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  1. Quillan, who always speaks a good deal of sense writes: “Rebaud - The UK is part of the EU. There is a large group of American politicians who because of the current troubles in Syria would like to put ground troops in there and to support certain "friendly" rebels.” I believe post Iraq the neo-cons in the US are discredited and Obama is the president least likely to intervene anywhere militarily. “The EU, of which the UK is a member, is against such action and therefore the UK has to go along with it.” It is news to me that the UK takes any interest at all in Baroness Ashton says (it is not easy to know whatever she has ever said). I remember that during the lead-up to the Falklands war, Belgium stopping the EU (or whatever it was then called) doing anything and refusing to let the UK buy ammunition. “If the UK left the EU it would end up with even stronger ties with the US and in some peoples opinion more likely to get involved in US actions world wide. Recently I read somewhere that during Camerons recent visit some Americans intimated this by saying that the US needed to keep the "special relationship" because of the UK's military.” Some peoples opinion? “Whilst America can simply get involved on its own it prefers to drag others in with it to show that it is not just America being aggresive but other countries as well that supports its 'humanitarian' military intervention. If we were not in the EU we would be 'tagging' along with the US and in months be involved with ground troops being deployed in Syria. The EU I believe has a more balanced, as opposed American gung ho, attitude to events outside of Europe.” I think the international intervention in Libya showed the US under Obama is reluctant to intervene and the UK and France (EU members) were more gung ho and, I believe, correctly so. Quillan is a supporter of the EU and the UK’s membership, I am not, I think this colours our views. This is my 1,000th post and I think likely to be my last one.
  2. blogs.spectator.co.uk/rod-liddle/2013/05/terrorist-attack-or-not/ I agree with Wooly in that the UK's legal system is incapable of deporting those who encourage terrorism. I don't understand Quillan's assertion that it will be worse if the UK leaves the EU. If it did then there is more chance of change to the legal system.
  3. There is no chance he will get in again. Sergoline must be laughing.
  4. I would pay your cleaner something to hold your key and keep an eye on your house - water leaks due to frost, wasps building nests etc. etc.
  5. 'The Complete M*rd*' by Genevieve is my bible for French slang. I am not sure that this is French as the French speak though.
  6. Renaud

    Dog remains.

    Jo the best wishes of all our household are with you. When our last dog died and was cremated the vets gave us his ashes in a wooden box. We decided to scatter his ashes over some rocks by a beach he had loved in Cornwall. When Judy and I were next in Cornwall (en route to a posh-ish do), we detoured to the beach, clambered down the cliff and I tried to open the box but the damn thing was superglued together (or was just solid wood). Judy said that the dog would have laughed to see me banging the box on the rocks in the vain attempt to open it. It is now buried in our garden.
  7. Great place but avoid the traffic congestion leaving the island on Sunday evening.
  8. Quillan wrote: "But if your really worried then take your money out of your bank accounts and stick it under the mattress." Businesses need current accounts as money comes and goes and deposit accounts if they are in surplus for a while, but private individuals have alternates to deposit accounts and their mattresses. At the very least they could look at buying equities in FTSE 100 companies with a good track record in growth and dividends.
  9. I am surprised that people leave large sums in the banks. Are the Cypriot bank interest rates so good that this is the best way to make their money work for them?
  10. The Swiss have all kinds of compulsory local and national referendums, so vote the whole time. How is it that they have about the best economy in Europe? Perhaps by asking the people.
  11. Welcome IMHO If your gites are really first class you will get full bookings for the school holidays months. You need to think carefully about how you might get lets for the shoulder months - could you go for pre-school tots, or golfing breaks etc. If you want lets throughout the year, that market is more for couples, so many bedroomed places will not be attractive. When choosing your property it is better to be AT somewhere rather than NEAR. Think about what it will be like living in your property in winter. Bon chance!
  12. Two cautionary tales: 1. A neighbour who had a right hand drive car could not reach across to pay at a toll booth. So she put on the hand-break got out, walked round and paid. A watching gendarme gave her an instant fine for not having turned-off the engine. 2. Same lady, on another occasion was pulled over by a motorcycle cop. "You did not stop at that stop sign". "Oh I am sure I did", she replied. He straightened his back, "Madame, I do not tell lies". Another instant fine.
  13. Dick Smith was near to being the soul of this forum, it is poorer for the lack of his postings.
  14. The only area I disagree with Géraldine is in 17 the French way of saying 'no' is simply to do nothing or not to turn up.
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