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  1. THIS goes some way to answering the 'where' and 'where not' hunting is allowed. If we head out of town and up into the hills and forests for a ramble on a Wednesday or Sunday, during the season, we always adorn ourselves with plenty of bright red clothing. Treat them all as maniacs on the loose with a lethal weapon.
  2. [quote user="nomoss"]The only details required are Surname, Sec Soc no., Date of Birth, and Postcode, which I'm sure he can complete correctly, but he says that after he clicks "CONTINUER" the screen goes blank, then returns to the one he just completed, with no messages or items in red. [/quote] Is it beyond the realm of possibility that he may, perhaps, have omitted to tick a required box for terms and conditions or the like? I've been caught out like this when a site requires this to be done, but it is in set in an obscure position, or I've just overlooked this requirement and bang, you're back at the login page.
  3. [quote user="anotherbanana"] ........two of the other guests who are from the other side of the world and have just come up from Spain have not been vaccinated  Given that I am old and at high risk though jabbed, my inclination is to cry off. Any thoughts?[/quote] Yes. Do you not think that you have answered your own question?
  4. Who feed ground rats? Why then would they feed 'flying' rats?
  5. cajal

    Antigen test

    THIS document could be a useful source of information.
  6. [quote user="Loiseau"] cajal Just out of interest, why would you need or want one as a French citizen?  Isn't anyone going to need one to enter places like a restaurant?[/quote] I imagine anyone who is a French resident or citizen, and has received 2 jabs courtesy of the French health system, will already be in possession of a 'pass sanitaire' of either a paper or a digital version. This will be the necessary pass required for them to enter restaurants etc. from August onwards The way I understood the article in the op was that for a French citizen or any other person who has received the required 2 jabs, but not via the French health system, who wishes to enter France without restrictions would need to follow the procedure that GG has set out in her post. They would then become a statistic within the French system and be eligible for a French 'pass sanitaire'. I asked NormanH why he was searching for one, as a French citizen who has received 2 jabs, and his response was that it was not for him but for a visitor.
  7. Try right-clicking on a 'free' area of the Taskbar.From the drop-down menu, select 'Taskbar Settings'.Scroll down to the Notification Area heading and click-on 'Turn system icons on or off'.The drop-down menu should reveal a list of all the icons available to you that can be switched on or off on the Taskbar.
  8. [quote user="NormanH"]Unfortunately I can't yet find out HOW to get one[:(][/quote] Just out of interest, why would you need or want one as a French citizen?
  9. [quote user="anotherbanana"]albf is nuts about crooners![/quote] albf is nuts, the rest is superfuous.
  10. [quote user="cajal"]Most gardeners will be aware of the processionary caterpillar and the problems it causes.  Now its cousin, the box caterpillar and moth, from east Asia is making strong inroads around Europe destroying acres of box tree in its path. Anyone suffering the effects of these caterpillars or is just interested, the European Boxwood and Topiary Society has all the info HERE.[/quote] As Arnie famously said all those years ago, "I'll be back". It would seem, then, that those b*st*rd box caterpillar and moths have adopted the same threat. They are back. Mme c noticed them 2 days ago during her evening plant and shrub watering session, so yesterday she attacked them vigorously with scissors and a bio insecticide and today, things don't appear to be too bad, so I suspect she has observed and reacted in time. They will receive a 2nd spraying after a week as is recommended. It would be within anyone's interest, who has box, to inspect asap. Our location is the south of France.
  11. Chapeau David. [quote user="NormanH"]I agree with Nick.This is the sort of thread that makes the Forum worthwhile. [/quote] That will be a +1 from me.
  12. [quote user="anotherbanana"]5 = good guessing.[/quote] Likewise.
  13. cajal


