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  1. Kind of, although officially the State of New Jersey does not recognize common law marriages, so I have no idea what that does to me :-)
  2. How many bailouts does this country need? Every wek we seem to here about a new bailout, or is it just the same one, but they keep calling it new?
  3. I'd love to be England manager. Easy money. You pick the best English players (not hard to do as there's very few of them), you work part time, get free tickets to any matches of your choice, get paid to travel the world and when the team fails again because they're not good enough after all, you get a massive golden handshake and enough money to quit work for life. How hard can it be?
  4. [quote user="NickP"]If sleeping with a team mates ex girlfriend is a crime, then not many public figures would survive moral scrutiny, and I include the American icons the Kennedys. Sorry mate the only responsibility the national team captain has; is to be a good footballer. The people who created this muddle are the executives and lawyers of the FA and Chelsea FC who manged to get this case delayed unnecessarily to allow Terry to complete the season and then appear in the Euro tournament. They should have got it done and over with immediately; and moved on whether he is guilty or not. In my opinion Capello didn't resign because they sacked Terry, he resigned because the FA acted without consulting him.[/quote] I rest my case then :)
  5. [quote user="NickP"][quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]He should never have been manager. Should be an Englishman who leads England. Glad he's gone and it just shows the sort of man he is for supporting scumbag Terry.[/quote] Strange comment from a person who resides in the land of the free, or don't you believe in innocent until proved guilty? And I must tell you now; I have no time for Mr Terry so don't think I'm defending him. [/quote] He hasn't been worthy of being team captain ever since he slept with one of his team mates other halves. The national team captain has a responsibility to at least be up standing and be a good role model too. If he had any shred of decency, he should have either refused the captaincy again, or stood down when this latest of a long line of issues with him came about. He's well past his best as well and shouldn't even be in the squad anyway, but that's beside the point.
  6. He should never have been manager. Should be an Englishman who leads England. Glad he's gone and it just shows the sort of man he is for supporting scumbag Terry.
  7. Perhaps it's overheating and shuts down to protect itself. Mine does that all the time. I can't use it without a cooling fan.
  8. I have three gmail accounts, but I access those only via Outlook, or the gmail app on my tablet. I am rarely if ever logged onto google via a browser. This is an interesting article. http://articles.cnn.com/2012-01-27/tech/tech_web_google-privacy-clarified_1_google-chrome-browser-privacy-tools-search-data?_s=PM:TECH
  9. It reminded me of the closeness I had with my dog. He was my best friend and I will never forget him. I'm angry at him for not making it with me to the USA as I am now living with a big black lab who is in serious need of learning some manners! My Maddie would have learnt him...
  10. I assumed it was a government incentive. It never occured to me that the honest media were behind it. Hopefully Obama will do the right thing and veto it then.
  11. http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/English_Wikipedia_anti-SOPA_blackout I hope this bill fails. Governments are starting to get too much control in things that don't concern them.
  12. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/379816_10150495518004302_592364301_9001139_1546379646_n.jpg
  13. It would be great if Cantona became president. Anyone who disagrees with him, he would simply kung fu kick. It would make politics interesting for a change. I long for the days of leaders with personality. Reagan, Thatcher, Hawke, Gorby - they may have been as inept as the current lot, but at least they had presence.
  14. What people fail to realise in spamming forums in order to create backlinks to their sites is that if the site that is linking to you is totally off topic to your site, google will not give that link any credit, in fact it will likely degrade the target site. For example, if your site is about dogs, and you spam a forum about cars with a link to your site, google is not stupid and will know that the two are not the same thing, and so the dog site will be penalised and not rank so well. With google's Panda update last year, it has cleared out many duff links and de indexed many pages and sites from its database. JC Penny in the States (massive department store company) used low value back links to its site, when the update from google came along, it wiped everything, and the next day JC Penny's web site was nowhere to be found on google. The marketing department had to start again, but this time, the links they got were top quality to prevent that from happening again. Google is a lot cleverer than people think and these spammers are not only wasting other people's time in having to delete their posts, but they're wasting their own time too.
  15. Wish he would still pay me rent though :(
  16. My tenant left last month, but the house is still for sale.
  17. Where I lived in Indre, they would go off at midday every Saturday to test. My dog used to howl with it. Was very funny.
  18. I can't handle the stuff. I had six shots of it when I was about 20 and was violently sick after. Ok, I had drunk a couple of bottles of wine, some whiskey and beer before, as well as eating coq au vin, but it put me off spirits for life. 20 years on, I still can't stomach the smell of whiskey etc.
  19. [quote user="AnOther"]As far as I understand under this wholly misbegotten, sycophantic, politically motivated, and largely futile, piece of legislation they are only monitoring P2P traffic which nowadays only newbys and unsophisticated amateurs use. The more savvy get their downloads via more direct (and discrete) methods, newgroups being a popular one. A 2.5% hit rate for the first warning hardly strikes me as a stunning success for the agency and even if made them all stop immediately it wouldn't even register in the great scheme and scale of illegal downloading. [/quote] It's not illegal. It's sharing :)
  20. It's most likely the agent pushing for the move so he can get a nice big slice of cash from the deal. Agents are a horrible nasty element of the game and don't deserve the money they get.
  21. I don't think Beckham has done much for people to be ashamed. It's not like he's John Terry or Steven Gerrard, he's a pretty good ambassador for what he does, although he appears a bit thick. I also think he was very overated, and most certainly is past his best, even when he first joined Galaxy. I don't even know why PSG wanted him. Would he have been that much of an attraction for them? They can afford the best.
  22. Then Mr Sarkozy, have a word with your media mates to stop ripping people off with high prices for music, dvds and books then. Most of what's produced nowadays is complete trash anyway. Lower the costs and then people might buy the original rather than sharing it.
  23. [quote user="AnOther"]It's the same old story of greed and stupidity as other forms of media have fallen foul of, take the pi55 out of the punters at your peril because they will look elsewhere and I reckon 95% of all ebooks are out there for free if you know where and how to look. [quote user="woolybanana"]I still don't understand why ebooks are paying VAT when paper books don't?[/quote] Because ebooks are regarded as a service on which VAT becomes payable whilst a book you buy in a shop is simply the purchase of a physical item which happens to be zero rated. It's similar to giving a hire car back without filling the tank, they will fill it and charge you VAT on top because they have performed a service. [/quote] You would be probably right. It's very easy to download the entire NY Times Bestsellers as ebooks for free if you know where to look.
  24. I thought he had decided to stay in the easy American league?
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