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  1. [quote user="woolybanana"]Nah, he sounds a bit loose round the edges.[/quote] Well ..... that coming from you ..... I'm going to hide!!!  [Www] [:P]
  2. It was him who was absolutely insistent on doing it 'by the book'.  (He even called the police!! )   Probably my fault on paper ... probably both at fault in reality.  His message said he's phoned his insurance company so he obviously doesn't want to sort it out between us.  As far as I'm concerned it can all be handled by the insurance people now. .... he's phoned three times in the last hour!  Just wondered if this was the norm in France.
  3. I had a very minor prang this morning - tiny damage to other's car, nobody hurt etc. Completed insurance paperwork one the spot, chap said we'd keep in touch via phone.  I'm wondering why?  In the UK, once things have been escalated to insurance companies, the parties involved would not have anything to do with each other - leaving everything to the insurance company. Are things different in France?  Why would we speak to each other?  He's already been on the phone, left a message ... couldn't understand the important bits ... he spoke to fast and my French isn't that good to start with! Thanks
  4. hello - can anybody tell me what the closest French equivilent of sour cream is please.  Thanks
  5. I've never met a woman yet, in her early forties, who wouldn't appreciate a bottle of perfume. (perhaps your US friends could send the cash to you, along with a card, then you could buy the gift easily and present it to her with the card.  Thus saving expensive postage charges)
  6. Excalibur are the best .. they're not too heavy, I'm sure you could find a seller who would post to France if you don't have any luck finding a supplier over here. EBAY
  7. [quote user="Patf"]They are now about 18inches high and sending out very vigorous side shoots. Is it too soon to cut these off and just encourage the central shoot? [/quote] Pinch them out now.... or let them grow on a bit, then pot them into compost and grow another tomato plant.
  8. My toms are doing brilliantly, those in the polytunnel and outside. Brandywine doing really well, Marmande, Black Russian, AislaC, Batman, cherry toms.. about 9/10 varieties in total and I now have green toms about the size of a golfball.  So much better than the last couple of years. [:D]  [:D]  [:D] Though lots of rain and not much sun over the last few days.  Looks like it will pick up later in the week though.
  9. How much?????? Holy   ****  !!!!!!  I think I'll risk it! Thanks Clair
  10. It shocks me very much how much I see English folk drink over here and then drive a car - sometimes with their KIDS in it!  I'm certain English people drink  more over here, and then drive, than they would dream of doing in the UK ... citing the rural nature of the roads as their excuse... that and the unlikely event that they will be pulled for a breathaliser. How many of you would feel comfortable refusing to give friends / acquaintances more than one or two alcoholic drinks when they are visiting your home for a social event and you know they are driving?  I would do it (if I spotted it), but it would certainly feel odd.
  11. Does anybody know what the costs for whatever the French equivilent of recorded delivery is please? Parcel weighs just under 1.2kg and value of contents is about 70-80 Euro. Thanks
  12. Is there any kind of documentation available to check what charges I will incur when tuning one of my buildings into a residence?  I believe the charge comes in two parts, a year or so apart. I'm betting it isn't as simple as ticking a few 'boxes' .. how many bedrooms, square metre of footprint, how many bathrooms, etc.   Does anybody know of any info that will give me a rough idea of what I will be charged? Also, will I be charged Taxe d'habitation on that and my current home (both on same plot) ... and just on set of Tax Fonciere?  Or will I get a Fonciere charge on both of them?  (The second building will be for visiting family and friends)
  13. I have a trailer which I use ocassionally to go to the dump etc. Is it a legal requirement to have a 'proper' plate attached at a garage, or is it perfectly legal to print something out (in large clear text, nowt fancy), waterproof it and use that instead? Many thanks
  14. A French family member told me recently that only French wines can be certain of not containing additives such as sulphides. Is there anybody in the know who can tell me if this is true?  Is there some legislation to assure this?  Or is that just her thinking that French wine is better than anybody else's?  (Like French cheese is the best, French music etc etc! She's very patriotic  [:)]   )
  15. Bought and tried some of Lidl's halloumi yesterday - wasn't hugely impressed.  It's OK if you're desparate for a halloumi-hit, but it's not very flavoursome - not a patch on the stuff you can get in the UK. Not cheap either.  But what is these days!
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