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  1. Macron was going to scrap the fuel subsidy for another subsidy for folk who used their vehicles a lot, but after the elections he lost his majority and the new subsudy was a proposal of Les Republicans and he had to accept in order that they would support Macron on other matter(s).
  2. I am currently with these, give them a try: https://www.iberdrola.fr/
  3. Once you become a permanent resident (e.g., July 2021), then from that date you are fiscally resident and must do a tax return for 2021. Note that the time limit to do 2021's tax return is very near, so you will have to get onto it fairly soon.
  4. No she cannot. If she wants to work in France her employer has to apply for her Visa, and the employer will have to advertise the job and also to employ your wife the employer will have to prove that no EU citizen could do the job.
  5. If it is a second property then it is not exempt.
  6. The boss of Moderna has said today that he thinks the current vaccines will not be totally effective against the new variant. He expects it will take a good few months to develop a new vaccine to counter it.
  7. I see you posted during the middle of the night. If you don't get any responses, try posting again during the daytime.
  8. You probably need to obtain a visa that permits working, but I am not sure. If you are on Facebook, this group gives great advice: https://www.facebook.com/groups/248686685795058/
  9. For tomorrow, you can modify date/time. https://www.sncf.com/fr/itineraire-reservation/itineraire/liste-resultats?uic1=OCE70154005&coordX1=-0.12575&coordY1=51.53084&uic2=OCE87583005&coordX2=0.16453&coordY2=45.65393&date=1592924609&when=null&label1=Londres%20Saint-Pancras%20(London%20Saint-Pancras)&label2=Angoul%C3%AAme&typeDepart=ZONE_ARRET&typeArrivee=ZONE_ARRET&listeCodesMode=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10&origineCP=&destinationCP=16000
  10. A freesat set top box has a 7 day EPG - It is nothing to do with catch up!
  11. You have had a generic satellite box installed. These only as you have found out do a now and next EPG If you want UK freesat with a 7 day EPG and recording facility, you will need like others have said a box from the UK. There may be some available second hand in France. Humax are the current recommended ones, but they are stopping, and a new company (formerly Pace) will be entering the market, but not for a few months. If you LNB (the thing on the end of the dish arm) has 2 connections you can watch one channel and record another (sometimes a third!).
  12. I had mine done earlier in the year by a reliable company in 24. If you want to message me I will give you their details.
  13. I also use UBlockOrigin, but I cannot seem to find the disable JavaScript option. Can you point me in the right direction please?
  14. This is probably because the new Firefox now blocks trackers, as will other browsers eventually. So unless this site finds a way to allow their cookies without enabling other trackers (e.g., Facebook, Twitter etc), then as updated browsers appear, this will occur more often.
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