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  1. i have worn variofocal glasses for some years - i have a high prescription. last time i changed my glasses the ophthalmologist, at specsavers, said that the answer to my problems would be to wear one contact lens for short sight in the dominant eye, and for reading in the other. i thought it sounded nuts but am assured its a more common and easier to use solution than special variofocal lenses. (how do you know which way up they should go in?) i wonder if anyone has tried it? ps i haven't been on the forum for ages as i got logged off and couldn't find my password!
  2. Thank you Kong. I have now managed to open Up the section I wanted, I do hope that I have done it right, but have never been queried. Now I am trying for the third year on line to get them to recognise the S1 .... We have had to go to the impots to get a 'degrevement' for the past three years. I will go back to paper next year. They are so helpful at our impots office.
  3. We have a modest share portfolio managed by a UK bank in Gibraltar. It was moved there from Jersey when the bank restructured its offshore banking in 2013. I have always declared dividends in "autres revenus de valeurs mobilieres et revenus assimiles" under dividends non eligibles a l'abattment de 40%. (Form 2047) This year the online form (due in midnight Tuesday in our department) just won't let me enter in that box, in section 4 B nor tell them what country the money is coming from. The only 'live' boxes are in section A. Can anyone help? I am going back to paper next year so I can talk to the nice lady at the Impots!
  4. I have been to Chelsea on several occasions. The best times were had when I was invited by corporate sponsors who had marquees for lunch and snacks. That got us in earlier in the week. When I last went, on a Friday I think, it was almost impossible to see the main drive gardens, they were ten deep in spectators. Arriving at the earliest possible time of day might help, and if you could secrete a few sandwiches about your person it would save you a lot of money! I have been there for the Saturday sell off, and it's good fun - bargains can be had and it is an interesting spectator sport watching Bushes and trees disappear into the tube station.
  5. Thank you for replying so quickly. Having been told it must be done I am living in fear that it will fail when I'm miles from anywhere and want the job done quickly. I will try a couple of local garagistes for a price.
  6. Having had a horrific Quote for €600 to replace the cam belt on a Renault scenic -apparently well overdue - I want to get some more quotes. But what is it called in French? And does anyone have any idea how much it might cost if not done by main dealer?
  7. Like many of us over here on fixed income I haven't got much cash to spare, but wanted to do something -if only a little thing- for the Nepall earthquake appeal. Today I found that SuperU are accepting their loyalty points as donations to the appeal, in multiples of 50. I happen to have quite a few and was able to give them to the appeal. I don't know how much money they equate to, but every little helps. And IMHO better use for them than saving up for another kitchen appliance to keep in the cupboard!
  8. Bringing this thread back to the top. We have registered with our last council to vote in the upcoming elections, very easy, mostly online. BUT. The small print on the postal voting application says that the ballot papers may not be posted out until FOUR days before the election - so they probably won't even get to us before the date, let alone allow us to reply. What is the good of that? I know that one can get some one to vote for you, but you have to register in the last place you were on the electoral register, and we weren't there long enough to know anyone well enough to a) ask and b) trust! Sorry, I know I am just saying what was said in 2011, but honestly, in this day and age don't you think there has to be a better way?
  9. Can't see the problem, it came down, didn't it?
  10. Thanks for answering gardian, and your reply was what I expected, really. Googling the subject I found that the 'experts' were firmly on the fence. Roughly 50/50! The tunnel is 6x3, bigger than I had first wanted, but the smallest with a thicker tube (32mm) , doors instead of zip up openings and a quality cover. I am sure that just like my old greenhouse in the UK I will have no trouble filling it! We have plenty of space, but not much shelter. Cost less than the pro ones, but a bit more than the lightweight special offers currently on sale in the supermarkets and bricos - and a third of what the big garden centres expect you to pay.. I looked on both UK and french sites, and when I found what I wanted it turned out to be an English supplier through ebay.fr delivered in three days. I think anchoring will be the key. My neighbours don't take theirs down in winter, but they do have it tucked behind the house. Round here the sight of frames with flapping shreds of plastic is pretty common! ,
  11. I've just taken delivery of my poly tunnel! We bought it in an effort to stop the tomatoes getting blight again, having lost the crop three years running. Plus getting things started a bit earlier. Looking forward to experimenting. Does anyone know if there is a preferred orientation, North/south or east/west facing doors? It's a sunny spot, but very open. Wind is likely to be the main issue I think. The strongest gusts tend to come from the north and east, especially in the winter. There are doors at each end, but windows only on one side. Which way round should I put it? And should I take the cover off to overwinter it, or keep it on and be prepared to renew more often?
