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Swallows - or no swallows - slaughtered in Africa

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British and french farmers have been blamed, wrongly for drop in swallow numbers (as well as other birds) - due to loss of habitat.

I've long known about the cruelty of bird trapping in Cyprus and Malta, and knew there also problems in Africa.

Now the truth is being publicised.

Anyone read this - ?


In your part of France have the swallows arrived ? In usual numbers ?

Any thoughts, anyone ?

Heart breaking to read.....


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Typical Daily Mail story. It is not a paper for grownups. Africans have been catching and eating swallows for centuries. Migration is inherently dangerous for various reasons, including storms and starvation. Climate change is probably the biggest factor regarding arrival times. Back in February the RSPB was reporting the early arrival of swallows and martins in the UK due to the unusually hot weather. Since then we have some colder north winds which probably delayed some migration. I have seen hundreds of swallows, martins and swifts in the past two weeks in the UK.
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Plenty of the things circling around our house in Dordogneshire in the evening.

One of the darned things gave a direct hit to my forehead whilst I was sitting on the patio enjoying our evening meal. Luckily not on the plate.

And its nothing to do with karma.

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[quote user="richard51"]Bet you think that post is clever - NOT.[/quote][quote user="richard51"]Your comment is pathetic - just like all your silly snide comments. Not funny - just sad.[/quote]

So glad to see that you have learned how to put not in the right place.

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