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  1. BritinBretagne said : You are exposing some of your true colours in that rant. Nasty dangerous stuff. What twaddle. And you are exposing a cretinous amount of HMTL. Who wants to read a whole load of ' ' It isn't difficult to remedy this. Just click on the button that says EDIT fgs.
  2. There is, in the midst of this slough of graft and incompetence, one bit of cheering news, namely that a prompt and gold-plated vaccination service at 'exclusive centres' in Brussels is already being put in place for the benefit of EU bureaucrats and MEPs.
  3. For the adjective : pharisaïque For the noun (the person) : une / un tartuffe For the abstraction : tartufferie
  4. Théière said : If they are able to distribute the test about the same speed as the vaccine dog help France HAHAHAHAHA But I cannot help but be impressed and touched by the swivel-eyed Uncle Toms who are resolutely sticking to the message that All is Fine and Dandy, and that Macron and Old Mother Merkin are really ahead of the world.
  5. Mint said: Do you mind telling me what you use? I just spit on my handkerchief and give it a rub. Isn't this what everybody does ? It works terribly well and is adaptable to all sorts of other circumstances.
  6. I think that we are all in need of a laugh. Does anyone remember this ? It is a real side-splitter of self-righteousness, virtue-signalling and ignorance. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/14/coronavirus-vaccine-delays-brexit-ema-expensive 'Brexit means coronavirus vaccine will be slower to reach the UK' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !
  7. Cajal wrote : "Their handle is, after all, an anagram of - 'f sauternes' ". Thank you for that reassurance. I thought it might have been FAT UNDRESS. Though I am aware - in this particular case especially - that the one readily leads to the other.
  8. 'Taking the OP at face value…' HAHAHA. I am so glad that you said that, Catalpa. [What I was in fact thinking !]
  9. Woolybanana : Visitors are cleaning the hull out of my house ! Yes. That is, naturally, extremely unacceptable. And (frankly) extremely vulgar. I would not have peepol like that in my house. But as a two-generation-older friend wisely said of her ghastly, abrasive, Canadian sister-in-law, 'If she wants to stick her hand down my lavatory, LET HER GET ON WITH IT'.
  10. Woolybanana : In which case it is all over Europe and further by now. EU panic by the look of it. Exactly. If it has been rife in Latin American since the spring, we can bet our last sou that it is well entrenched everywhere - even those places in Europe whose ability to sequence the DNA is less advanced than that of the UK. Poor old Italy - with the enthusiastic self-importance of a little dog trotting behind a brass band - proudly claims to have discovered 'one case'.
  11. "Si nous sommes attaqués, une fois encore, c’est pour les valeurs qui sont les nôtres, pour notre goût de la liberté, pour cette possibilité sur notre sol de croire librement et de ne céder à aucun esprit de terreur. "Je le dis avec beaucoup de clarté une fois encore aujourd'hui : nous n'y cèderons rien." WE WILL CONCEDE NOTHING. It is very rare that I commend the words of M Macron, but Well Said Monsieur le Président. And I am delighted to learn that the number of troops to be deployed for the protection of 'key French sites' is to be more than doubled to 7000. On past record they do seem to have a laudably good aim.
  12. When I became part of the movement, very well orchestrated (even here in France) to make Corbyn leader of the ‘Labour’ Party, I had no idea of the enterprise would be crowned with such success. ‘Entryism’ is one of socialism’s greatest inventions, and I am so glad to have been able to do a bit of it myself. At the moment I am particularly delighted to see that the very act of Rebutting the Charge is in itself, an admission of guilt. Poor old Magic Grandpa said (and not without justification) ‘I think that the antisemitism of the Labour Party has been exaggerated’. That (in dystopian and Woke theology) says, ‘I am guilty myself of antisemitism.’ OF COURSE it has been exaggerated. Nobody deniges of it. I myself have done everything in my limited power to augment to this essentially fictive accusation and by God it elates my spirit to see that it has succeeded to splendidly.
  13. HAHAHAHAHA ! 'A Labour Party spokesman said: "In light of his comments made today and his failure to retract them subsequently, the Labour Party has suspended Jeremy Corbyn pending investigation. "He has also had the whip removed from the Parliamentary Labour Party." Shall we all get together, perform coordinated swaying, and chauntle, 'Oh Jewummy Corbyn, Oh Jewummy Corbyn…' ?
