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  1. Thankyou sooooo much, after all that, they are booked for the night I want.
  2. Anyone know if there is one in the La roche sur yon area, friends tell me yes there is, but I have googled and can't find one. Thanks
  3. Belle

    Going back

    Thankyou so much. the easier way is the way we will go, just one other thing please, how long does it take for France Telecom to cut off the line, I don't want to be paying for our buyers calls. Thankyou again.
  4. We have only just got our final signing day ADV which is July 6th, so we are unable to give a months notice on all suppliers, does it really matter, I'm thinking mainly of france telecom phone and computer, and edf, what do we need to do with regards to our computer, we are with orange. Thanks alot.
  5. Steve, I'm very surprised that the edf english line didn't want to help when you offered your meter readings, as this is what we do every two months, they only come and read our meter every six months, so as I say, hubby reads the meter and I ring them up, they have usually taken the amount out of our account, but they put the over amount straight back.
  6. Hello, not sure if this is the right place to put this, or whether I'm allowed to ak this question, but I will try, has anyone used a currecy specialist called Smart Currency. Thanks.
  7. Parnips, you have removed that lump from my stomach, PLEASE, let me have misunderstood them, I am going to another branch of our bank on Tuesday,we are with credit Agricole, I went into our local branch on saturday, and that's the charge they gave me, I didn't sleep much last night, we also went over to our neighbour, who works in a bank, and she told us it was very expensive to transfer funds to the uk, is that 17 euro 40 cents, full stop, or what . Thankyou.
  8. [quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]Does anyone know of an English speaking notaire? Apparently it's going to cost €2000 to transfer my house from mine and my wife's name into my name only and I think that's a load of nonsense. Just need an email addy, doesn't matter where he's based. So I'm after a second opinion and I need to be able to understand 100% and leave nothing to error in translation. Many thanks in advance.[/quote] I can feel you frustration, MR CDL we have just been told by the bank, that it's going to cost 2,700 Euros to transfer our money to the uk, now that is a load of nonsense, they charge 1% for every thousand you transfer, just to press a button.
  9. Does anyone know please, how much French banks charge to send funds back to the Uk  Thanks.
  10. Hello Hoddy, have just been reading the threads re driving from calais, we are doing it the other way round, we are going back to the uk, and will be driving through Rouen, and for some reason, I am absolutly terrified of doing this, I have no idea why, I have never been there, so can you tell me if I need to be this frightened. Is Rouen that bad.Thankyou
  11. Thanks for your reply, sorry I'm not sure what you mean by remotley, also our account would have to be left open, till at least end of 2011, to pay for this years tax bill, and I'm sure there will be bank charges taken out of it.
  12. My question on paying our french tax when we return to the uk, is, how, when I went back to the uk in April, I went into our bank, Barclays, and asked about sending a euro cheque back to England to pay a bill, I was told there wasn't any such thing now, as we want to close our french bank account before we leave, we can't work out a solution, any ideas please, Thanks.
  13. Thankyou Chris, I don't suppose there really is a definate way of knowing whether these are crows or rooks, there does seem to be alot of them, but there are also loads of nests up in the trees.
  14. Advise again please, we are obviously doing something wrong, or not filling forms in correctly, we have lived here for 4 years, arriving may 2006, our first tax form was filled out 2007, then 2008/9, for all three of those years we have paid social charges, I'm now 64, and hubby is now 65, we have had a mutelle since arriving, no-one we speak to gives us the  same answers, some tell us we shoudn't pay social charges, some say we should, is there an area on our tax forms that we should be filling out, also we have never been liable for tax, or habitation, only our foncier. Thank you
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