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  1. +2 couldn’t have said it better!
  2. Oh yes! Done it since I was a child, when my brother always got in first. I now get Mr Adrets every month and seem to surprise him every time. Married 56 years x 12 pinches/punches. It’s a wonder he’s not reported me yet. And don’t forget to advance your digital watch (if you have one, of course) by one day.
  3. For someone who doesn’t know what they are doing you’ve still managed to post 144 times.
  4. But why is it posted under house renovations? Body renovations?
  5. My old Gran used to say “A LITTLE of what you fancy does you good”. She had a 24 inch waist all her adult life.
  6. Hang on in there, Lori. It will happen. We have four children younger than you, so we are hoping they won’t have to wait too long. Bye the way, we are 76 (me) and 81 (him).
  7. It certainly is, Lori. I hope you don’t have to wait much longer.
  8. We had our first vaccinations on Wednesday in the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. There was no applause, no audience and no flowers, but it was quite a performance! It took a whole hour to complete the process. Queue at the door: several people had 11.45 appointments. Sit at first table while one lady read info from the computer screen while second lady wrote it on a form. Spelling Penmaenmawr proved difficult. Then onto another table to be questioned by a doctor. Led to a line of chairs labelled Pfizer from where we were conducted to curtained-off vaccination stations. That was the quick and painless part. After a wait of 20 minutes to ensure we didn’t go into shock we were issued with a document confirming our first vaccination and giving us an appointment for the second one in four weeks time. Yes! Four weeks.
  9. Next week we are going to le Palais des Festivals in Cannes for our (first) vaccine. The “vaccinodrome”, yes, really, has been ready for weeks. The vaccine doses have finally arrived. Wondering if we should wear evening dress to honour the occasion.
  10. It’s back with a vengeance today. Go away!
  11. Why JAB? No jabbing is involved in a vaccination.
  12. No, you are not alone. I’m not needle phobic, but if I were the word JAB would send me running for the hills. My experience of being vaccinated is much gentler and hardly felt if administered properly.
  13. I loved the Welsh commentary! Don’t speak a word of Welsh, but like listening to it. However, it must produce millions of ‘postillons’ per conversation. They will either fly into the face of the recipient or make the speaker’s mask very soggy very quickly.
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