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  1. I finished my on-line tax declaration! For me, the time consuming and hard part is always working out the bank account interest. For this I have the following tip ; Download all the transactions for each account Put in excel Make a filter on the description and have a condition of contains the word "interest" You will then get all the interest payments shown, which you can copy and sum in another worksheet. I was told that if you can prove the exchange rate at the time then you can use that figure to transfer to euros. I use ; http://www.uktradeinfo.com/index.cfm?task=exchange&lastcountry=France which corresponds to the HM customs exchange rates. As you can get figures for each month, it is easy to also add to Excel to calculate monthy amounts in euros. I also do something similar for the declaraion of overseas accounts  (copy the details from the accounts summary page) and then paste directly into the overseas accounts tax form. Another hint is to use "snippy" (free open source screen capture program) to make notes/screen copies as you do your on-line declaration so that it will be easier to remember how you did it next year! Good luck! Rob
  2. Thanks for the info! I think I will stick it out to be sure that I qualify... I have two weeks holiday to take as well so it ends up as being another three weeks - not too hard to bare when it may mean I get a reasonable salary to get me on my feet (what is the benefit these days?) Rob
  3. I was made redundant last year (end December) whilst on a detatchment agreement in France (paid social charges in UK but income tax in France for four years) then I started a new job (french contract) and am into month five of this. Now the employer has said they don't want to keep me on... I was already looking for other jobs as I didn't like this one, but all the same it was a surprise. They have said I can go at the end of next week (although by french law I can stay to the end of the contract if I like). Now some friends have pointed out that I don't meet the french unemployment benefit conditions if I leave at end of next week, so they say I should stay (I'm not too keen on this as I don't like the job!). The question is, does my detatchment agreement count for anything? (I was made redundant from this)? If I understand, I need 6 months social security to be entitled to unemployment benefit but I am unsure if the time working in france but paid from the UK counts. All help much appreciated. Regards, Rob
  4. I just worked out my interest for 2007 and I saw that one account paid net and not gross (income from the UK). The question is, do I need to declare this as income? It's not a great amount, so maybe I should declare it gross to avoid any problems. Any ideas? Rob
  5. I am am coming to the end of a 6 month trial period (extended one time) and I am fairly sure that the job is not for me (stress, bad boss, 55 hour week...) and I will leave at the end (if not before). It is my first job in france (I was on an expatriate contract before so paid from the UK, although paid taxes in france for 4 years), so can anyone tell me if I will be entitled to any unemployment benefits if I decline a potential offer at the end of the trail period? (I am looking for work now but it is possible I may be out of work for a short time). Many thanks, Rob
  6. I rang the tax help line and after explaining the situation they confirmed that if the money was received in 2008 then it's imposable for the 2008 income. French tax hotline: 0810 46 76 87 (in French) 8h - 22h Monday to Friday and 9h - 19h on Saturdays Rob
  7. I'm not sure it is that simple! If so, I would gain as my salary is less this year. The money received in 2008 should have been paid in 2007 but my old company were so disorganised that it ended up getting paid in 2008. Rob
  8. I was made redundant late last year and it took them a while to sort out my money due for unused holiday payments (I received this in mid january). I have just received the 2008 tax declaration form for 2007 income. Should I enclude this income, even though received in 2008? (or this this figure on next years declaration). Thanks, Rob
  9. I just moved from a big internation company as an "cadres autonomes" having 16 days RTT. Now I recently changed to another company (100 employees) which offers 10 days RTT. So thats one less week of holiday a year [:(] Anyway, what determines how many RTT days? Are "big companies" likely to give more and small ones less? By the way, I find I am working a 50 hour week (start at 9 finish at 8 - although lunch time is flexible) and personally I am thinking of I would be better off with a strict 35 working week and less pay and holiday! Theres not a lot of the evening left after work! Rob
  10. I thought I would never say this but don't be put off by agencies. True you pay an agency fee, but the rents are comparable - if not cheaper to private adds in my experience. Yoy can also find some bargains sometimes if you are in first. The trick is to watch out of new adds daily and when something good comes up, get there first with a good dossier. They often take the first person ready with a dossier. Good luck! Rob
  11. Crevette

    Cold Treatment

    Hi Sweet 17, >Good Health everybody and don't overindulge on the Easter Eggs! I wish you all the very best of health as well (and isn't is a shame you can't get a chocolate prescription!) Rob
  12. Crevette

    Cold Treatment

    Hi sweet17, This if perfectly normal... for france! I dont want to sound negative but I find the french health care totally OTT. Do your own research, but too much medicine is bad for you, the environment, and the economy (people pay indirectly for the ttreatment through social taxes). It is also open to fraud and abuse. Just a few headlines from a quick search ; http://www.psychomedia.qc.ca/pn/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5517 90% of doctor visits end up with prescriptions in france against 43% in the netherlands then this http://www.isodisnatura.fr/actualite.htm?ID=71 "effets indésirables des médicaments, est responsable de 130 000 hospitalisations par an..." and this http://reformer.maintenant.over-blog.com/article-7044626.html "social security deficit of 11.7 billion in 2007" If I went to Boots, I know they would sell me what I needed, if I go to a pharmacy in france I find they will "push" at least another 2 or three products as well. Rob
  13. I never thought the pound would slip to this -> 1.26340 agains the euro. It is continues, will hoards of french people be looking to buy a "maison secondaire" in the UK...?! Rob
  14. Hello, I tried to find work in the region but as my french wasn't up to scratch at the time it was difficult. It is a really nice region apparantly, and a lot of big IT companies are there. As someone who spent the end of last year trying to find an IT job my advice is to go to the big IT research sites such as LESJEURDIS, MONSTER, ETC. (or even google) and search for the technical skills that you have (VB/Java/PLSQL/ETC.) and the word "anglais". You then limit the jobs to ones requiring english skills - and maybe your french isn't as good as the native french speakers but your english is likely to be better! If you want to target a particular area you can add the region code as well. Good luck! PS: The IT market is very good at the moment, lots of companies are searching.
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