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  1. [quote user="andyh4"]As plants or as herbs ready for culinary use? herbs for culinary use - try your local supermarket - coriandre et anethe [/quote] Thanks for that I have tried the supermarket it works out at 146€ per kilo and I need around 500gms any ideas for a sourse at a sensible price Chris
  2. can anybody tell me where I can find coriander and Dill in the Monpon Menestrol area Thanks in antisipation Chris
  3. I have had a request from a company that I am dealing with for the below, I know that it has something to do with my profit and loss account but what is the annexe 8? Thanks in anticipation  Chris Liasse fiscale: Bilan, compte de résultat, annexe 8
  4. [quote user="Ladoix"]In France it is actually illegal to start work without a signed contract in effect, the opposite to the UK whereas when you have started work you are deemed to have accepted the terms of the contract. [/quote] That's worrying Who is the one liable the boss for not handing over a contract or the one working for starting early?
  5. [quote user="pitway"][quote user="Mareille"]Its actually an extension to a 3 month contract the first was signed I was wondering if the second contract can be ended early if the employer finds it neccessary I just didnt word the question very well [/quote] In my case it was clearly stated in the contract start date and end date, in actual fact mine stated that the contract would run until the return of the sick driver I was covering for, so it didn't have an exact end date, as soon as the sick driver came back I had to go into the office and sign another contract as they wanted me to stay on for a couple of weeks more. That one had an end date, guess what another driver went of sick so yet again another contract to sign!! went there for what should have been 2 weeks ended up staying for 3 months. Just had my call up papers again and start back there sometime in September date yet to be confirmed, good for the bank account though! Tim [/quote] Thanks for that but going back to my question is there anyway an employer can end the contract early?
  6. Its actually an extension to a 3 month contract the first was signed I was wondering if the second contract can be ended early if the employer finds it neccessary I just didnt word the question very well
  7. If you and the employer have not signed a cdd contract but you have started the employed period is it still valid Thanks
  8. If employed under a CDD are you entitled to recieve holiday pay or not Thanks in anticipation Chris
  9. It is often hard and in the short term it can seem counter productive to take strong steps against behaviour that the majority finds unacceptable, but just because it is difficult to act against those with vested interests it does not mean that action should not be taken, otherwise we would still be sending children up chimneys and down mines while getting our slaves to work our country estates. Chris
  10. [quote user="sweet 17"]What about Callaghan and, more recently, Major?  [/quote] Major called an election after 18 months and won Brown had his chance and chickened out
  11. [quote user="sweet 17"]I'd deffo feel more insulted to be called a "lady". In the circles in which I moved, "lady" was applied to people in menial jobs such as a "lady cleaner":  it was a way of somehow elevating someone's status but of course it only sounded patronising. If "woman doctor", "woman engineer", "woman academic" is perfectly good, I'd feel mad as hell to be referred to as a "lady". [/quote]  As a not terrible politically correct male whom tends to think of most women as ladies, I would never ever think of  prefixing a docter, engineer or academic with the name of their sex
  12. And if you go to your personal settings and alter your timezone settings then you can have everything in European time
  13. [quote user="Swissie"]Because of FPTP system - a huge proportion of votes, even for the 2 current major parties - have been wasted votes. [/quote] That is how democracy works you vote for the result you want the idea(party) with the most votes is successful the other votes are not necessarily wasted because the give an indication of strength of feeling for the other ideas which should be taken into account by the winner.
  14. [quote user="Swissie"]The First Past the Post system is unique to the UK (I think, correct me if I am wrong) - and is considered totally undemocratic by the rest of the world. Time for Electoral Reform? [/quote]  A few years ago Italy introduced a first past past the post system in an effort to get rid of the ridiculous instability caused by pr Chris
  15. "Greenpeace accuses the funded groups of "spreading inaccurate and misleading information"" pot calling the kettle black or what? I can remember when Greenpeace stirred up a storm over shell wanting to sink a defunct oil rig which led to large number of people boycotting shell products shell backed down and then we find whoops o dear say Greenpeace we were wrong our figures were grossly overstated Chris
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