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  1. Hello Wooly :) To give you a direct answer to the subject line: Yes. It seems a bit stooopid to me to dismiss somebody based on their age. Some might even think that ageist (some might even be able to spell it [;-)]) I'm about that much younger than Mr A... I know people of my age who I find 'old', yet have close friends who are 20 years older than I am.  It's to do with outlook rather than the date on a birth certificate. Follow your instinct.  Be happy.
  2. Hello. Re: using the master socket for the Livebox... We have a 'master' socket marked 'TEST' Below this 'test' socket, there is another socket; an 'extension'. I had the Livebox and phone plugged into the 'test' socket and nothing in the 'extension' and it all worked reliably, however... When an FT engineer came to fix the line (a fault in the junction box in the village), he advised that nothing should be plugged into the 'test' socket because none of the 'extension' sockets work while the 'test' socket is occupied. Try it out with your sockets, it is certainly true for my installation, but perhaps they are not all the same. As I understand it, in the event of a faulty line, FT will fix the fault if it is before or up to this 'test' socket: all extensions after that are the householders' responsibility... so be a little cautions about messing with the master. ;)  In your situation, I would test to see whether the disconnection problem occurs when the Livebox and phone are plugged into the 'test' socket. If not, then the problem is with the extension i.e. your problem.  If the fault still occurs, I would then book an FT engineer to sort out the disconnection fault. You could also ask him/her about the optimum socket to connect the Livebox to.  Hope that makes sense and is useful to you :)
  3. A network of infected computers used to produce spam has sprung back to life after a lull of several weeks. BBC News 10/1/11 - Global drop in spam e-mail is 'short lived'
  4. [quote user="dave21478"]I think next summer I will try to wing it for a residential ADSL setup with another provider.[/quote] Lovin' the new saga, Dave21478... looks like this could run and run. :)
  5. [quote user="Pads"]Thankyou Tony that was what I wanted to know so you dont have to use words in the game like road , castle, field ect.... What I was looking for was a game me and him inndoors could play with a french twist to practise our speaking rather than just chanting along with a CD... As we have an Interest in Carcassonne thought it might be fun[/quote] Hello Pads. Have you seen this one? Sky My Husband It's a French/English word game based on common expressions that don't translate literally hence the title 'ciel, mon mari'.  I played it in my French class last year.
  6. Hi Richard, quite agree with you, but there is the 10% fine to consider.  I just paid mine on-line because the office is closed  today (strike action). Should you wish to do so, you need the ref numbers from your income tax bill, then the amount of Foncieres owing is shown on screen. (you need a RIB to pay it on-line. ) FYI: there is an extra five days grace if you pay on-line.  So you are in time. :)
  7. Âme

    Tooth abscess

    Ouch! Sweet 17 I empathise...  I'm taking the end of a course of antibiotics for the same reason. If it hurts when you drink hot liquid, and sipping iced water is some relief, then it's definitely an infection. You may be able to get the antibiotics you need from the pharmacist without seeing a doc or dentist... try something different to the ones you had before as they obviously didn't work for the particular infection. You must take the whole course (14 days, in my case). And Teapot's suggestion of clove oil, huile essentielle de clous de girofle, can also be bought in a pharmacy. It is the only thing that reduced the pain while the antibiotics were working their magic. (I tried Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Paracetamol at different times, none of them worked) Clove oil tastes pretty horrible... put it on your finger then rub on the infected tooth and gum, between your gum and cheek, to avoid getting too much on your tongue. Pain relief lasts for between 15 - 30 minutes so you need to keep reapplying it.  I got that tip from the film Marathon Man! Bon courage with that and the forthcoming walk.
  8. [quote user="Babbles"]...what are they called in France so I could at least google it.Thanks[/quote] Poêle électrique
  9. Âme

    Tax Office

    I don't know about your nearest tax office, but you can probably print the form you need from www.impots.gouv.fr
  10. Several years ago an eye specialist advised me never to drink water from plastic bottles. Something in the plastic migrates into the water, eventually sticking to the retina. I don't know whether this advice is current, as certain types of plastic are no longer used with food & drink.
  11. [quote user="Quillan"]I thought we wer talking about France?[/quote] Indeed, but precedent in other EU states seems, to me, to be relevant since le loi HADOPI exists in France. We don't know, yet, what the outcome might be in France if, as in the German case, an unsecured were used by a neighbour. I agree with you, ANother, re: isolated locations but not everybody lives out in the sticks e.g. the town square dwellers in Quillan. I wonder if they use internet banking on their public networks. [:-))]
  12. [quote user="AnOther"]Do you actually need Wifi security ?[/quote] Maybe not yet, however: German court rules that private unsecured WiFi owners can be fined
  13. I don't know if this will help, Wendy, but the WPA/WEP code consists of numbers 0-9 and letters A-G, if I remember correctly. The point is that any 0 is zero and not the letter o. And any 1 is the number 1, not the 9th letter of the alphabet. When guests connect to wi-fi in my home, the WPA key is all they need in order to connect. Try connecting while in in the same room as the Livebox to start with, to ensure that the signal is strong. Bonne chance [:)]
  14. [quote user="tuppence"]Well it ain't being accepted on my answers to the questions.  I presume that all the others things asked for I have input correctly,  Annee  =  2009:  change the year to 2010 Numero d'imprime 2042 K: delete the K Impot = Impot sur le revenu; Numero CERFA = 10330 14. So why is the message coming up on screen rejecting these details?[:(] tuppence [/quote] Tuppence, You need to make the two changes, in red, above. :) happy filing.
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