    [quote user="NormanH"]I suspect he was pulling your leg over the "GEE" [/quote] Seemed more like taking the p*ss to me. I said over in the T de F thread that the Haute-Savoie was a previous residential area of ours, and le haut is correct, and in that the climate can be quite unsettling at all times of the year. However, when the nonsense stuff finally passes over and the sun emerges it is a department that is in a class of its own, be that spring, summer autumn or winter. 
  14. [quote user="Théière"]Moreover, the AZ vacine is less efficient than the Pfizer version and huge numbers of the UK have received the AZ. Efficacy could be as low as 10%[/quote] However
  15. [quote user="Ian"] First question is, who could ship them economically? I'm guessing that the likes of UPS would be VERY expensive. There's no urgency.[/quote] You haven't stated what you would define as economical. THIS is a search engine that will display quotes once you have entered all the relevant information.
  16. Much nostalgia for us over the weekend. Stages 8 and 9, the Haute-Savoie, our old stomping ground where we bought our first house in1989. A beautiful department, but as was apparent at the weekend, far too much rain for us. That is why it always looks so green, although this is not too much of an issue in winter as it falls as snow, and it becomes white. Just outside of Clusses, at the beginning of Sunday's race in a village called Magland, I saw the Boucherie we once stopped off at to buy some meat for a fondue (yes I know, but guests expected that sort of thing) and to my disbelief they proudly presented themselves as purveyors of Donkey sausage. Yikes!
  17. For me, yesterday's finish was up there as one of the best, if not the best I've ever watched on the T de F. It was so precisely paced and clinically executed for Cavendish to snag the line that it surely must go down as one of the classics. I would also add a chapeau to the producer as they were absolutely spot on with the timing and relaying of the aerial shots, enabling such an outstanding finish to be witnessed from my armchair.
  18. [quote user="Ken"] I shall be cheering England on tonight. Whether they win or not, well we shall see won't we. Denmark are a good team, many play in the U.K. anyway so it will be a stern test for England tonight. Rule Britannia.[/quote] Although your cheers tonight will most likely be a lone voice utterance, I would suggest you save some lung capacity for Wednesday evening, when the game is actually scheduled.
  19. [quote user="Mr Huge"]Boris Johnson is throwing £100m in subsidies to Nissan. No wonder they are happy to stay in Sunderland. (£100m is the estimate - he won't actually admit to how much the subsidy is.)[/quote] £100 million one off? It sure as h.ell pales into insignificance alongside the €387billion worth of subsidies over the next 7 years that the EU will be ploughing (pun intended) into the farming industry via the Common Agricultural Policy. Boris Johnson would be insane to turn down the deal with Nissan as the 'bung' will be paid back ten-fold over the years via taxes, economic growth and employment opportunities.
  20. The EU Definition of authorised animal-feed additives from the French ministry of Agriculture site. NOW The proposed EU Scopaff proposal adopted on April 14th. FUTURE
  21. "The EU is the old Soviet Union dressed in Western clothes." (Mikhail Gorbachev.)
  22. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"] I don't like tourists either. I have been to Paris twice in the last two weeks. It was OK. Could not live their again. I quite fancied Lulworth Cove or Kimmerage to be honest.[/quote] Are you quite sure you've thoroughly thought this through? HERE
  23. [quote user="anotherbanana"] I think he was showing off for the French market.[/quote] Hasn't he spent his whole tenure, particularly where the UK is concerned, adopting this style of presidency? The guy is total veneer. He also consistently acts like an over indulged child that has escaped the controls of his teacher or mother. Oh? Err hang on a minute.....................
  24. As well as a good slap, he also deserves to be imprisoned for four months himself also for the sickening display of bonhomie alongside Biden and his nauseating sucking up to HRH QE2, over the weekend, and for the fact he is either unaware or is in denial that Northern Ireland is in fact a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The clue is in the title.
  25. [quote user="anotherbanana"]For those of you who wanted to know why she has disappeared, I can tell you that she is pupating and will re-emerge in a little while.[/quote] What are you saying then?  That she's undergoing some body re-alignments and taking on board some shots of Botox with some tattoos thrown in for good measure? She is quite young afterall, by most standards on here, and isn't that how the young pupate these days?
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