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  1. No, but TOs need maintenance staff. Here, for example: http://jobs.alpineelements.co.uk/?url=alpine-elements-jobs-french-alps
  2. If you need to work and don't speak much French, go somewhere with a lot of English tourist business. Burying yourself in the middle of nowhere in a region with 60% unemployment is strictly for grumpy OAPs.
  3. Fonctionnaire working practices, news in English here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/7866140/French-civil-servant-lifts-lid-on-five-hours-a-week-culture.html And the book in French here: http://www.amazon.fr/Absolument-d%C3%A9-bor-d%C3%A9e-comment-mois-Quand-fonctionnaire/dp/2226206027/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1278046975&sr=8-1
  4. And don't go overboard with that two for one offer on bag-in-box rosé! [:)]
  5. I've been intrigued by these reports recently, so I did a cost comparison using my shopping receipt last week. Sainsbury came out slightly more expensive than Casino in the first place and once I'd added the delivery charge (plus VAT) the bill was 50% more than I'd just paid locally. All of which leads me to wonder what on earth you're all eating. [8-)]
  6. Apparently, the others are just watching to see what happens before acting themselves. No doubt. But if what happens is that Times readers desert en masse to the Telegraph, other papers aren't going to go there, are they?
  7. I can't see this being successful while you can still read the Telegraph, Independent and Guardian without paying a fee.I suspect people will just grumble a bit and then switch sites.
  8. Started work for the summer today, and along with the usual softshell and T-shirts was issued with a huge waterproof poncho. I find this rather ominous.
  9. You can pay both taxe d'habitation and taxe fonciere in 10 monthly instalments starting in January. Ask the Tresor Publique for a form and return it to them with a RIB.
  10. "the quality of most items - food or electrical or furniture - isn't as good as in the UK" Er, what? You're saying that IKEA and Whirlpool deliberately make sub-standard goods for the French market? You might wish to get some help with that sort of paranoia.[8-)]
  11. A tad rude, Norman, given that the poster quite evidently isn't using his/her first language. How's your written French? [:D]
  12. "missus has spent 5 minutes calling the teller a thief" Might explain the 'attitude' from bank staff, perchance? Have to say I've never had any problems whatsoever - possibly you should all move to CA Sud Rhone Alps instead.
  13. Oisans. Skiing/boarding. Could do without the bloody cyclists though. [:)]
  14. Google for your local Emmaus if you have stuff to donate - they will come and pick it all up from you.
  15. I've seen scooter things with two front wheels recently - what's that about?
  16. The 'dream' is of being your own boss. People pick hospitality because they think any monkey could do it and they don't need any relevant experience.
  17. Personally I was delighted when they stopped forcing me to drink those foul little bottles of warm milk. Gah, horrible.
  18. With that sort of money you could easily buy a house/apartment rather than a caravan. You will need to work though, both from the financial point of view and because otherwise you'll be extremely isolated and will probably ditch the whole idea as a result. Doesn't have to be full time, especially if you own your house outright and assuming you're not addicted to consumer tat. My advice: - learn French. Makes me laugh the way people think they can just roll up and get a decent job (or any job) when they don't speak the language and don't appear to intend to either. - pick a tourist area. Your English is then in demand and as a result employers are more willing to put up with you speaking French like a vache Espagnole. I even get paid a 50€ bonus just for speaking my own language, bargain. - if you go for the tourist thing, get some relevant experience first. Bar work, catering, maintenance, whatever. Look at working a season or two for a UK company before you commit to the move. They pay peanuts, but it's a good way to suss out where you like/what you could do.
  19. You can get decapant stuff, don't know how well it works. Might be worth asking a specialist for advice - you don't want to ruin them.
  20. Or ring them up. I did this for a friend with an apartment in 2Alpes, was expecting to spend hours on hold and dealing with overseas call centre monkeys, but they were very helpful and the whole thing took about 10 minutes.
  21. Ah, the whacky world of hospitality. Can't say I'm missing it at the moment! [:)]
  22. Si je te vois pas. And it depends who you're talking to - if it's the vicar, substitute vous. If it's your wife, tu should suffice.
  23. I'm afraid that's riddled with erreurs. [:)] However, it should convey the gist of what you want to say, and I assume your correspondent isn't expecting perfect French, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Can't go too far with correcting it, I'm afraid, as my written French is likewise a bit erreur infested. Sorry!
  24. You don't 'need' any bedrooms at all - I know people who live in 25 square metre studio apatrments (not that I fancy it, admittedly). How many you want is entirely up to you - if you have multiple visitors and loads of junk, clearly three is the way forward. Or more, even. If, on the other hand, you don't want visitors, you can deter them by having a smaller house into which they do not fit and pay less tax into the bargain. I'd say the resale thing is just a red herring, particularly if you're planning to do something as old fashioned as actually live in the place.
  25. If you've never had a phone line you will need to get one installed, for which you need to speak to France Telecom. They have an English-speaking service, I believe, though I have no idea what the number is - presumably it will be on their website. Once the line is installed you can go to anyone you like for internet services. We have an SFR box, costs about 35€ a month for line rental, ADSL and unlimited phone calls. There's also some kind of TV thingy rolled up with it, about which I know nothing at all because I can't stand TV and the service isn't available here anyway.
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