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  1. Not sure how big or how old your can is but unless it is a real classic I think you are going to spend a large amount of money to end up with a car which will be hard to sell when the time comes. On the outskirts of Bordeaux there were three garages importing and selling US cars about 5 years ago. I believe only one is still in business. Spare parts and servicing for US cars is are easy in the UK. In France even a Vauxhall (UK GM brand) can be hard work as the only import Opel (German GM brand) even though they are almost identical nowadays. Current French price of fuel is about $ 8.54 a US Gallon versus say $3.95 in California. Most French people run diesel cars fuel about 15% cheaper mileage per gallon probably 20% more unless car is very modern. There are two French language magazines about US cars,  ‘Nitro’ and ‘American Muscle Car’ , last time I looked both had ads offering help with importation and registration. On the outskirts of Bordeaux there are a couple of garages importing and selling US cars. Madness-us-cars.com has a list of costs if you click on ‘Homologation’.  Best of luck – what is it ? - Also see. http://www.easyimportauto.com http://www.madness-us-cars.com http://www.americaronline.com http://www.trouverlapresse.com/LOP/start.do
  2. Disconnect both flexible pipes if you have installed check valves.
  3. Local quarry or scrap yard should have a weighbridge.
  4. Google 'Flow Loss Calculator' excel model about half way down first page is OK.
  5. It is a €90 fine if you cannot produce either the insurance or CG if stopped by the police.
  6. You may find a proper timber yard who will mill boards to those dimensions but consensus on various French forums over the years has been it is cost effective to buy a table router and bits and mill your own. 
  7. Broadly you will receive the strongest signals without skewing the LNB but will not receive the weakest and all signals will be better if you do. http://www.satpointer.com/ 29.5 or 29.2 for UK TV.  As a slight complication some LNBs are pre skewed/twisted It is worth doing.
  8. I loved Blaye reminded of Rye in Sussex in some ways and it is alive in winter unlike many French resorts. Never really took to the pine plantations to the west of Langon but liked the town itself and areas to North. Still love Bordeaux and are just going back for a week's holiday. We lived just outside Coutras for five years. I would also have a look at Libourne  
  9. Downside with debit cards is the 2.75% fee they charge via the exchange rate.
  10. Missed it sorry http://www.charentelibre.fr/2013/04/30/les-magasins-phone-house-fermes-d-ici-2014-angouleme-et-champniers-concernes,1833482.php  
  11. I do to think we had ever intended to die in France. My French is best described as adequate but ugly.  Isabel’s never really progressed passed a selection of nouns sometimes linked by a verb. We found what we once charming idiosyncrasies when on holiday escalated into a real nuisance when living full time. We wanted to move somewhere a car was not essential and once we had taken the decision to move the UK beaconed. There has always been a churn amongst people coming to France. We had a house in France for almost 20 years and between 10 and 5 years ago there seemed a vast influx of people who had not previously worked in France and seemed very naive about what you needed to make a go of living in France. People opening  B &Bs in places littered with hotels which had closed through lack of business. I think the last straw for many will have been both the exchange rate say 1.50 when we purchased to say 1.15 now, and the ever declining percentage of healthcare paid by CPAM. I think there is a bit of an increase at the moment but nothing to worry about.
  12. Have a look at the two links from Which. http://www.which.co.uk/technology/phones/guides/using-mobile-phones-abroad/using-international-sim-cards/ Last time I checked - 18 months ago no French provider came close. Phone house were not a patch on customer service versus Carphone Warehouse but were the least bad French shop
  13. If it continues to flow after you have turned the power / heat to the cylinder off then it is probably the valve that is at fault. Turn the water off and fit a new one or turn the water off and try to clean /descale the valve  an old tooth brush and vinegar may work. If it stops flowing when you turn the power/heat off you probably have a fault thermostat on the cylinder fairly easy to replace or a problem with the controller for the heating harder to deal with.  
  14. The holes in a perforated dish are so small relative to the wavelegnth of signal that the dishes reflect almost all the signal. Think of it as peas in a colander.  Unless I was coming down for a holiday and dread being stuck without TV I would wait till the migration to the new satellites is complete before deciding on dish size.  
  15. Unless you have an invoice from a registered electricien then the immo or notaire should insist on one anyway.
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