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  1. Plenty of supermarkets in the Alps stocking vegemite, as well as Monoprix in Annecy. Maybe you should change your relocation plans.
  2. People actually ban each other from internet forums? How hilariously pathetic. [:D]
  3. Depends on the terms of the contract - eg our staff can be laid off early if we close as a result of the absence of adequate snow. If the new contract is merely an extension of the old one then the terms and conditions should be the same, so reading the original might give you a clue.
  4. "The rules of employment seem to get bent out of shape in the Alps, it was the only place I ever managed to secure 'proper' french employment, OH too, we had no experience but as the work is so seasonal the french are not that keen, most jobs are filled by imported talent dont you find?" Erm, no. I can only think of  half a dozen foreign employees of French companies here, to be honest. And it's not that the 'rules of employment' get bent, it's the fact that a) there is lots of work in ski resorts over the winter and b) employers want English speakers.
  5. You get 2.5 days a month, and on a CDD I'd imagine they pay it at the end of the period. Should be detailed in the contract.
  6. That would depend on the terms of the contract. Which remain a mystery, since you haven't seen it. [:)]
  7. Diesel and dead gods, if you ask me. http://dinnerwiththeomnivore.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/diesel-and-dead-dogs-1-margarine/
  8. How long since you started work? You should usually sign a contract within the first couple of days - if you haven't done so you should chase it.
  9. On the other hand, Mr M landed a job as assistant chef this summer (no catering qualifications, previous kitchen experience limited to plonge jobs as a student) and has been taken on for the winter season as well.
  10. Socks should always be worn with such Grandad sandals as those. You might have problems with flipflops though.
  11. I've used both English and French services for FT, found them to be much the same. I think you all underestimate how difficult it is to provide a service to someone whose grasp of the language you are speaking is lacking. Our customers who speak no French or English definitely get less information and assistance than the others just because it's such a project to explain things to them. And vice versa.
  12. People move about all the time, what's the problem?
  13. Oh marvellous, the cream question again. With bells on this time. [:D] Double cream: creme fleurette, chilled dairy section. Sour cream: creme fraiche, as above. If you want it sourer that that, make your own as per instructions above. Cottage cheese: highly unlikely. Danone make it, it's called 'cottage cheese' and it's not widely available. Cream cheese: St Moret, any supermarket. Also various own brand versions, usually cheaper (eg Tartidou, Casino) Game: any butcher, but remember that it's both seasonal and regional (eg I don't rate your chances of getting chamois in Normandy). Acquaint yourself with the hunting calendar. You will find France less rubbish if you stop trying to eat all the same things you would in the UK.
  14. Someone could do with explaining all that to UK ski tour operators. Preferably using very small words. [:D]
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