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  1. A tip for the future. If you are certain_sure that you are using the right email and password combo to log in, and still keep getting that error message, try typing your password in capitals.  It really should not make a difference, the passwords are supposed to be case-blind, except that sometimes they are not [:'(] I know this to be true, happens to me all the time!
  2. My Dualit has been going strong for 12 years too. Did you seen the film  The Lightbulb Conspiracy (trailer) about planned obsolescence that was shown on TV recently?  Full film here
  3. Was that the "eccentric royalist" in the Dordogne (I didn't watch the program, just checked the channel 4 website)? I wonder when the episode was filmed, as the only person I can find by that name is selling up and going back to the UK!
  4. Testing using Google Chrome. No smilies. No white space though No formatting available. Edit, no line spacing either , apparently. Edit, ah line spacing does work, but not in preview.
  5. But (looking on the bright side) the search facility is finally working, hoorah!
  6. This is the 3rd time I've typed this reply, grrr What I was going to say has now been said (I'm not loving it either) New shortcut to active posts http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/TopicsActive.aspx
  7. Cat

    Prostate cancer

    The forum search isn't working properly at the moment, but I've had a quick advanced search for you. You can find forum posts about prostate cancer here EDIT, link didn't work the 1st time, but it should now.
  8. Cat


    [quote user="suein56"][quote user="Chancer"]What do they do different to hotmail? [/quote] They have really good all-round filters which Hotmail doesn't appear to have. Sue [/quote] In the news a few days ago http://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/13/web-e-mail-services-battle-spam/
  9. [quote user="hedgehog"]what sort of person would inform against other Brits.....Cowards. Most of the French that I have worked on my house want cash in hand do they inform on each other?   No they leave it to people like you The french are cowards but some brits make me ashamed to adtimt that im british [/quote] Fred?
  10. Cat


    Anything coming from somewhere where you are already a client/customer, but that is addressed to "Dear Customer" or "Dear Client" should be binned. Simples!
  11. The summary sheet is often handed over with the first bon de transport.  If not it is available to download here http://www.ameli.fr/fileadmin/user_upload/formulaires/S3140.pdf The rate (indemnités kilométriques) are here  http://www.ameli.fr/assures/soins-et-remboursements/combien-serez-vous-rembourse/frais-de-transport/quel-remboursement.php Remember to ask for (and save) receipts on the autoroute too.
  12. And it's not just gmail, it's all Google products (so includes Android apps on smartphones).   If you have a google account you can see the info that Google stores on you here https://www.google.com/dashboard/?hl=en-GB    
  13. My kindle is registered to a French address, but I can still buy (or get free) kindle publications in English on the French Amazon site Was there a particular reason you wanted your kindle to be registered in the UK?  
  14. Try right clicking on Vistalizator, then Properties, Compatibility, Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7 ? EDIT, Doh! didn't spot the last page, I am but an echo [:$]  
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