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  1. Lehaut, There is no simple answer for you. It will not be as effective as a larger dish for good reception in your area but it may just bring in enough signal for the various UK channels if well set up. Reception gets more difficult for smaller dishes as you get further south from the UK. It does have a single LNB integrated. If you need more than one cable output you will have to go for another model - double or quad - available on the same site but more expensive. It seems to me to be a case of suck it and see! Danny
  2. Yes Andy, you are correct. Some of the actual satellites have changed. I did not really express that well. Instead of saying "no change of satellites" I should have said no change in the position of the satellites. I didn't want to get in to the technical aspects of new satellites here for Angie, the OP. Not all the satellites at 28.0E have changed recently. Of course they are all replaced once their useful life is up. She was asking if the reason she could not receive from them is because the satellites have changed and that that means they are now in a different place. What I meant was that the position of this satellite group in space is exactly the same for the OP in terms of aligning the dish and reception. Sorry for any confusion Danny
  3. [quote user="Angie"] until they changed satellites. Thanks as always.[/quote] To be more precise, there has been no change of satellites. It is the same group of satellites (relatively) pretty close together in one location. A year or so ago, many frequencies changed and many of the main UK channels went to a more tightly focused beam over the UK leaving many further South unable to get good reception without a much larger dish. With a 130cm dish you should probably get OK reception in your location but the dish needs to be adjusted very precisely. This means 4 ways - horizontally, vertically, the rotation of the LNB head and its position in the bracket (closer or further out) You also need to balance it so that it receives well between the various frequencies - horizontal, vertical, high and low. It makes it a lot easier to adjust if you mount the dish lower down. Good luck Danny
  4. Hello, There are many tutorials online on how to configure remote access to the livebox. They are all in French though.. For example: http://www.mistipi.com/configurer-un-acces-a-distance-a-votre-livebox/ or http://forum.qnapclub.fr/topic/6890-configuration-pour-acces-a-distance-livebox-play-myqnapcloud/ so it is possible. Otherwise, you can use almost any well known modem/router. I have used a Netgear and a Linksys modem/router and a Livebox without problems on my Orange line. They can all be picked up quite cheaply second hand on eBay or LeBonCoin too.
  5. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="mint"]Clair, I know why you are en deuil 8 Nov 16. I'd join you except that I am too shocked to feel anything. [/quote] Ah, mint! [:'(] I drove out and walked around the shops today, my phone in my hand  to check my shopping list (got to keep on topic!) as if everything was like it was yesterday, or last week or last month, but I felt I was in a daze, not really with it, in mental shock... I remember having that same odd, detached feeling after a car crash... [/quote] OK, I'll bite... Would you like to let us know what happened? Danny PS I occasionally take a scrap bit of paper which serves as my shopping list [;-)] No data problems here except when I forget things.
  6. explanations and costs involved on this page http://www.tomsguide.fr/actualite/orange-airbox-4g-faq,51380.html Danny-
  7. 'Pret de Domino' is an internet service via the mobile phone network which Orange sometimes offer if the line is out of service to give you a basic alternative. If you do not use the domino or have never had it you need to contact the Service clients as soon as possible and make sure that they correct the error. Danny
  8. [quote user="Spidworthy"]As a quick afterthought, I see some online sources say Orange charges 50 euros to cancel an account? Is this really correct?[/quote] depends on your contract - if you have had it for a while there is probably nothing to pay. [quote user="Spidworthy"]They also say it is no longer necessary to send a registered letter to cancel, as used to be the case; it can simply be done through the helpline. Also, what happens to the actual (old-style) Livebox when I cancel? I 'inherited' it from the previous owner (who had already had it for a few years). Orange had no problem with that, and consequently does not charge me any rental for the actual box. Do I just pass it on similarly to someone else, or is there some sort of deposit due if/when returning it to Orange?[/quote] Yes, you just need to call up to cancel. All the info you need is here..... Orange résiliation Click on each tab for all steps to take. Danny
  9. Very odd that it is only those two channels. Do you receive More4 and More4+1, E4 and E4+1, and Film4 and Film4+1? These are all on the same transponders (frequencies) as C4 and C4+1 so in theory they should be missing too. What make and model of receiver are you using? Can you do a factory reset or rescan? It is possible that the LNB is failing which may account for the loss of certain frequencies. Danny
  10. John, I had the same problem in Spain recently. We had three phones with Free which were unable to get a registered on any Spanish network. I did tell Free when we came back and it seems that you need to restart the phone and manually select the Spanish provider and then restart again. I am pretty sure (not 100%) we tried that there and it didn't work so it seems to be aSpanish problem. I have had no problems in the UK, Danny
  11. [quote user="jessie"]Many thanks everyone for your replies, I will ask Orange to set up a separate user account for the wifi, thanks again[/quote] You cannot ask Orange to do this. It is not possible to have a separate user account in this sense. There is however already built in to your internet service a shared wifi which you can turn off or on as you like. This uses your livebox to access the internet but it is only for other Orange users who have to log in with their details. This is not much use to you if your guests are not French and customers of Orange. The only way to offer free wifi to all guests is to allow them to use your wifi access with your wifi code with the provisos I mentioned in the previous post. Danny
  12. Sorry to contradict you E but for some time now the security situation you describe has been changed. Following a firmware update from about April 2015, it is now not the case that you need to have a secondary email account with Orange to prevent automatic login to your account. If you go to Orange.fr you need to use your password to gain access to your account. There is no longer any automatic recognition of your account. The crazy situation about secondary email address to avoid automatic recogniton has been quietly dropped from the assistance pages. http://assistance.orange.fr/ne-pas-etre-automatiquement-identifie-sur-orange-fr-544.php now just redirects to https://assistance.orange.fr/assistance-commerciale/l-identification/gerer-vos-comptes-orange/creer-un-compte-ou-une-adresse-mail-secondaire_71892-72751 So in order to access your account/mails you need to log in with password. https://assistance.orange.fr/assistance-commerciale/l-identification/gerer-vos-mots-de-passe/orange.fr-la-securite-de-votre-compte-orange-evolue_77777-78739 So essentially, for Jessie, anyone who uses your wifi (with your access code) cannot read you mails or your account. You are, however, totally responsible for any usage of the wifi. Including obviously anything illegal. Danny
  13. John, You need to log in to your 'espace abonné' free mobile and activate the service to use it abroad. Go to 'options', click on 'Gérér' Scroll down to 'Option voyage' and 'Option internationale' and click on 'Activer' You will need to pay 10 euros by card to do this but this is just credit which will be used for the next 5 monthly payments. As long as you have both services activated, you should be able to make and receive call and texts. Remember that it will cost you to receive as well as make calls/send texts but it is pretty reasonable if you are careful. Danny
  14. If you can receive all the channels with an ordinary old fashioned TV ariel there is not much point in using a sat dish.** The purpose of TNT channels by satellite is precisely for those that cannot receive a signal via a rooftop aerial as they can't get a direct line of sight to the transmitter. Think mountains etc. Danny **Unless one does not have an aerial on the roof and already has a sat dish and maybe also wants the extra channels available by satellite.
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