  12. This is really weird, Idun, as it is the third reference to someone in France having caught scabies I have heard in a week. Its the first time in 30 years, since my son was at school, that I have even heard of anyone having them. Makes you itch to think about it!
  13. Our GP takes cash or cheque only. We have to present our CV so we get reimbursed almost all of it, but before we got the CV he was quite happy to see us and take payment anyway. The pharmacy however, is almost always a cashless visit, unless the prescription is for something non reimbursable. CPAM reimburse whatever they have to, and the balance automatically comes from the mutuelle.
  14. Will we be able to see anything of next Friday morning's solar eclipse which I gather will be viewable in the UK around 9.30am (their time)? I am in the south of the limousin.
  15. Thanks. AnOther, and hyacinth (love the name) Very quick replies Will tell OH next time he emerges from the loo for a few minutes!
  16. Oh is going in to the Clinique tomorrow for a colonoscopy. Among the paperwork we got last week is a consentement DMP which he has to tick to say whether he wants to create his DMP or not. What is this? Everything else was explained to us very carefully, but we found this at the back of the pack. Any replies tonight would be much appreciated. Kathy
  17. This came up in conversation with a group of friends, both English and French only a few weeks ago. Only one said that, if she had the money, she would have a lift. Everyone else was horrified. But most of the French ladies are equally horrified that we Brits let our grey hair go out on show. Me, if money was not an issue, I would pay whatever it took to have my teeth sorted!
  18. Hello, I'm back! After several months of frustrated fiddling with different passwords and email addresses I finally got round to contacting admin to ask how to get back on! I still don't know what I was doing wrong, or why I got logged off but never mind. Thanks admin, for responding so quickly and getting me back in the forum Do any of you have any tips on how to securely store passwords? Not so concerned about sites such as this forum, but other more sensitive sites like banks etc.
  19. We have the basic ikea €299 black glass microwave which fits in idea units. Can't comment on how it works as we bought it two years ago and the kitchen is still in the barn.... But it is nice and plain and only microwaves. Hoping to fit it before 5 year guarantee times out!
  20. can I just thank Idun for that pastry recipe. So easy, so short, and it after a couple of hours chilling it rolled out without sticking. two dozen mince pies and six goats cheese and fig flans this evening. thanks again!
  21. Thanks Val and Pommier. I think the muffins are more like the dish we had - don't canneles have more of a yorkshire pudding/batter texture? or maybe i've only had bad ones! I will have a go at the mini muffins this weekend.
  22. Last weekend we were served little savoury cakes with our aperos - some with ham, others with veg in them. husband liked them a lot! They looked like tiny muffins. has anyone got a recipe?
  23. Good morning everyone. Can I just say happy Easter to you all. I know it doesn't mean the same to everyone, but whatever significance ( or none) in your household, I hope the day is a good one for you. Don't eat too much chocolate! Kathy
  24. Just checked - the pillows, square or shaped are today's special in Lidl. So if you are interested go down within next couple of days or they will disappear for months.
  25. I have the Lidl shaped memory foam pillow, with a quilted washable cover, i think it was only 10 euros. its quite firm, but it is the shape I particularly like. my husband hates it though, so everyone if different. And you are right, its rather too small for standard pillow cases, there's quite a lot of loose fabric. it is worth looking at the lidl site every now and then to see which offers are upcoming.
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