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  1. This is so wonderful!!! Thank you for giving Izzy a happy new home!!!
  2. This is so wonderful!!!! Thanks to all who made it possible!!!
  3. One of the best things you can do is to keep having these Open Days. That way, people get to know the SPA does have Open Days and there are pets to be adopted. Almost every day our rescue group has adoptions at the local PetsMart. This is in addition to having regular adoptions at the shelter. Plus, they have Special Days for adoptions-- at the store and at community events. Not every day is a pet adopted but they keep going and taking the animals to the store so people can see them. It's work, but so many do get adopted. It didn't happen at first, but over time people learned that when they go to the store, they can expect to see some sweet face that needs a home. Even having a few pets at the vide grenier (sp?) would be good. And you did get five adopted out. That's five that didn't have a home on Friday. ruth
  4. At least  now if the dog shows up again you will know who s/he belongs to. :))
  5. You might try following the dog in the evening to see where it goes. It may lead you to its home.
  6. How amazing and how wonderful!!!!! Oh my... what a little sweetheart and so brave!!!
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