  14. How incredibly righteous of you. The beliefs of Catholics (of which I am NOT one) have been mocked and mocked and mocked, again and again and again. And they have learned to adjust to this with good humour and resilience. The civilized world is doing no more than ask that the effing Isl*ms should learn the same degree of tolerance and accommodation.
  15. From a purely selfish point of view I am delighted that the pustulous, vomitous, pizza-faced youf of S&L are going to be kept indoors for a while. But my more altruistic side tells me that the sooner that these pimply creatures are forced (if necessary) into overheated, over-proximate nightclubs in which they can slobber over each other and have rampant and promiscuous sex up dark alleys, the sooner this infection will run its course. I, meanwhile, will continue to stay well out of their way…
  16. Thank you so much for the tips. Unfortunately I don't have a food processor, so I did it the grating by hand - which was harder going than I expected. Grating the sections at 90° to the grain is - as I discovered too late - easier and produces a better result. Some nice little shoots were peeping out around the crown, so I couldn't resist popping it into a suitable container…
  17. I use a lot of horseradish if I can find it in the local supermarket, but its availability is frustratingly erratic, and as elsewhere in France is so little known or used that requests for it are not received with great enthusiasm. So I was delighted to find a quantity of fresh roots in the market this morning. But can anyone who buys it fresh tell me the best way of preserving it, please ? My provisional plan is to grate it quite coarsely, mix it with a little oil, and freeze it in small containers.
  18. [quote user="Antonia"]join me in saying a very big                                                                    Thank You.[/quote]Yes, I whole-heartedly join you in this.  I visit the forum every day, and hope very much that it will not fold.
  19. Interesting figures. My first reaction was one of amazement as to how SMALL the bill of mortality actually is.  1 in Several Thousand, no matter what your  -  O how fashionable  -  ethnic identity.  There are similar (and largely trivial) differences of mortality between males and females, and between blood groups O and A   And secondly how strange and interesting that in US 'Asians' were the least badly hit, whilst in UK it was 'Southern Asians' who experienced the most catastrophic loss.  And I greatly respect all those who lost their lives standing at the Front Line of this medical battle. But I am intrigued that the 'BLM' confraternity, who were promising Doomsday Retribution for the effnick inequalities in the visitation of COVID 19, have suddenly gone very quiet now that it has been revealed that the disproportionate sufferers in UK were in fact Indians. What happened?  Did the cat get their otherwise vociferous tongues? But 'Indian' is not at all the correct answer I now understand.  Hard working, engaged, aspirational, high earners.  Not at all the right sort of forrin, so the disaffected I suppose have now gone back home to feed their ponies.
  20. [quote user="Gardian"]I don’t get it. Why is this allowed to happen?[/quote]Would it have anything to do with politically correct, self-righteous, virtue-signalling attitudes amongst the Metropolitan elite ?
  21. [quote user="cajal"][quote user="Tancrède"] Q :     Why did the vegan cross the road ?[/quote]A:      To tell someone they are a vegan. [/quote] Hahaha.   YES ! I prefer :  To tell someone that she is a vegan.
  22. Q :     Why did the vegan cross the road ?
  23. [quote user="richard51"]Bet you think that post is clever - NOT.[/quote][quote user="richard51"]Your comment is pathetic - just like all your silly snide comments. Not funny - just sad.[/quote] So glad to see that you have learned how to put not in the right place.
  24. The observation well-known to the world as 'Godwin's Law' states that: As a discussion on the Internet grows longer, the likelihood of a comparison of a person's being compared to Hitler or another Na3i reference, increases. How refreshing to have a thread where where we cut to the chase, and the tinfoil hats and swivel-eyes are deployed from the very beginning. It saves all that tedious and time-wasting foreplay.
  25. [quote user="suein56"]a huge gasp went up from the crowd as the Spire fell[/quote]The gasp from the crowd was peculiarly terrible. First St Sulpice, then St Denis, and now Notre Dame.  What a coincidence.  (And how strangely monocultural.) And last month ten churches attacked in one week. But at least our president is taking firm and decisive action  -  he has announced that he is cancelling a speech.
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