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Old Photos Not France

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I didn't know they did that sort of thing back then, must have been very complicated. Your Uncle must have been very flattered to have been worth all of the trouble [:)]. Lovely photos Cooperlola.

Off subject again sorry but wanted to say thank you Dave for the suggestion but it didn't work. Lesson learned [:(].

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No problem,

  Nothing ventured, Nothing gained, I will keep looking around to see if there is a solution, it is always such a shame to lose photographs in that way. Don't discard the disc just yet.

best regards


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My mother (who is one of three of the original eleven children to still be around) tells me that the family photograph was a ritual every two years - which tended to co-incide with the birth of another sibling!  Sadly, only two of these survive but I am lucky enough to have copies which have been well looked after.

The fact that, if you look very closely, my Uncle Nick (long time curé in Nevers) has no legs, is a bit of a give-away!  Yes, you can just about tell but I guess I have always known this so maybe I see what is not really obvious?  It is how it was done that has always foxed me.  Did she (for lady photographer it was) add a cut-out to a print and re-shoot it?

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[quote user="WJT"]Thanks Bugbear, I have just tried it. In DVD Drive D, it comes up saying that it cannot read or is corrupted. When I put it in Drive E, it just runs and runs, nothing comes up and in order to eject it, I have to turn the computer off. [:(][/quote]

For WJT and anyone else,

you might like to try http://www.recoverytoolbox.com/cd.html for free cd recovery software. It is sometimes possible to recover files from damaged cds with this. Worth a try, nowt to lose.


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