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  1. Good morning a member of our family has to get back to Berkshire (near Ascot) from near Fontenay le Comte.  I think its about 1h.45 from us her in the South Vendee.  Please has anyone flown Eastern Airlines and any ideas as to the location of the airport please and how easy from here in the Vendee?   kind regards
  2. Surely he is losing his magic and some commentators suggest that his weakness lies with the opposite sex.  Our French neighbours are now beginning to get worried about his almost daily pronouncements. Again of course he is short in stature like Napoleon. Finally is his now wife the same lady with had flings with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton they too had money and clout and exposure?
  3. However with Hunts be careful on access situations and if furniture has to be taken apart. We had problems with access and they said they would park elsewhere and we would have to 'ferry' the goods from our house to the waiting van.  Again they would not touch an expensive and old armoire. However we were moving from Normandie to the Vendee and used someone in St Lo.  First class. Point of this is to watch access both ends in the UK not likely to be a problem but in France possible?
  4. Thanks bejay I do now understand and understand better.  EDF say 12kw spread over the circuits is the maximum but they will give me a quotation for increasing it to say either 15kw or 18kw.  Thus if its 18kw does that mean that the circuits would then have say 6kw per circuit? or 15kw 5kw per circuit Again we are having a new kitchen installed and the company is giving us a plan de technique for the electrician.  He has been back and said when he does the work he will balance (equilbre) the system for us? As I say a big thanks. Llwyncelyn
  5. Good morning the electrician who installed our new boards has just left looked at the power of the Black and Decker and to the best of my French we had a discussion which seemingly seem to suggest the following. He said that his new boards with 30mla? But the circuits in the house were three phase x 4kw but obviously then not 12kw per circuit but in total for the house.  Thus if the Black and Decker say was on the same circuit as the computer the washing machine or the dishwasher plus earth leakage he says that the circuits would drop?  I have done some research on him he has been here for over 30 years and has a very good reputation. Please forgive me ignorance but in Normandy we had 12kw coming into the house and needed electric central heating as well and even when everything was needed at the same time no problems. I am thinking that three phase is old-fashioned and that the wiring in the house needs to be changed for if so then a problem for we have just redecorated. Naturally I would be so pleased to received your help and advice.  
  6. A sincere big thank you to everyone who has truly helped.  We are slowly getting to the bottom of it but the electrician who has done the work is doing the French thing of sloping shoulders.  However have someone else coming tomorrow and our next door neighbour has suggested 30/300 m amp(?) avant le disjoncteur? The original electrician was going to do some other work for us but we know France we know their system but this time I am going to vote with my feet he will not come into our house again for he is really not concerned. He may not be concerned for there is no problem but at least he should communicate? Thanks again   best wishes
  7. have sent you a private email thanks
  8. Have sent you a private email.  Please do you think you could have a look at it   regards   Ken
  9. Yes thats the one.  I have owned dogs for over fourty years and used kennels many times.  I was unhappy this time maybe a one off for they were pretty full at the time. rdgs
  10. I am aware of the experience on this site and hope its out there at the moment. Briefly we moved to Vendee from Normandie and knew that there were old ceramic fuses here.  Had the circuits re-wired (two boards in two differing parts of the house) to trip switches.  Looks a great job local artisan well regarded (but what do I know if its a good job) The EDF box is a black one with just one main trip on it. Using Black and Decker paper steamer (French) let the water level go too low and the in-built trip switch cut in but our circuits did not go down but the EDF one did.  Replicated the scenario today and same happened. Surely if a problem our trips go down first and not EDF. This must be dangerous. Please can someone help and urgently please for I am now somewhat concerned. I am not a diy guy so words of one syllable please!   kind regards
  11. Where please is Cheffois? Truly we were suprised at what we witnessed.  As I say the lady was wonderful but our dogs were not!  As to cats they are building new catteries and to be absolutely fair they looked wonderful.  I would have no problems with our kitten but very reluctant to use them again for dogs.  However had to go back from time to time to the UK and this is really causing us sleepless nights.
  12. Hi we moved from Normandie to a village here in the Vendee and as against Normandie we are on mains drainage. Yesterday a slight problem which meant that we had to look at the incoming mains water system.   The mains from Lyonniase des Eaux is entirely in lead.  The Mayor says that gradually throughout France they are being replaced and they are not dangerous? Is this correct please and surely this should have come up on the diagnostic reports and as we had a separate independent report surely this should have been flagged up? thanks
  13. May I just say thank you to all who have posted here.  We are really upset at what we witnessed and ok French life is French life but I just bet the owner had more than a bottle of wine at lunch he was positively moving from side to side. For balance his wife was wonderful just wonderful rdgs
  14. Please we live not far from Fontenay le Comte and have both some dogs and a young kitten. Previously a number of contributors were kind enough to recommend a kennel near to L'Hermanault We duly put our dogs and kitten there last week and yes whilst the French approach is not the same as perhaps the UK in relation to the looking after of pets we were truly not impressed. Indeed unhappy and our pets have come back looking as though they were dragged through hedges two have stomach upsets and one is particularly in a bad way.  Their bedding came back damp/wet and very very dirty. Does anyone please have any other recommendations for otherwise we are stuck. A suggestion perhaps is that on our way back to say Caen there is a kennel somewhere? rdgs  
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