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  1. We are initially renting a bar restaurant with the option to buy. What I need to know is can we operate under the landlords licence or do we need to purchase this up front?
  2. Hi Has anyone been involved with cheques de restauration from the restaurant end? If so I would welcome any info that you can give me. Thanks Steve
  3. sounds like a carburettor problem. disassemble and clean out all the jets.
  4. Just bought some Mc vities digestives and chocolate digestives from the French biscuit part of intermarche. They are still selling the english version on the "Anglais" shelf for about three times the price. Only complaint is that the chocolate seems different,perhaps what were used to can't be classed as chocolate in France?
  5. Gorgeous docile female Dalmation is looking for a mate! Just come into season. We are willing to travel and of course pay a reasonable stud fee.
  6. Whilst having in the past some sympathy for those who have moved to france and are struggling to survive. I have recently lost two contracts to brits who are undercutting me and I am certain they are working en black. I have had enough. I am paying cotisations which support their stay here  and have decided that whereas in the past I tended to turn a blind eye I am now not going to. My question is.Who do I report them to and what evidence do I need ?  
  7. Its so that when you have guests you just need to give them the combination. To be honest there is probably more work involved in prising open a keysafe than breaking into the house!
  8. I do this for a living. Get the most powerful Stihl you can afford. It MUST have handlebars never the stupid ring handle.Get the harness and a good facemask. Chuck the head to the back of the shed and buy a good universal head (one machined out of solid alloy ) Buying cheap tools is a real waste of money , believe me I've tried.  
  9. Hi I need to hire a wacker plate, can anyone tell me what the french words are for it, surely not "assiette frappe" !!!!
  10. Hi You cant set up as a boarding kennel of any kind until you have a certificate of competence. We had to do a three day course ( in French) and pass an exam. there are also strict rules about your premises.There is a big investment and if you haven't done your homework you could end up losing out big style. trust me there are easier ways to make a living regards Steve
  11. Over 3 and up to 9 dogs you need to inform your mairie. However if you sell more than one litter of pups a year then you are classed as a breeder and have to get a certificat de capacite from the prefecture via the DSV. To get one of these you need to pass an examination (in French).There are various ways of taking this exam. We went on a three day course run by the SCC (societe Centrale Canin) which is the French equivalent of the kennel club.It was blxxxy hard graft and took us over ayear to get on the course. Is your french language good? If not you wont pass the exam. Alternatively there is a home study course and you then go to a recognised centre and take a multiple choice exam on a computer. You are allowed a translator for this supplied by the centre and paid for by you. The difference is the home study one covers all pets (general animal husbandry) We brought over nine dogs but these were yorkies!! I think the only way you will do it is via the tunnel as most ferries limit the number of animals. I seem to recall that we were allowed 3 dogs per person but this I think has changed to three per vehicle best check eurotunnel site. Best of luck and if you need any advice when you get here give us a shout Cheers Steve and Lisa
  12. Just come back from S.C.C. course where we covered this point. Where it gets a bit muddled is that in France they recognise Pit Bulls,Staffordshires and American Staffordshire terriers. If these are not pedigree dogs and not  inscrit with the L.O.F then they are classed as category one dogs You cannot import ,sell or give away a cat 1.dog You cannot be in charge of one if you are under 18 It must be registered at the mairie It has to have rabies jabs It must be on lead and muzzled in public There is compulsory insurance required and you must carry the dogs i.d. papers at all times They cannot be kept in public housing schemes and are not allowed on public transport Sterilisation is compulsory Sanctions include 1600€ fines and six month prison terms. The problem is that the French do not seem to recognise Staffordshire bull terriers as a seperate breed and as far as crosses go the law states that it applies to any dog that has the appearance and/or the morphology of a category 1 animal whatever parents they have. I  have never seen a staffie in France but it might be worth googling staffies in France or something to find an owner who has one here.otherwise you just take a chance and bring it. Once you are here then I would just avoid walking withit in towns as you might come across an overzealous gendarme!! Best of luck Steve  
  13. ruonglue

    pet sitting

    you need to either have proof of at least three years commercial experience in looking after animals in the uk or sit an exam in french (You are allowed an interpretor) If you pass you then apply to the D.S.V. who have to approve your application and they then forward it to the prefecture who will issue you with a certificate of competence. If you are looking after a couple of dogs in your own home then you should be ok but if you want to open a boarding kennel you need to get a copy of the regulations(about five pages of them) from the prefecture they apply to things like building materials noise levels waste etc. you must be 100 metres from the nearest habitation and neighbours of up to a kilometre away have a right to complain about noise,smell etc. problem is if you only look after a couple of dogs you wont earn enough money to live on or pay cotisations, France is not geared up for part time work. We are here in our third year and are just about getting to the point where we can apply for planning permission!! Its a big investment  and you need to be certain that there is a big enough market ie Brits in the area you plan to set up in. The French seldom use kennels  they either take their pets with them or friends and family look after them. Best of luck Steve
  14. We are in the process of doing the same and there are a myriad of regulations. First off are you 100 metres from your nearest neighbour? No? forget it, if yes continue, however people who live up to a kilometre away have the right to complain. up to 9 dogs of your own you need permission of the mairie, 9 up to 49 for commerce you need a licence from the prefecture. But wait you cant do anything until you have a cetificate de capacite. You obtain this by going on a three day course ( in French) with an exam at the end. you then take this to the DSV at the chambre of agricole who may or may not approve it and then forward it to the prefecture who will if they are happy issue you with the certificate de capacite.The course can be obtained through the SCC(Societe centrale canine, details online) be prepared for a long wait as the courses are very heavily oversubscribed. This course is to licence you as a breeder. There is another exam you can take which should enable you to board. this is run by the lycee Agricoles and is a multichoice done on a PC ( We passed this !!!Yippee) Phew! You then have to register your business.with the chambre d'agricole who in turn will register with the other chambres if neccesary.depending on the exact nature of your enterprise. Its taken us two years so far!!! We in fact are registered with the chambre de metiers/commerce/Agricole Hope this doesn't deter you too much Bonne Chance Lisa and Steve      
  15. went to the chambre de metiers to register my enterprise and they recommended a minimum of 30€ per hour if there was to be any chance of the business succeeding.the black workers on the buildings here charge 150€ a day "skilled" and 100€ a day for labourers. My business is mainly contract grasscutting and there are no end of desperate amateurs who are willing to undercut me and work for next to nothing whilst claiming benefits etc on the side.
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