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  1. With the butt kicking on here (another posting) I have received today.

    I surrender too.

  2. That's wonderful Gluestick

    Just a slight (I am nervous as I have already had my butt kicked on another topic today) Disagreement Gluestick I thought the song Homeward bound was written on Widness Station.
  3. trumpet

    HRT Tablets

    Thank you Clair. No joy I am afraid
  4. trumpet

    HRT Tablets

    Thank you Catalpa.

    Nuvelle was the first tablet she was put on. For my wife this was not good. She tried it for 6 mths. It had very little effect if any. The flushes were particularly bad.

  5. I am a Teacher, all aspects of education interests me. I too relocated when my children were 14 and 15, so I was drawn to the post for that reason.

    This is what I am reacting to. (One of the reasons I stopped posting on this forum was because of all the negative comments I used to get every time I posted something positive)

    The remark about Anglo info was not necessary was it. I guess people want to score points in anyway they can.

    I do not mean to offend. But as I said before the way a piece is written can either cause a good reaction or bad. I knew I was going to get a lambasting, that is what debate is all about.

    And thank you Russet for putting me in my place. Yes, I am a newcomer.



  6. I also have children. In their thirties. (That doesn't make me old by the way) I too know the feeling you are talking about, don't get me wrong. 

    Its the manner in which the piece was presented that I am not sure of.

    The first word that came to my mind was Round Robin. Sorry if it offends.

    Too much self (look at what we have achieved) information can sound very gratuitous and puts people off.

    The poster remarked of how unsympathetically people have received posts by them in the past.

    I can see why.


  7. trumpet

    HRT Tablets

    Hello Jon

    Depressed not as such. She is now on Climaston The nearest Fr Equivalent. She still gets flushes. Not as many but a few in a day. This makes her unhappy as these things come with no warning. It makes her reluctant to go out. She needs what she was originally on....Prempak She had no problems. No flushes no weight gain. And she did feel better.

  8. I think I got the wind up me tail today.

    In what way was the word respect not used properly.

    The poster wasn't using it in the sense. Big Up to or High Five to.

    Respect in fact is not used enough these days.....people are frightened of Respect.

    The other thing. Americans use this forum. Please show some R-----t.

  9. Very diplomatic Russet.

    There is positive and, in your face positive.

    Now I wonder which one AC50 comes under.

  10. Frankly AC50 I am not surprised that you get a bit of flack. I understand you are proud of your children and husband. But it does all come across as a bit of a Round Robin, circular.


  11. trumpet

    HRT Tablets

    You are correct Tony. That is exactly what happened to My wife. The Doc was in horror about the length of time she had been on the tablets, and tried to wean her off.

    Some people can be weaned off no problem. However for my wife it was not so. To watch her having these sweats was not nice. I lost count how many she would have.......in an hour! Her sleep was effected and she felt she could not go out. It was pretty dire.

    There are all sorts of arguments for and against, indeed one day HRT good another day HRT bad. She only has one ovary which does come into play here.

  12. Its a difficult call Ford.

    As I have already said I was a music teacher. I also taught in a School In N. Somercotes Lincolnshire. (That might jog memories.)

    On one particular day I had the class doing some composing. I had a couple of practice rooms for pupils to use and the classroom itself. As you can imagine its a noisy business.

    I set the pupils in groups and designated areas for them to practice.

    In one of the practice rooms I kept my brew kit. Kettle etc.

    The lesson passed kids dismissed.

    My friend was the Art teacher. He was on duty at break time with me when he noticed a very oblong burn mark on one of the pupils neck. It was fresh and causing discomfort for the lad.

    ''How did you get that'' My friend asked. The lad was reluctant to tell. After some persuasion and investigation it came to pass that another lad had used my kettle to heat water and boil a metal chime bar. (They are thin an oblong). Then stuck it on the neck of the other lad.

    This did not bode well for me as the pupils were in my charge. The burn was third degree. Where was I to allow this to happen? As I said in a previous post, Music is a movement subject and by its nature you have to place pupils in different areas, for practice and noise purposes. I could not be every where. The brew kit was in a locker and not on view.....however this is no excuse.

    Both pupils were suspended and I was given a written warning. The lads were back after a couple of days. Friends again no problems. 

    My warning lasted a year.

    Things happen and there are always two sides.
  13. PANDA.....I am shocked. Good job I got it rubbed out then.

    Oh how innocent am I. (you made me laugh though)

  14. Well done London. Mission success.

    I am a vegetarian and I was going to suggest a curry. Or stir fry. Or Lasagna. Or a good stew. But a curry Ideal. As you have no oven
  15. Fram you made I larf [:D]

    OK how about this, and frankly I am surprised that no one has helped you out here.


  16. Your title a lot better than mine.

    I have enough problems with other things like this forum then starting something else to do.

    I hate paperwork and learning to play one of these games would be too much info for me to handle.

    I did say that about computers and the internet though.

    My son told me that a computer would aid me with writing and composing music. Mmph was my reply I have a pen. I can write the notes faster then the PC. I was a Luddite.

    So xbox who knows.

  17. LOL LOL Ok Panda I will delete the topic I started for you.
  18. trumpet

    HRT Tablets



    I am asking a question on behalf of my good lady


    My lady has been taking HRT for several years now. (One ovary, etc.) 

    When we lived in the UK she was prescribed PREMPAK-C Conjugated Oestrogens and Norgestrel.


    When we moved over here we were still able to get the afore mentioned as a friend was able to pick up her prescription. However due to changes at the Drs. in the UK this ceased. And she had to go to the Drs. here in France.


    Unfortunately for my wife they do not supply PREMPAK-C and had to give her the nearest equivalent. She tried them but they had no effect. In fact the opposite!. She suffered terrible Hot Flushes, and worse still (for her) gained weight. She then was given another sort to try Climaston(sp). These were a little better, the flushes were not as frequent. But she still gets them. Whereas with PREMPAK-C she had no ill effects what so ever.


    France do not advocate PREMPAK-C and despite every effort we are not able to secure them. I have a friend who is a Pharmacist here, he has tried to no avail. The importance of PREMPAK-C to my wife is the fact that she has very brittle bones and these are the best for her. They suited her.


    Besides going back to the UK and going through signing up with a Doctor, etc., does anybody have a solution.


    PREMPAK-C are available in the USA, UK. Is there anywhere else in Europe?


    Thank you.
  19. (But they allow the guy to get advice on the rights and wrongs of  avoiding a debt on line, come on guys)

    Then surly this should apply to all threads. Speeding for instance

  20. trumpet

    pups into France

    I thought you were too/to (help me out with this to/too deal) busy for jocularity today Panda? Something about having to collect your pension?[:P]

    I cannot divulge anything under the terms of the Geneva convention.

    (wish they had a spell checker on this thing. Pasting to write mail and back again.......phew)

  21. Ain't got no time for tv Trumpet boy.  Too busy banjo-playing 

    Dadl da da da da da d da.

    So how hails battle for Normandy.

  22. Hello Fram.

    Agony Bags................... Very prolific here in Bretagne.

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