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This company seems to offer cheaper ferry deals but are they any good?

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Well, I just tried them for a Calais - Dover trip on 21st Dec.  It returned a list of prices for the 4 crossing companies (like Opodo in style) but the prices were exactly the same as those on offer for the individual companies so this is just a front end using an API into the individual sites.  Marginally useful I suppose to get comparisons (but maybe miss out on special offers) and I guess they are taking a small cut off the top but I think I would prefer to make my bookings directly.

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They can be usefull at the last minute due to the way the ferry companies demand pricing software works.

Example I took a holiday in the UK at the pak August time with my then French girlfriend, the price was not too bad as we booked in advance but the nearer the date, the more capacity taken the higher the prices went up, she was like a fish out of water and the holiday was a disaster, the beginning of the end of our relationship so I decided to cut my losses and return early, twas complicated as my passport had expired and my appointment at the passport office to renew it was cancelled due to their strike.

Tried booking for the same day (I had had enough despite driving the length of the country with a caravane) and most had no capacity or it was going to be a ridiculous price on the tunnel, Ferrycheap or one of the others had tickets at the price I had paid some weeks before, so my advice is they are worth a look when all else fails, otherwise they are no cheaper.

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She wasnt new, we were together a couple of years before she wanted to go on a caravan holiday in the UK, I should really have locked her up in it and towed it onto a traveller site, would have saved the ferry cost.

P.S. I dont live in Crawley, close, but far enough away if you know what I mean.

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