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Canal + available temproarily on TNTSat boxes

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I know a few of you have got TNTSat boxes,   and if you have you might like to check channel position number four,   as at present Canal + is running free-to-view.

Probably a weekend promo,   so if you're interested make the most of it as it won't last.

At present watching a delightful (NOT!!) film called Hellboy II.   My goodness the young watch some strange things.....

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In fact the promo - I now discover from the inbox on the STB - runs until 29th Nov.

We can now see how Canalsat and + are reaping the rewards of stepping onto the TNTSat platform and then using their "Trojan Horses" (boxes in people's homes) to launch a subscription gathering operation.

I just knew TNTsat wasn't launched for entirely altruistic reasons....

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[quote user="Richard"] Just read the thread properly.


Aahh! I misread it too, but in another way ... I rushed to OH and said 'Martin on CF says you can get Canal+ on your sat box at the mo, channel 4, there's footie on'. Bless him, he switched on but the TV said he had no abonnement for canal+. On rechecking on the thread it says clearly 'on TNTSat boxes'. As OH has a canalsat box perhaps I should read posts more carefully and slowly, instead of seeing written what I would like to see ...

Sue [blink] [:$]

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Canalsat do offer the occasional free month of Canal+ from time to time; I usually notice it around the 28th of the month, just as there is something interesting coming up at the start of the following month.........

I would guess that we have had about three free months in the last couple of years. Unfortunately it just serves to remind me of how expensive it is if you  subscribe to both Canal Sat and C+



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I believe though that it's the first time they've offered it via TNTsat boxes.

TNTsat (now that it's been made "compatible" with Canalsat/+) offers a neat way of owning your own box rather than renting one of theirs.

But as you say it's not cheap.   But what is nowadays,  we keep being "threatened" with deflation but sadly nothing I need has come down in price......  at least not long-term.

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