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  1. [quote user="Richard"]Talking of flasjhing lights, indicators. Why do most French while on the autoroute, keep their indicators flashing when they are in the middle or outside lane? Surely all you need to do is indicate to go into the overtaking lanes and then switch off? [/quote] It means " please M. le Gendarme, I am carrying out an overtaking manoeuvre, please don't think I am lane hogging"
  2. [quote user="Cendrillon"] "On 11th November the French are only commemorating those who fought in the first world war, other wars are remembered on other dates 8 May for the second world war and 19 March for the war in Algeria. [/quote] Not true in our village.  We commemorated those who fell in both world wars, the algerian war and one other war (which has temporarily slipped my mind).  All the names of the villagers who fell in all these conflicts were read out. The other two dates are also still commemorated here.
  3. [quote user="Richard"]The internet is also available on dvd now if your connection is slow. [/quote] [8-)]
  4. Hi Dawn Question far to vague I'm afraid. For starters, where do you live?  What type of business do you want to start?
  5. [quote user="gardengirl "]Because people didn't receive them![/quote] More likely they were sent to people who don't undetstand what a PM is perhaps?  Or how to reply to them.  I sent a PM to someone who replied by starting a new PM, rather then replying to my PM.
  6. On the badge with the cornflower, it says: La Mémoire Se Transmet, L'Espoir Se Donne just a thought?
  7. [quote user="doris day"] I was just wondering if anyone had experience of this - that's all.   [/quote] I remember a few years ago before we moved to France, that an entreprising boat owner on the Ilse of Wight was transporting people across the channel to France for dental treatment.  Cannot remember if they were able to reclaim costs from the UK.
  8. [quote user="JP"]Does this sounds reasonable in terms of time, or should I allow longer ?[/quote] Don't forget to allow 3-6 months to get 3 different quotes, and then up to another 6 months for the selected artisan to be available.[6]
  9. [quote user="dragonrouge"] There is red all over the place?[/quote] [8-)]
  10. So perhaps it has had a bad experience in the past?
  11. How well do you know the people who's dog you are looking after?
  12. We have lived in our home here for 3.5years now.  When we bought it, we had narrowed down our choice between our home, and one other house in the next village.  Initially we offered on the other first, but a complication very rapidly became apparent, so we withdrew the offer and bought our home instead.  So, no "coup de coeur" here, indeed, most people thought we must be mad to buy it, but it was a very measured decision, based on knowing where we wanted to be and what our basic requirements were.  They are both in the centre of the village (we couldn't stand "splendid isolation"). After 3.5 years here, I wouldn't have any other house.  We have that very rare thing, a large garden in the centre of the village.  I had to take out 10 trees to transform said garden, its been hard work but so worth it.  We had no kitchen for the first three months, and were washing up in a bowl out in the jungle that was then the garden.  All that hard work has resulted in each day us being more in love with our house, our village and the people we share our daily lives with.  Its not all a bed of roses, but what long term relationships are?[:D]
  13. [quote user="NickP"]Do you have a contact number or E/Mail address John? [/quote] Click on the e-mail icon on the bottom of Jonnycarper's post[8-)]
  14. [quote user="Araucaria"]Does anyone know whether Ryanair will make a fuss if I take my telepeage sender on one of their flights? [/quote] Having recently done this, I think I can answer your question.  I took mine in my hand luggage.  No problem as far as Ryanair are concerned.  HOWEVER, when I went through airport security, I was asked was this my bag, and the guy started diving into my bag.  I guessed straightaway what he was looking for (it was in its screening bag), and as he pulled it out I said what it was, he took a second look, acknowleged that it was what it was, and put it back.  So be prepared.[:D]
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