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  1. This is what you have to provide (in French) http://www.immonot.com/diagnostic-immobilier-avant-achat.html That is for everything. For your specific question, see: http://www.immonot.com/raccordement-tout-a-l-egout.html
  2. I recently read of a hornet that attacks bees and has found its way to France. There is also this: http://sussu.gobages.net/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=1291&blogId=85
  3. [quote user="Benjamin"]A couple of questions from this report groslard. As they are the National Union of House Builders are they only talking of new properties? If so, then are they talking from the prices that their new properties are now as opposed to the prices they achieved for them in the previous year? The other point to make is that in general terms the average French family does not buy and sell with the same frequency as the UK market. Thus prices go up and prices go down and over time they level themselves out. Of course if you're a Brit and you want to get out of the French market completely then perhaps now is not a good time to be doing so. [/quote] I think they are talking of volume of sales of new houses, as opposed to prices..
  4. From a link on Claire's newspaper site: "Les ventes de maisons individuelles ont baissé de 5,2% en France en 2007, avec 196.143 unités vendues, a indiqué mardi l'Union nationale des constructeurs de maisons individuelles (UNCMI). L’année dernière, seul le marché de la région du Centre Est est resté en croissance, à +4%. Tous les autres ont baissé, parfois sérieusement comme l'Ile-de-France (-11%), l'Ouest (-8%) et le Nord (-7%). La baisse est en revanche plus limitée dans d’autres régions comme la Méditerranée (-3%), l'Est (-2%) ou le Sud-Ouest (-1%)." (L'Expansion.com) This says that house sales have fallen 5,2% in France en 2007, and quotes regional variations
  5. You might like to consult http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/ which seems to confirm what dexter says. I also agree with gluestick, but would add another factor. Old properties are not much sought after by the French, and prices are in decline but as he says the new-build market is firmer. What makes a difference as always is location. There is a 'baby-boom' in France too, and many of these people who have worked in the Ile de France are now looking to retire to the South, so even if  British buyers are fewer, the French are keeping the market active' especially for new 'villas'.
  6. They may be billed separately, even directly to the tenant, but the responsibility for paying them is the owner's. So if your tenants don't pay it comes back to you, because even if they were separated from the taxe foncière, they form part of it, not part of the taxe d'habitation.
  7. Even in the tiny village where I have my résidence secondaire it is 160 euros a year per household, so 100 for 9 months isn't too bad.
  8. I use free.fr instead of France Telecom Calls to UK fixed phones are free. There are also such firms as Onetel and Expat
  9. I don't think that anybody really sees what you are getting at, but as a general principle, forget all prior experiences, don't try to bring them with you, and accept the way things are done in France. I doubt you will make precedent under the code Napoléon..
  10. [quote user="Panda"]Hi In my part of the Vienne the dustbin charge is separate to the tax fonciere and goes to the tenant not the owner. Panda [/quote] "Cette taxe porte sur toutes les propriétés assujetties à la taxe foncière sur les propriétés bâties ou temporairement exemptées de celle-ci. Si le bien soumis à la taxe est loué, le propriétaire peut en récupérer le montant dans les charges locatives." So the owner can get it back from a tenant as part of the charges, but it is charged to the owner as part of the taxe foncière, not the taxe d'habitation. Normally it is the owner who pays the foncière. Direction générale des Impôts – Instruction fiscale 6 F-2-06 n° 128 du 31 Juillet 2006 – taxe d’enlèvement des ordures ménagères – Mesures diverses
  11. [quote user="artsole"]ahhhh! groslard...............you 'killjoy'[:D] [/quote] Not all fat people are jolly [:D] Perhaps I'm more Boba than Bob.. http://music.msn.com/artist/?artist=43624882&menu=credits&ipp=10
  12. To get back to living in the Languedoc.. I recommend: http://www.languedoc-france.info/06_life.htm particularly http://www.languedoc-france.info/060206_moving.htm and general reading for moving to anywhere in France: http://www.dontmovetofrance.co.uk/
  13. [quote user="allanb"]Grosland wrote: "Don't forget that this applies specifically to cheques, so I have become very wary of using them, and rely on using my carte bleue, unless I am sure the funds will be there." That's a good point, but a cheque is sometimes the only practical way - e.g. to pay an invoice received by mail from a distant supplier. Yet another reason for hoping that the virement system finds its way to France soon![/quote] I don't quite understand this point. You can pay by virement: http://www.clesdelabanque.com/Web/Cles/Content.nsf/DocumentsByIDWeb/6WEHER?OpenDocument and note: 'Le virement est harmonisé au niveau européen à partir de janvier 2008'
  14. Good site that Jacqui! I was working on the name of the region 'Autan' There seem to be other more local names too:  the usual name for the cold wind from the mountains here is 'the vent du nord' even though it is always called the tramontane on various sites, and the 'marin' is known as the 'marinasse'...
