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  1. [quote user="suein56"][quote user="Gemini_man"]Take a look at the met office site here: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/europe/surface_pressure.html Advance it to monday night/tuesday morning by clicking on T+60 or T+72 (12 hour increments) and you'll see the potential beast. It may simply be very windy or it may deepen and become another hurricane, either way it's forecast to head off over northern France but that is only a forecast. Direction will be all important. The strongest winds will be south of the eye of the depression. [/quote] Using Gm's link (what a useful site Gm) it seems as though the worst of the storm might occur through Tuesday - if I have read the timing right? Sue [/quote] Sue, it looks as though the storm is likely to arrive onland sometime Monday afternoon/evening and it should be a very noisy night for anyone in or near it's path. Tuesday should be a lot calmer by daybreak, depending on where you are in France of course. The important thing will be how deep the depression is, at the moment Meteo France don't have it flagged to be vigilant of which kind of surprises me as they are pretty cautious these days. Fot anyother view of what's "coming your way" this is a usefull site: http://tinyurl.com/3xx87m It shows a loop of the last three hours rainfall/snowfall from which you should be able to see if anything very wet is headed your way. It will also show cloud cover by clicking "clouds and rainfall images" at the top of the map. The images during the recent storm in the South West were quite remarkable with a very intense cloud swirl, that is until the elctricity went off and the screen went blank [:P]
  2. Take a look at the met office site here: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/europe/surface_pressure.html Advance it to monday night/tuesday morning by clicking on T+60 or T+72 (12 hour increments) and you'll see the potential beast. It may simply be very windy or it may deepen and become another hurricane, either way it's forecast to head off over northern France but that is only a forecast. Direction will be all important. The strongest winds will be south of the eye of the depression.
  3. I agree with Steve. Normally the cutter deck can be released by withdrawing 4 or 5 split pins then it can be pulled out from beneath the mower and cleaned to your hearts content. Well, that's what I do anyway.
  4. I have very recently had more or less the same symptoms you describe on one of our pc's  also using Firefox as browser. It wasn't just an internet thing, the comp itself often took a long time to do simple jobs. Eventually I changed the internet connection from ethernet to usb, simple change over of cables, and a new installation of our Freebox software. Since then both the pc and the net connection have returned to normal. Having said that, the latest version of Firefox seems a lot more demanding than previous versions (IE the same) and certain pages that have video running on their home page, The Telegraph for example, can bring other pages virtually to a halt with a 2 mega connection. Good luck with solving your problem.
  5. I have it on good authority, ie. my wife, that these are Cockchafer grubs, also known as June bugs or May bugs (depends where you live). Here's a link:  http://tinyurl.com/6k45rn
  6. [quote user="sweet 17"]Gemini Man said GM, what part of the Dordogne do you recommend?  You see, I know nowt about the area at all.  From just looking at the map, I'd say I'd prefer the southern bit, around Perigeux, Bergerac, etc. I am a bit nervous of the north because I have heard about the weather in the Limousin and I'd rather not spend half our pension simply on keeping warm. I might be completely wrong in my assumptions and I would welcome and be grateful for any views that posters can come up with. It does surprise me that an area that would normally have been a bit out of our price range is suddenly looking such an attractive option. Please, GM, give me an answer if you see this post.  I could PM you but I don't like to "deranger" people without sufficient reason. [/quote] Sweetie Old Girl, I had intended to invest a fair bit of my invaluable time in replying to you despite having already answered this question in a far distant post. I had intended to try and explain to you why I thought the North West of the Dordogne would probably suit you. I had intended to try and explain to you why I think that South of Bergerac is fine if you like the idea of living in a museum or a tourist hot-spot. I had intended to try and tell you why I think North of Perigueux is also a good place to live but maybe a little Hillbilly'ish. I had intended to but I won't. Simply because having read your subsequent posts in this thread it's plain to see that you haven't really a clue what you want to do short of moving from your existing house and I'm sorry but I have more important things to spend my time on than other peoples daydreams. However, if one day you are actually sure what you want to do and if it involves Dordogneshire I will be happy to oblige, not that I have any vested interest whatsoever. One last thing - just looking at the map may be good for day dreaming but it adds nothing much to reality - the answer is get out there and spend a day or two looking around. PS. Sorry to hear about the Chateau, it must be hell living there. You have my sympathies. [B][B][B]
  7. [quote user="sweet 17"]Now, mild person as I am, I take a great objection to your post, K. You clearly do not understand the teasing nature of my original post.  I daresay the subtlety of calling the Dordogne "Dordogneshire" has escaped you. The parallel is drawn to a work by John Mortimer (the famous writer, yes?) who coined the phrase "Chiantishire" for Tuscany many years ago when Brits started moving there for its beauty and quality of life.  Therefore "Dordogneshire" is a tongue-in-cheek, shorthand way of signalling an area south of here which is popular with British expats.  The effect is meant to be light-hearted and slightly cheeky. I accept the fact that you have every right to your opinion of my post.  More than that, I will defend your absolute right to rubbish what I say.  But, PLEASE, if you have to call my post "ridiculous", have the grace to spell the word correctly.  [/quote] sweet17, you are indeed a sweetie and a mild person, however ....... although you use Dordogneshire in a light-hearted and slightly cheeky way it's also been used for a long time by others in a derogatory and sneering way, simply because parts are very popular with British people, and it has worn a bit thin so no wonder that some people become a little irritated at it's use. Having said that ...... it really is a beautiful departement and you really should come and explore it further, plenty of excellent properties on offer at the moment I believe due to the current economic climate, and if the name Dordogne is a problem you could always refer to it as The Perigord [:)].
