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  1. I have spoken to the farmer and explained that we would be prepared to cut but that it would take time.  We don't have the finances to pay someone.  I said we wanted to remain on good terms, wanted to resolve things amicably and had in fact already cut loads of bushes back (which he must have been able to see before he sent the letter).  I've written off to the Huissier to express my frustration as I have tried to resolve things amicably with him and am confused about why he has seen fit to send us a 'formal' letter.  Perhaps he doesn't feel we are doing the work quickly enough but the border is a long border with many many trees and bushes and we simply can't cut it all down quickly.  I've explained that to him, he seemed happy with that.  But now to receive this letter puts our relationship onto a different footing which I really didn't believe was necessary.  There you go. We don't want to fall out with him, it suits no-one to do so, so we will cut down the said trees and bushes, but just not all in one go. Many thanks for all the advice!
  2. Thanks for your speedy responses. As far as we are concerned, the trees were in the 'state' they are now when we bought the house in 2006 ie: lots of established bushes and trees along the border. Many of the trees which are long-established figs, walnut trees, cherry trees, are overhanging the border and are within the 2 metres of the boundary. We have also questioned why he wants this drastic cutting back/killing of lovely trees now. He did not raise it with the previous (French) owners of the house. I have no problem at all in cutting bushes and younger trees back and taking out trees which are dead and really could do with being removed. What I have a problem with is cutting healthy, older trees which are beautiful. To cut these to a height of 2 metres means in effect killing them as to take them to 2 metres means just leaving the trunk. That's what I want to understand - whether the law requires us to cut everything closer than two metres, irrespective of how long it has been standing there. We don't want to fall out with him and it's not in anyone's interests that we do but at the same time we don't want to be pushed around by a pushy farmer because we are English and perhaps he feels, ill-informed about what the law requires us to do. Sorry for the long ramble!!
  3. Hi, I would appreciate some advice on where we stand legally on the following. Our garden borders our neighbour's garden (a farmer). He keeps cows in the field in the winter. There are long-established trees plus bushes (such as butterfly bush) on our side of the boundary which are overhanging his field. We have received a Sommation from the local Huissier to say that we are obliged to cut everything on the border to a height of 2 metres. My question is this. Are we obliged legally to cut absolutely everything to a height of 2 metres? The reason I ask is that some of the trees are very attractive, long-established trees that have been there for many years (perhaps 30 years). They were planted before we owned the house. Does the law that requires us to keep the 'plantations' to 2 metres in height apply to everything or only to trees and bushes planted after a certain date? Many thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks for that. I was hoping that wasn't the answer but feeling it probably was!! Many thanks
  5. Hi, We have a house in France with trees all around the border.  One side adjoins a farmer's field.  He normally keeps cattle in this field in winter.  Some of our trees are overhanging his land.  The trees are quite close to the border.  I wondered whose responsibility it is to cut the overhanging parts?  He has complained about them and says they are affecting his cattle?   Many thanks
  6. Thank you NormanH for the update. Kind regards
  7. Hi, You are right, there are genuine people out there. We were some of those people ourselves also. Also re. the last posting - 6-12 months not being an option?? Does it have to be a minimum 12 months? I was not sure. Many thanks again,
  8. Thank you for the postings. Puts you right off the idea of renting it out, doesn't it?!! Many thanks,
  9. Hi there, We are considering letting our house in France out longer-term for 6-12 months. But there seem to be lots of scary stories out there, for example, that you may not be able to evict someone at the end of the rental period if they have no where else to go. If we do rent it out, we want to go in with eyes open. Any tips/ideas/experiences anyone? Many thanks
  10. Hi Madeleine, How very very bizarre, we are also just outside of Devizes!! How weird is that!! If you want to meet up, pm me and we can arrange it. Mine are 8 and almost 10. Maybe there's a 'market' for this in the vicinity!! bye, Mel
  11. Thank you one and all for your great suggestions. I am going to try Salisbury as someone else mentioned that to me too. We are North Wilts but perhaps we could find a French student who wants to learn English and we could talk half French/half English for mutual benefit. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Thanks Teapot, I'll try that too!! Best regards, Mel
  13. Hi Panda, Yes would love that. I think it may take a bit of time to get them warmed up to talking in French but it's worth trying. I am going to continue to try to find other people who may want to link up and see whether also find a venue. But starting informally would be just fine. If you pm me some details then I'll get in touch. With many thanks, Melanie
  14. Hi there, We have recently returned to live in England - to Wiltshire and I am looking for a French family we could join up with in order to continue our very well developed French!! (myself plus husband plus children). This might seem a bit of a strange request but I thought perhaps there may be someone out there who may know someone living near to us. Many thanks,
  15. Thank you so much, that is a great help. Kind regards, M
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