  15. [quote user="Patf"]Can someone tell me what this is? We're supposed to be getting it tomorrow. I know vent is wind, but can't find Autan in our dictionary. Wikipedia describes it in french and it sounds unpleasant, but still no clue as to what Autan is.[/quote] I imagine it is from the Pays d'Autan, which is to the East of you, and so seen as the source of the wind... See 'localisation' on here.. http://www.paysdautan.fr/
  16. [quote user="Clair"]Taxis are very regulated in France and minicabs do not exist. A very limited number of new licences is granted every year and current licences are bought/sold or passed on though families. [/quote] This is what lies behind the recent waves of strikes, when for example taxis blocked the frontier with Spain. The Attali report had recommended a greater  flexibility, but as often in France direct action took over and the Government caved in. http://www.france24.com/france24Public/en/news/france/20080130-taxis-france-strike-FNAT-Attali-unions.php and http://www.plenglish.com/article.asp?ID=%7BE927947C-C8FE-4386-BFF8-CF12F7F15AF5%7D)&language=EN Gives you some idea of the difficulty of bringing in reforms.
  17. No, but I have had a number of occasions where I have been close, because of late payments to me or, like you larger than expected debits which were later put right. Don't forget that this applies specifically to cheques, so I have become very wary of using them, and rely on using my carte bleue, unless I am sure the funds will be there. I have also developed a good relationship with my 'conseilleur' who knows that if I go and ask for a temporary higher limit on my découverte all wil be paid back correctly. I have sometimes taken this precaustion when I have not been certain of the dates when certain payments/debits will fall, but it costs a little to arrange.
  18. This is a different question of course. There is a programme that calculates this for property http://www.lesechos.fr/patrimoine/calcul/larp/e_larp.html And I imagine there must be something like that for cars too. My point was more about the lack of freedom. Taxis in my town are horribly expensive out of standard hours, including Sundays, and the car hire places aren't always open when it suits th customer...
  19. "Not within easy walking distance Mogs, there may be somewhere in the town centre -" I wouldn't advise leaving a car more than 7 days in one spot. It counts as ' stationnement abusif' "Article R417-12    Il est interdit de laisser abusivement un véhicule en stationnement sur une route.    Est considéré comme abusif le stationnement ininterrompu d'un véhicule en un même point de la voie publique ou de ses dépendances, pendant une durée excédant sept jours ou pendant une durée inférieure mais excédant celle qui est fixée par arrêté de l'autorité investie du pouvoir de police. " and you can be fined or have the car towed away to the pound. Don't forget alse that in many towns there is alternate side parking, so if you aren't there to change side you could have a problem.
  20. I have been without a car for most of my time in France, and totally for the last 18 months. I also live in a medium sized town with buses and a station. However there are some probems. The major shops are now out of town, and the central library and Post office are being closed, so I need to take a bus OUT of town for those facilities. The main entertainment centres have now also been moved ot of town, with very poor access if you haven't got a car. Doing a major grocery shop is difficult, or expensive if you use taxis as the likes of Auchan will deliver but only the goods you have been to the shop to select: there is no Internet ordering. I can only get to one or two of the many beaches, and none of the surrounding countryside is easy of access For example, there is one bus a day to the village where I have my résidence secondaire, and that turns straight round abd comes back. I manage, but have the feeling that my life is a lot less rich than if I could take for granted the sort of access to these things that many people take for granted.
  21. Yes you are right: they catch up on things you have to pay for by deducting them from other re-imbursments. This happens with the 50 centimes per box of medicine even  if you are at 100%. Obviously you haven't paid anything out at the pharmacie, so it has to come from one of the payments you have made..to your Doctor , for example.
  22. The roads on either side of the tunnel aren't very special. I'd advise Toulouse..Narbonne...Perpignan...Girone And I'd second the advice about the dangers of pickpockets etc in central Barcelona. Don't forget too that if you bank card doesn't come back out of the machine after you tapped in the PIN number, the machine has been rigged, and someone will come and recuperate the card as soon as you leave. If you lose the card like this telephone and cancel it even before you leave the machine.. Quite a lot of places in Spain still don't require PIN number, just a signature on a slip, so the thieves can hava a lot of fun withs your card. This and the theft of bags etc has plagued the stay of several of my friends. I go down to the area quite frequently as it's only just over 2 hours from me, but I tend to stay in Girone, and go in for the day by train. It saves parking problems, and Girona is a much nicer place to sleep.
  23. It's short for 'there is nothing to say thank you for...'
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