message me I will give you their details.

  9. I also use UBlockOrigin, but I cannot seem to find the disable JavaScript option.

    Can you point me in the right direction please?

  10. This is probably because the new Firefox now blocks trackers, as will other browsers eventually.

    So unless this site finds a way to allow their cookies without enabling other trackers (e.g., Facebook, Twitter etc), then as updated browsers appear, this will occur more often.

  11. My Firefox is blocking trackers on this site!

    If I turn that off, it makes no difference, the notice still appears.

    I will just have to put up with it!

  12. [quote user="suein56"]Crabtree wrote : Still getting it - on every click in the forum!!!!

    Have you cleared your cache and renewed your icon as I suggested earlier ?

    What browser are you using ? Is it uptodate ?

    'Cos like ALBF I don't have a problem at all on any of the machines I use to access this site : tablet, laptop, etc and they are a Heintz 57 variety of Android, Microsoft, Windows 10, Windows 7 etc etc.[/quote]

    Yes, yes and yes.
    Firefox 68.0.2 x 64 (the latest).
    Only use that here, so cannot help about other browsers.

    PS - Tried to delete previous post but it will not let me!

  13. Yes, yes and yes.
    Firefox 68.0.2 x 64 (the latest).
    Only use that here, so cannot help about other browsers.

  14. Maybe you should just do a clean install of Win 10.

    Download the latest Win 10 ISO and you will not need to worry about activation, as you already are activated. It will just activate automatically.

    Link for downloading tool for the ISO. Just choose the Win 10 you want (latest is 1903). Download the ISO, don't do setup. Then burn the ISO to disk or flash drive and boot to that and it will setup a new Win 10.

  15. Don't buy the big brands then it won't cost more!

  16. You can use this site, all those I reported never called again!
  17. DIY - small jab into an arm muscle et voila!

  18. [quote user="CeeJay"]Excuse my ignorance but would it be possible to receive Freesat on a French tv with built in TNT if pointed at the right satellite.

    In other words are the built in tuners the same standard. I want to buy a new tv in UK with Freesat built in but son says a French bought TNT one would work![/quote]

    To get Freesat specifically you will need to buy a TV in the UK, or a Freesat box. This will give you the Freesat 7 day EPG (Programme Guide). If the TV comes with Freesat and Freeview, then you will be able to get the French TV with an antenna, as UK Freeview is the same spec as French TNT. Connect your dish to the satellite terminal and your aerial to the terrestrial terminal.

    However, if you are not bothered too much with the Freesat EPG, you can just buy any TV (in France) with a satellite connection and you will still pick up all the Freesat channels (plus a few more). However, you will have to rearrange the channels to the order you want as they are in a random order, unlike Freesat where all the channels are pre-ordained and you cannot move them about. The other problem with a generic satellite TV is that if there are any changes, additions, deletions to channels etc, you will have to do this manually, as unlike Freesat, this does not happen automatically. Freesat updates automatically when there are changes.

    For ease, we bought a TV in France for French TV and UK satellite, and bought a Freesat PVR box, best of both worlds then. Can record 2 or 3 channels simultaneously and still watch another.

    Hope this helps a bit!

  19. In France we are all donors unless we opt out, I think.

  20. Just an update from Sarlat, South East 24, no queues, all pumps available in all local garages.

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