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  1. Thanks for that very useful information Simon.
  2. Thanks Will, we wouldn't be working anywhere but trying to live off our rental income. I was intending to pay tax and nat ins on that income and use the ehic for health provision. this is intended to be a temporary measure as the move to France may not work out and going through the whole rigmarole could be too much hassle unless we intended to stay permenantly
  3. Hi, Cant decide which way to go on this so any advice please. Thinking of renting our house in uk and moving to france to check out lifestyle. would we be better off:- becoming domiciled and paying our dues to the french system OR remaining as uk citizens, paying our taxes in uk and using ehic for health care. would this situation be tenable for up to 5years?
  4. Thanks, may have to instigate "the crack" ourselves
  5. Can someone tell me if there is a local rugby scene in the Vienne department as i will need my weekly fix of watching a good scrap er, game on a weekend. Does anyone follow any decent team in this area and is drinking involved afterwards? :)
  6. Hi, Is there a step by step guide to becoming domiciled in France. We are hoping to move next year and would appreciate it if someone could advise on what we need to get done to be legally resident in France. Is there a weblink to a step through guide to achieve this? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have a Calor gas heater which I intend to bring with me when I move to France.  Will I be able to get 15kg or 7kg bottles of gas in France and are the connections the same? Grateful for any advice!
  8. Hi, can anyone advise which is the best course of action for us. Currently my wife and I are domiciled in France with no children. If i were to snuff it i believe the assets go to the male lineage. Obviously i would want my wife to have all the assets, how can this be arranged. regards,
  9. I think you may be on to him, but surely the e111 is renewable only by making NI contributions
  10. Can I open this debate to you all? My neighbour in France claims that he is not in the French Health system despite living there for two years. He claims that he can get all the treatment he needs with his e106 and will renew it when it expires. Personally i don't think this can be done, can it?! If this is the case, what benefit is there to becoming domiciled?  
  11. I believe the e106 is valid for 2.5 years then we need to have full medical insurance for a further 2.5 years
  12. Hi, could anyone advise if there are any beekeeping clubs in the Confolens/Availles area
  13. My better half currently gets her "for life" prescription free of charge here in the UK (she carries a card for this). Will she still be able to get this on a E106 free of charge? I have to pay in the Uk for my ongoing prescription, can anyone advise on the procedure if I need to carry on asking for my prescription. Thanks
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