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  1. Hi Does anyone know the French translation for IBS - thanks
  2. Where would a post consumer issues on this forum?  If not here or on this forum does anyone know where? Thanks
  3. I'm posting this topic just to gauge if there might be a demand for the rental of my T4 VW camper van. Like many others here I'm trying to come up with ways to make a living, and it would be a legitimate business if indeed it appeared it could be successful. Any thoughts, advice etc.. will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Danny With the low temps over the weekend think I'll be ok.  Your link is very useful tho because it I've learnt that even if they lay egg today I have a chance to squash them before they hatch. Regards
  5. Hi I am about to leave my beautiful spuds - already in bud - for a few days.  I have just removed several of these pests - two of whom were mating!!  I fully expect many more.  Anyone have any ideas how I can protect my potatoes while I am away.  I garden organically. Thanks
  6. Sub heading - where have the blues tits gone???? Up until Tuesday there were thre, four, five, six at a time clinging to the fat balls and generally appearing quite hungry.  Now tho - since the weather has warmed up not a one. Does anyone know why? Doris
  7. Hi I've never managed to find one either.  henever I've asked they always point me towards nesting boxes!!  and when I say but they're nesting boxes they look at me gone out.  Many people really believe that birds live in their nests.  Anyway, I'd urge everyone out there to feed our little feathered friends at the mo - poor things are starving in this cold weather.
  8. Hi everyone I am particularly interest in the brace idea - Liz is it?  This is what my dentist says I will need to have at the end of my treatment.  It's very good to hear that it's working for someone.  My dentist has advised me to first clean my teeth thoroughly, than use a mouth wash and then clean between each tooth (or what's left of them in my case!) with one of those tiny wire brushes dipped in peroxide (eau oxygénée) which I do not rince.  I know the last bit sounds a bit strange but I can honestly say my teeth feel firmer and they have not bled once - after several years of doing so.  It is early days but I feel confident that I have made the right decison to keep my teeth - even if it's for the short term.  Especially after reading the horror stories written on here!! good luck everyone and I'll keep you informed of my progress Doris
  9. Hi again Sam I suppose I have decided already, or at least I'm giving it a go.  I do feel my infection is completely under control, at least for the moment, and my teeth feel much more stable.  I have also had a complete panoral x-ray very recently.  I have to admit that with my untrained eye I find it very difficult to see what's going on - despite my dentist pointing to the affected areas!!  All I can say is thanks so much for your advice and I will keep you posted - if only to help others with similar problems. Thanks again
  10. Hi Sorry I've only just noticed that people were still posting on this!  I'd be interested to know what the treatment is that your husband is receiving Suey.  Does it involve cleaning under the gums by any chance? Thanks for your good luck messages. Doris
  11. Hi Thanks for you advice to all new posters on the subject of my teeth.  In response, I recently changed mutuels and uped the dental treatment part of my new plan.  This still means I would get next to nothing back for dentures, bridges etc.. but I have to pay very little toward crowns (well metal ones anyway).  So.... my most recent quote involves me paying out about the same amount for keeping my teeth (albeit for a possible shortish period)  as for losing them. Sorry the poster that mentioned his/her blog - I can't see your name at the same time as writing this - but I would certainly be interested in reading it if I knew how to find it. Sam,  (are you a dentist) the main reason I have gone so far down this road is for finacial reasons, and because of a certain amount of mistrust as to the need for such a hugh expenditure. My original quote was so high for having most of my teeth removed and having dentures fitted (which I fully excepted and was prepared to do) I went to see a UK dentist who told me I didn't need to have such radical treatment etc.... (see original post) I accept I have "fairly advanced periodontal disease" but most of my teeth aren't wobbly and since I've been seeing my current dentist my gums haven't bled at all, ever.  Which is the first time in a long, long time - years. His reasons for the crowns are to raise my bite so that my lower teeth don't hit my front upper ones and make them loose.  I have no real way of knowing if this is a truely sensible approach or one that will work - since each of the three dentists I have seen recently offers  a different treatment. However, if it means keeping most of teeth rather than losing most them (even if it'll just be for a few years) I have to try it. 
  12. At the risk of being boring, I'm posting yet again on the subject of dentists. A couple of months ago I was told by my French dentist that I would need to have all of my upper teeth out and most of my lower ones due to bone loss caused by gum disease.  My front teeth are particularly bad and wonky.  Some of my other upper teeth are fine but he said all of my teeth would have to come out due to my having a significant overbite which would make it difficult to fit partial dentures. (this was confirmed by a specialist he sent me to) Obviously a little upset I decided to visit a dentist in the UK to get a second opinion as I was already going there to visit friends.  He said he agreed I have problems but saw not reason why I should have to lose all my upper teeth just to replace my front ones.  He suggest I could keep most of them but would need dentures to replace the front ones in the near future. Prefering this option - I then decided to visit yet another dentist in France in the hope that you would confirm the English dentist's opinion.  However, he threw things completely in the air.  He said with care I could keep all my teeth - at least for a few more years.  He put me on anti-biotics (I have to say my teeth are a lot firmer since I finished them), took a mould of my teeth then, after studying them, said I needed crowns on all my lower molars (at a significant cost to myself, my mutual and the social security system), which would correct my overbite problem,  then some sort of brace which would push my front teeth a little more in place.  I am of course going to take this option as it offer the best outcome at least in the short term.  But I ask you why such a divergence of opinion??  Again I am interested in the experiences of the others.  Thanks for reading this - if you are still awake at this stage.  Doris
  13. Yeah, I'm seeing another dentist in France in the hope that he'll agree with the British dentist.  I really want to keep hold of as many of my teeth as I can.  Thanks for all your advice. Doris
  14. The reason I posted this in the first place was that an article in Connections for this month states very clearly you can claim for treatment. (tho not in all cases)  I was just wondering if anyone had experience of this - that's all.   Has anyone else read the article???
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