  8. Quite correct and the following weekend also. Unless the weather is bad in which case the work may be put back, presumably to the next weekend. "Le Pont d’Aquitaine pourrait être complètement fermé ce week-end et le week-end prochain. La DDE de la Gironde a en effet prévu une fermeture totale du vendredi 12 septembre à 22 heures jusqu’au lundi 15 septembre à 4 heures (2 sens de circulation) et du vendredi 19 septembre à 22 heures jusqu’au lundi 22 septembre à 4 heures (2 sens de circulation), afin de procéder à la réfection des chaussées. Cependant, cette fermeture annoncée de longue date pourrait être reportée si les conditions météo (assez aléatoires ces derniers jours) ne se prêtent pas aux travaux. Pour faire simple : s’il pleut, le pont d’Aquitaine restera ouvert. On devrait en savoir plus vendredi." http://tinyurl.com/52us3t
  9. Agreed with Dwarf Elder. It's interesting that you mention a shortage of sloe berries this year. Last year we made over six bottles of sloe gin but so far this year you have seen two berries more than we have. Which makes me think it might be prudent to guard the last bottle and a half we have of sloe gin for another 3 to 4 months  [:P]
  10. Yes I saw it very clearly but only from in front because it was darting at me as it attacked. What struck me was it's speed and darting movements. When it stung me I dropped the shears I was holding and legged it out of there in case it attacked again. From in front it appeared black but having looked at various photos I see that a Frelon Asiatique is black at the front and not really like the frelons I am used to.  Having read this article I'm beginning to think this might be the culprit:  http://tinyurl.com/5bpp2z Mind you I shall be in real trouble if I find a nest like the one shown in the article [8-)]
  11. I did wonder about a horse fly Chris but having looked up about them apparently they draw blood and feed on it, not so in my case. I've been thinking more about it and the mark that remains is similar to a wasp sting so I'm wondering if there is anything in between a wasp and a hornet that I don't know about. Still very swollen and itching like crazy. I'm also trying to devise a foolproof plan to go back again and see if I can't trap one of the blighters!!
  12. Was it a bite or was it a sting? I've been attacking a patch of brambles this week, it's a big patch, and I got so far then came up against two very aggressive flying things. I reckon they were guards, probably of a nest. When I started clipping a certain area they would fly rapidly at me, darting aggressively  and even banging against my head. They were bigger than a wasp but smaller than a hornet but didn't fly like either. They were quick, very quick and darting in their flight. All I could see of them appeared to be black, no sign of yellow. Each time they attacked I legged it but they never followed for more than a few meters. Yesterday I continued my work and the same thing happened and eventually one of them went for my forearm and presumably stung me. It was painful, very. There was a red mark where it had struck and quite quickly the pain spread to a larger area of my arm. I poured vinegar over the mark and the swelling and it helped briefly. I was concerned because I'd had bad reactions the last two times I have been stung by wasps so my mind was calculating - hmm, it's a ferrié, damn, no pharmacy, no doctors, which would leave the local SAMU or a trip to A&E at Perigueux 45 mins away if things got very bad. Fortunately the pain diminished after a couple of hours and the swelling stayed relatively localised, about the size of a giant chicken fillet and itchy as hell, and it still is a day later. So my question is does anyone have any idea what my opponents might have been? Not wasps, almost certainly not hornets although they did dart at me in the same way that hornets do when being aggressive. The closest I can come to them is drone flies which move fast and change direction often and easily but they don't bite or sting so far as I know. Anyone any ideas?
  13. [quote user="cowoman"]The man said he had sold loads that were to be taken over to france.[/quote] Yeah, well he would do wouldn't he. Call me cynical but .............[Www] In my opinion - do yourself a favour and buy locally in France from someone who has the ability and facility to repair it when it goes wrong and can collect it from you if needed.
