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Cost of women's clothes france v UK

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Here's an odd one.

I've just ordered a top from Next - on their french web-site.  

Whilst on french website I spotted another top, but it was 'out of stock'.

So I did an on-line search for the brand itself, and found it has a french web-site, with the top I had previously ordered from Next - listed on the site.

Then I checked the price.    And here's where I couldn't believe my eyes.

On the Next french web-site the article was priced in euros - at 28 euros. 

On the brand's own web-site the identical article was -

gulp - 42 euros - 42 euros for the same item !!!

There's another fashion firm - which has very different euro and ££ prices.   Order from the UK site of that company, and have item delivered to UK address - fine. 

Then check the french web-site - and the price, converted from pounds to euros - shows that the French web-site charges much more for the same item.

We all 'feel' that the French prices for many items are higher than in the UK;  well I've found definite proof.

So to those of us who want some new Spring fashions - do be aware that there can be substantial differences in prices.   Ordering from a UK site which, even though you have to add in the P&P, will very frequently be a much cheaper option.


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This is interesting.

Friends in France found a label on a garment they had bought, loadsa euros cheaper in another EU country than France. A grand marque!!!

All I can say is that since I moved back I have never had so many lovely clothes at a reasonable price, or shoes for that matter.

So in general I know that prices, for my style and tastes are cheaper in the UK.

I do look when I am in France, but have not bought other than a nightie in the last few years for myself, and a waterproof for OH, as he had forgotten his!
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Oi albf, I somehow thought you bought your clothes in Noz, particularly the rubber items.

There was a report on French Tv a few years ago which suggested that manufacturers produced a cheaper item for online purchasers. Could this be the case for non-French outlets too, including selling websites?
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Iteresting point WB - but the particular item I've been referring to was Identical - in cut, style AND material.

Oh Boy - Idun - you is the lucky one - enjoy;  one of the  major aspects of life in the UK that I really miss out here.   Used to love doing a charity shop run - whoever knew you could find a piece of 'stuff', paid £2 for it, and then find it was worth several thousands !!!  (As per Antiques Road Show).    Oh, do I miss my charity shops.

Over the last couple of years I've taken to ordering items from UK websitea, having them delivered to my wonderful daughter in the UK, and when there's enough to fill a small box to then use Parcels2Go;  cheap - and extremely quick, efficient delivery service.  Amazing service just 2 - 3 days from UK to doorstep here in France, and beats Royal Mail/Le Poste hands down.

I still end up saving quite a lot of euros/pounds in the process.

But it was the sheer scale of the difference in price that really raised my eyebrows.

Happy Easter everyone - hope you've all enjoyed your choccie easter eggies !!!

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I have never bought any clothing from a charity shop. I have looked in, but nothing that I have fancied in my size.

My DIL does the lot when she is comes here and finds things she wants.

I love sales and outlet shops. I rarely have to pay much for lovely things, shoes, outerwear and clothes.

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I buy online from the UK, having compared French prices.  But products I know and know fit, eg shoes that I am replacing as they have worn out.

I usually wait until I return to the UK to buy clothes, the colours you can get here do not suit my colouring or style.  The price, especially if you hit a sale, which are very regular, is almost always better than here.

The only think I find I can get more easily here are leggings, which says something for French fashion these days!

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