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  1. Sorry to butt in on you Val, but could anyone advise me please. I have received the Fonciere here in UK. I had forgotten all about it. I have closed C A Account, any ide of how I can pay it, can you pay by Visa or something or can I go to my bank here and arrange something. I did email them, but have had no reply.
  2. Hello I have now been back in the UK for three months. It was the best move I have ever made in my life. I am so so happy. I will never come back to France to live, and maybe not to visit even. The only thing I do miss are my beloved cats, but I know they are well looked after. I have so much to do in UK. I can have decent conversations with people.  I can use my brain again and at long last I have become a useful member of society again. Everything is so much cheaper here, and the variety is great. Libraries, lovely libraries. I hope all who remember me are well, and still enjoying themselves. Cottonbike how are Harry and Herminone? Love Mooky
  3. I have been using this forum for eight years. It has been so very very helpful, both before and during my stay here. Now, because I really really want to I am going back to a new life in the UK. I shall miss some aspects of France, mainly the wildlife. I shan't miss the slow pace, frankly I have found that very boring. It has taken me a long time to realise that one of the things I really miss about my past life in UK, is the fight and challenge. I was always fighting for some injustice, or good cause. Always trying to change bad things. Here I find life so unchallenging, (except womens issues) I personally find, doing nothing but socializing, gardening, drinking, shopping ,boring. I have tried to get involved but it's not easy doing voluntary work here. It has been my priviledge to officiate at a few funerals for fellow expats, and at a baptism, but it's just not enough. As many know since I came here alone and vulnerable after a nervous breakdown, i have made a few wrong decisions. A short very unhappy marriage. I have been very lonely at times, but I have also made some good friends. Also sadly for the first time in my life some people I would really rather never ever see again. Through my own vulnerbility I have been tested. I drink very little, but many people just want to ram it down your throat, because it's not the done thing, not to drink in France. I have met more 'illegal'people here than I did in UK. Ex pats who are proud to be working illegally, not paying taxes, and not bothering with the laws of their adopted country, and frankly its sickened me. I have though met good honest genuine people too. I have always been very much against racism. Here I have  experienced it myself, which has been positive for me.Now I understand far more why communities from one country stick together, watch their own countries telly, and want to eat some of their own food. The French do it, brits do it.I have learnt that UK means so very very much to me. I am proud to be British, and I want to be there for the bad times and do my bit.I want so much to be with my family to. Also I want to be able to shout about my faith again. Sadly I found the local Anglican community very very unfriendly. They really do need to step back and evalate what christianity is all about. So folks much love. I am not coming back to FranceI have no need to. Blessings and happy lives to you all. Mooky x x x
  4. Yes I've got headlights and will try a broker. Thank you
  5. Oh don't start me on this again. yesterday I applied for power of attorney to the notaire as I am going home to UK next week, and don't want to be there at final signing. Again I had to give form to my estranged husband or ask him to be at the signing although he has never lived in the house. I brought it with my money and he has never given me a penny when I lived with him, for a whole year. I don't use his name, don't want to know anything about him. I still had to grovel. The napoleonic laws are disgusting. Good luck
  6. I am leaving next week. Mutuelle Poitiers will give me insurance until 3rd Aug. I have tried the internet insurance companies but I exported my car from UK 5 years ago. I have french no plates, and french licence so can't even look at thing. I am staying temporarily at my sons until my house sale UK is complete. What can I do any suggestions
  7. All I want to do is wave goodbye to France, forever. I am not allowed to have too many wordly goods anymore.
  8. Anyone nwouls think I was helpless wouldn't they. It's times like this I wish my 'ex husband' wasn't my ex, or at least have someone to share it with. Blimey i'm feeling sorry for myself now. Plod on Mooky, soon be back in Gods own beautiful Country.
  9. No I don't pay any monies to CPAM, as I am a poor pensioner! I will try to find letter, and copy. I was told yesterday I have two weeks to completion so I don't want to spend hours at CPAM. I just want to go home.  
  10. Just feeling a little stressed now by the moving back to UK .  I have a carte vitale, and top up.  Do I have to go to the CPAM and tell them I am going back to UK? I had a difficult conversation in my sante assurance office this am, neither of us could understand, each other pigeon french/english. I want to cancel my top up, but I am sure she was saying I have to go to CPAM first and get a certificate opr something. Thanks in anticipation; m
  11. Thank you clare. I may have a doctorate in theology, but maths!!! BUT I understand this;
  12. thank you, but what i want to do is measure it out on my kitchen floor using the 1ft tiles  as guidelines. If I stack it up in there I will have some idea of what I can take. Ta mooky
  13. As you may know I am moving back to UK. I have been allocated 18 cubic metres in a van. Great, but I have no idea how large 18 cubic metres is. My kitchen has 1square foot floor tiles. I want to map it out using these, but how do I do it. I am more artistic that mathematician, and how high up to I imagine. Thanks clever people! 
  14. Yes my friend has asked me to find out what they are;
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