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  1. Now thats a really sensible suggestion Chancer...I really do feel so sorry for the people who move over to France with no knowledge of the language... with limited income... and thinking that all English builders are honest... But my grip (and I know I'm beginning to sound boring) is that this man has obviously not paid a penny in Tax for god knows how many years...escapes a prison sentence, leaves a trail of people who have to work till they drop to just get back to where they were before he ripped their lives apart! and sods off to pastures new... I met a D.I.Y. shop owner today, he told me that Mr X opened an account with him and built up thousands of pounds on account and never paid... it almost ruined him... and in a small town like Newquay, it really does have an impact..

    (going for therapy now to try to LET IT GO!!! ) lol
  2. Sorry Cjlaws... I never explain myself properly! The change has been that he was found guilty at Liskeard Court and sentenced to 6 months suspended because he said he already lived in France.. The judge told him that if he hadn't already moved to France then he would have gone to prison...I have been posting messages on and off for some time to see if someone could tell me where he lives and if he should have told the French authorities who issue Siret numbers about his newly aquired Criminal Record...I know I sound like a worn out record, but I am still so angry at what he did to me and I thought I could get some satisfaction by reporting him for not declaring the information.Blimey.... I sound so pathetic ...

  3. lol Good point Russethouse....I hadn't thought about it that way!

  4. Well Cooperlola...

    He could certainly talk the talk! He could sell coal to Newcastle!! I'm sure he will do very well in France... I hadn't thought about the language problem for the Brits living there, but that can only be an advantage for him... Is there a large Ex Pat community around that area?

  5. That was a very profound answer Chancer..I sometimes wonder why on earth I haven't moved away, I get very disillusioned with some of the things that are happening to England, or maybe its my age! but then I am reassured by the fact that Cornwall seems to have escaped most of the problems and apart from the odd evil plumber !! its still a pretty nice place to live.

  6. You are quite right Russethouse, it was in Newquay, Cornwall. I have no idea what he is up to in France...but judging by his track record here (bankrupt 3 times) I have no doubt he will be looking for fresh pickings in France.

  7. I can certainly understand how you must have felt Chancer, My circumstances were quite similar to yours, in as much as I knew this man for quite a long time, didn't ever see it coming! I now have had to take a second job just to keep my head above water.

    Fortunately for me he has moved to France so I probably will never see him again, and although he was brought to court and found guilty..I still seeth with anger at what he has done to me and others in the town.

    I bet he never shows his face around here ever again! I only hope none of you come into contact with him.

    On a different subject, are you happy you have moved to France? I did consider moving there when I retire, but I can't see that happening now.

  8. Hi AnOther..

    I don't really know, because I still live in the UK, Cornwall to be precise, but I imagine it might be, because Innocent people move to Europe every day and are peerfect targets for the rip off merchants, so ... on balance I suspect it may well be more difficult when you move abroad.The language barrier would be quite a prooblem I would imagine.


  9. Hi Chancer...

    I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced similar problems ... and thank you for excepting my apology, but can you tell me.. did you get a positive result?

    I have to be very careful on open forums like this one, as far as naming and shaming is concerned because I don't want to be blocked...what did you mean when you said I may well have saved others from fallen foul of Mr X ?

    From the PM's I am getting , it looks like the authorities won't be interested in my story anyway.. but I do hope that if any of you need a plumber, you won't just rely on his siret number..!

    ps... I don't live in France because I cannot afford to.. but I'm learning such a lot about the way of life there.. this a great forum

  10. I have just re read all the comments and I have to apologise to both of you,and I can understand your suspicions, but I'm just an honest hard working woman who has lost a lot of money..all I wanted was to report this man to the relevant authorities, and then leave it to them. I have no chance of getting my money back anyway.nor do any of the other people he had dealings with in Newquay, but I do have concerns that he may well be up to his old tricks in France.

    Apologies again if I have angered any of you.

  11. Hi Will...

    Thank you for that information! I will send copies of all the Court Details to that address also.!

    Goodness me! I do believe I am making progress at last!

    Thank you so much

  12. Thank you Gemini...

    I have collected all the information about his Court Appearances of which there are many and I will send it all to the address you so kindly provided!

    Why are there so many English Builders hell bent on ripping off the Ex Pats? Its just such a shame.

  13. Hi Chancer...

    Now thats a question I would really like to know the answer to... Does anyone know ??


  14. Hi Russethouse..

    Yes I did but to no avail...

    but I'm still determined!!

  15. Thanks for your replies...

    I am actually looking for the address so I can write to report a cowboy plumber, who I believe has obtained his siret number dishonestly, But as I live in the UK and don't speak a word of French, I'm having trouble finding the address where I can write a letter.

    Any advice?


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