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Photographs on computer

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[quote user="powerdesal"]Just out of interest, I have just tried *.*tif and only got back my tif files, similiarly *.*jpg only returned my jpg files. Using XP Pro sp2.

Debra you really are doing something odd if you get all files! *.* works in the "search my computer" section and the specifics,   it may not work if you do an advanced search and specify music, video etc

Alfa before I became a safety professional,  I was a qualified IT auditor which involved doing document searches so I think I know how to set up a serach thanks after that I was IT manager for our department of 60 people.  I have a mind for facts and detail so I have also helped a lot of people on here with tax and health problems.  You claim to be in IT and you agreed early on that *.* etc  works, but then you take the piss when someone disagrees, why? Perhaps you were only joking, so  try using a smiley[:D]in future

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[quote user="ChezShells"]

I suspect the original poster has managed to sort it, or have they? [/quote]

Just to clarify Bob's request. Firstly, the images were not on his hard drive as JPEG's, TIFF's, GIF's, etc, etc. They were embedded in a WORD document and no matter what combination of *.*.xxx is used, you will not recover the image.

However, I'm pleased to say that Bob now has the images suitably extracted and enhanced, and safely locked away in a bank vault to prevent future loss!


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Try downloading Picasa2 from Google. This is arguably the best general purposer photo storage system. You can not only upload your own digital pics directly to the program but it automatically captures any image on your hard disk and stores it in chronological order or by name. It also enables you to do minor alterations. It is easy peasy to send an email with attachment directly from the program without copying and file searching. Give it a try, it's worth it. It is a superb program and is free. I used to be a pro and so don't take these things lightly.
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OK, so this has turned into pedant's corner, so I'm going to put my oar in...

*.*jpg    and *.jpg will return exactly the same result.

Think about it for a moment...

"*" is a wildcard of indeterminate length (as opposed to "?" which is any single character).

But as a previous poster pointed out there are only 3 characters in a DOS

suffix so if there is already "JPG" specified, there isn't room for

anything else!


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[quote user="ErnieY"]

May I very politely ask Ron why his post's are always in a large heavy font and equally politely mention that, to some at least, this could imply talking loudly if not actually shouting.

Oh, nearly forgot... [:D]



That was a year ago Ernie, Ron doesn't shout any more do you Ron.   [:D]

It's the Weeble going around deleting his/her posts and bringing all these old subjects back.


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