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  1. Intentionally Blank, >Or do you travel around living on that thing that looks like a Dutch barge? Yes - and it is as it was built in NL, and because it is not a yogurt pot, VAT on it and parts etc etc is zero rated. Anyway, Douai at present. I had searched the forums for "creams" and got pages of replies but nothing seemed to answer the Q. Guess I have been spoiled by the game in the Oxford market!!  Looking forward to NL in the autumn where the "wild eten" is fantastic.
  2. Hi, Struggling to find: Double cream - creme epaisse Sour cream - creme aigre Cottage cheese - fromage blanc (egoute) Cream cheese - fromage a la creme (gras) Any ideas?? For a so called food nation, France is pretty rubbish - game availability is like rocking horse guano. Thanks.
  3. I'd wager that the insurance policy will not be taken up that much anyway.  It is a pretty average/low value policy and I am sure that anyone doing anything remotely hazardous will not be covered - eg all forms of skiing.  Many will take the policy offered by the travel company as that will probably have been tailored for the holiday activity. It beats me why NW can offer TI if £750 plus is credited each month but cannot offer free card use as an alternative.  Surely the banking software can do that sort of check automatically?  There does not seem to be much logic in offering free TI and not free card use. I too received the standard response from NW to my online query, and will go back.
  4. Morning All, Does anyone know how the EHIC actually works.  Is there an exchange of dosh between countries for treatment given??  Eg France gathers up all the EHIC treatment bills and sends them off to Overseas Health in Newcastle or does France take the treatment hit and just bill the recipient 20% of the costs.  If the former, there appears to an easy fraud.  I've had A&E teament under the EHIC and the hospital has billed me 20%.  If it is the former, then France effectively get paid 120% of the cost of the treatment.  If the latter, then I guess it is OK. I have to say it appears to be pretty pricey - 5 hours in hosp A&E, 1 blood test, 1 Xray, 1 midrif CT scan and 1 antibiotic drip came to €799.  Or perhap just like insurance claims, the amount is bumped up and the 20% they know they'll get back actually reflects the total cost?? TVMIA
  5. Here we are in the middle of the game season and not a pheasant or sanglier in the butchers.  So much for the marvellous french food.  Anyone know why the availability of game is so dire??
  6. I am retiring shortly and plan to spend most of my time in Europe travelling in a dutch barge, which is already in France.  I will retain a property in UK, probably let, and remain a UK taxpayer.  Unfortunately the docs have discovered a chronic blood condition which requires simple but regular treatment.  An asprin a day, which is easy and a monthly/bimonthly blood test to monitor which is pretty easy and a lab in Douai charges €15.  The more difficult part is blood letting a unit of blood every 2/3 months.  It should be possible to do on the EHIC, just as kidney dialysis.  My first attempt to achieve it was a shambles and I ended up at the American Hospital in Paris where they took €280, which Newcastle did refund after I pointed out the saga I had with the public hospital in Douai.  Newcastle will probably take a dim view if I continue to do that/go private!!  If I was a drug addict, I could probably do it myself!!
  7. Does anyone know if the Medical Analysis Labs seen in towns are part of the public health system??  or are they private establishments?? Thanks.
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