  14. Hi sweet17, Hmm, what to say - I've lived around Ribérac almost 17 years so I have pretty established views by now. Firstly it's a town of only about 6,000 people but it serves a very large surrounding area of villages so is often quite busy. It's not a lovely town but it's not unattractive and does have quite a lot of interesting features. It's true there are a lot of Brits living in the surrounding communes both residents and second home owners however a British enclave is hardly correct, that would be far more in the Bergerac region although it's true to say that on market day in Ribérac in July and August you are more likely to hear English spoken than French - well from about 11 o'clock onwards! So, although Ribérac is a working town it's also considerably swelled at tourist times and there are plenty of events going on of one sort or another - not too much live music though. The problem comes outside of tourist time - like virtually all country areas it's really very quiet and you have to travel to find much choice of entertainment - approx driving times: Bordeaux 75 mins, Angouleme 60 mins, Perigueux 30 mins. Hope that helps a bit [:)] Lisleoise - "There's a really good Thai restaurant in Ribérac that I went to recently.  There was an ad posted on the door looking for staff.  It said that applicants should 'have a good level of English' Say's it all really."  - My son is just taking his Bac this week and still looking for work for the summer so having read your post I suggested he went to the Thai restaurant and asked. He just came back and said he spoke to the owners in French and they didn't understand him so he said would you like me to speak in English and they said "oh yes please" -  [:P]
  15. born to be helpful ................... Joan Rivers swears on Loose Women [Www]
  16. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time - that really was the most awful bad luck SD. I sincerely hope you both make full and quick recoveries and that we see you back on the board soon. Laptops are allowed in French hospitals aren't they ? [6] Good luck both [:)]
  17. We paid 5 euros a kilo at the market last Friday which was more or less the first week of the cherry season. They were a similar price last year except when they were coming to the end and the quality wasn't so good, then the price dropped a little to around 4.50 euros. I don't think they will be superb this year though due to lack of sun and excess of rain but that won't stop us buying a few extra kilos to put in the freezer for some clafoutis in the winter [:P].
  18. Very nice mooky, thanks for showing us that [:)]. I love swallows. For the last two years in Spring I've been woken early in the morning several times by a pair of swallows that have flown in through the open window, circled the room a few times and landed on top of the wardrobe chattering away most excitedly, as they do. I'm not too well up on Swallowese but I got the impression it was along the lines of "Oi, it's a lovely day, get up you lazy b*gger". It hasn't happened so far this year but that may be due to not sleeping with the windows open so much because of the crappy weather!
  19. "France has seen a growing number of court clashes over rural life. In Reynies in the nearby Tarne-et-Garonne, a British family were taken to court by their French neighbour, who claimed the croaking frogs in their pond made life intolerable for his sick wife. The Britons won the case, after arguing that the town's name was derived from the French word for a tree frog." [:P] Taken from todays Telegraph:   http://tinyurl.com/4pjxw8
  20. Well I think some of you are being too hard and unkind to Belle. If you bought a house with a large pond out of frog breeding season and if you have never experienced a pond full of cackling frogs at close quarters before, it would very likely come as a big shock the first Spring that you were there. There are lots of ponds in and around the village where I live and I enjoy hearing the frog noise at a distance but no way would I want it in my garden and that doesn't mean I'm not a nature lover, far from it, it's simply that the noise can be overwhelming. Personally if I was in Belle's situation I would invest in a cheap pump and empty the pond or at least reduce it's size, discretely. As for people who have bandied personal abuse about in this thread I think it's rather sad that they cannot tolerate other peoples views and opinions without lowering themselves to being unpleasant.  
  21. It's not at all difficult to learn to play - there are lots of sites on the net with the rules but here's one that looks straightforward: http://tinyurl.com/5c49su I don't live near you otherwise I might have been tempted [Www]
  22. Gemini_man


    I know that attitudes in France towards vasectomy are rather different to in England but for what it's worth I had it done in the UK 17 years ago, shortly before moving to France and soon after the birth of my second child, nothing to it really, twenty minutes in the doctors clinic, a couple of local injections, the smell of burning flesh (the worst part to be sure) a sweet for being brave and off home with instructions to take it easy for a few days. No it hasn't affected performance - I'm no better or worse now than before!! The most memorable part was my wife and daughter laughing at my "black banana" a few days later when I was in the shower [:$] Certainly ask your doctor in France about the procedure here but you might get a less than enthusiastic reaction in which case it may be worth considering arranging to have it done in the UK.
  23. I strongly suggest you do not consider Generali they have been a big disappointment for me!!
  24. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Another troll... [/quote] probably a wet weather effect - nothing better to do. or maybe it's all the same troll but then they'd have the same ip address wouldn't they [Www]
  25. I did make a post last night about this but the stoopid server thingy either mislaid it or regurgitated it. Anyway, I agree totally with Weedon - Harraps Shorter dictionnaire would be my choice - http://tinyurl.com/23vq4t I bought one here in France about 12 years ago and have been very pleased with it. It has lots of phrases and good grammar sections including conjugation of popular verbs in all tenses and I find it easy to find what you are looking for in it. Having said that, my advice is to look for one whose layout you like, it's all important so far as I'm concerned that you like the feel and appearance of a book, which is why I chose the Harraps but i know that the layout has now changed. Just a thought - it may be best to wait until the summer before you buy - all the big stores have new stock in for the rentrée so you will have a better choice. I bought mine from Auchan as they had the best range on display by far.
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