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  1. https://www.google.fr/search?q=empty+french+roads+pics&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjE5pDDxbrLAhXEPZoKHaGKC70QsAQIHA&biw=1283&bih=715 You can find anything you want on Google!
  2. Well done Anna you cracked it, not as bad as you thought! They didn't ask me for originals either (including birth cert.) I only wish they had informed me of the mutual needing the new number, never thought of that. Keep a check on your present CV as I used mine on 3 occasions but was not reimbursed so had to go back and ask for feuille de soins to claim back the payments. By the way you can check on the progress of your new CV on the ameli website. https://assure.ameli.fr/PortailAS/appmanager/PortailAS/assure?_somtc=true 
  3. I've just done the exact same thing Anna. I "forgot" to send in my S1 when I got to 65 so thought I had better do it tout suite. No idea what they are talking about sending a copy back to the UK! I took mine into the local CPAM office and the young lady in there was most helpful. She asked for S1 form, copy of birth certificate, some ID with a pic (I used my old carte de Sejour). I also took along EDF bills and the usual rubbish even though I have had a CV for 13 years. After a few days I got a letter asking for photos etc for new card + copy of driving licence (something with a pic again). A bit later another letter saying my card had been cancelled, then 3 weeks after the start new CV arrived. They cancel your old CV straight away so make sure you have an attestation (download from the ameli.com site or ask in CPAM office). I only found out mine had been cancelled when it was refused. Also tell your mutual if you have one as mine have not paid on recent visits to doctors. Remember to make copies of your S1 as they will not send another one from the UK.
  4. [quote user="Patf"] I think you have to apply to get it? I spent hours sorting it out. Go and ask in your tax office if it you can benefit from it. [/quote] You don't have to apply. If you did not pay last year (2014) because you were under the tax threshold then it is an automatic refund. People who pay by lump sum (cheque etc.) did not have to pay when it became due. Everyone eligible should have had a letter before the final payment date.
  5. [quote user="AnOther"]For balance: Both my OH and I are with Le French having ditched Lycamobile because it was unusable in UK. [/quote] So why is that then? We have Lycamobile sims and use them all over the world. In the UK they can even provide you with a UK number on the same sim. I also use mine for emails etc. absolutely no problem at all.
  6. Isn't that what I said earlier?
  7. What a CR AP site! Mogs the number is 0811 70 36 46
  8. Mogs - I have just rang them and although it starts off in French it soon changes to English. Check the number 0811 363646
  9. Yes, they gave us a good recompense when ours stopped working. If you find it difficult with the French number try the English helpline 05 62 16 49 08 although when I rang them they put me through to a technician who had no English. Took them 3 weeks to come out and fix it.
  10. Because it's an ENGLISH speaking help line, only an idiot would expect it to be in any other language.
  11. I am in complete agreement with mint and would not buy anything from that shower. Unfortunately that does not help Mr Wiggy. If you do intend taking them on, and it is your right to do so, be prepared for a long tedious battle.
  12. http://www.mousse-sur-mesure.fr/
  13. DVLA changes tune following car hire chaosLink
  14. We have used B & B before. Book online then you use your credit card to obtain your room code. Never done it later than about 10pm before but I'm sure it must be possible. LINK
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