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Who shops on Xmas day ?


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Here in Tooting (just for Christmas) the shop round the corner cut his hours down for Christmas Day - from 6am-11pm to 9 -9. And when we walked past there were poeple in there.

Boxing Day we visited friends in Kingston and the place was heaving with shoppers - queues for car parks some fashion shops open at 7am. That means some staff had to work Christmas Day to prepare the store for the sale.

On the bright side (well it is in my opinion anyway) it was standing room only at my daughters church on Christmas morning and mostly young families with the occasional visiting granny.

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Not that their internet sales model is up to much - in fact it's pretty dire.


Things in stock are not necessarily in stock and the first notification you get is after they have delivered the rest of the order, so you have to pay a second delivery charge for a replecement for what they told you they would supply.

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