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  1. Insulation around the water tank is the key. We spent last winter in our camper in the UK and before setting up I lagged our underslung water tank in anticipation of the cold - but it still froze! I didn't realize that the temperature had dropped so far as to freeze the tank until I turned the water tap on one morning and nothing happened - I thought that the vent hole had blocked but after a couple more tries it finally dawned on me that the pump wasn't pumping as it had frozen - but of course it was TRYING to work and so burned itself out! Replacing the pump from underneath in the middle of January in the NW of England is NOT to be recommended!
  2. Eusi If it's any use there don't seem to be problems here in Dordogne at the moment. Leclerc and Intermarché at Ste Foy la Grande had full tanks and no queues this morning
  3. Does anyone know if it is permissible to register a French car using a UK address - ie keep a French motor here but have the address on the carte grise the same as UK residence? I shouldn't think it's easy even if it is allowed but I'd still like to know if it can be done.
  4. I'm looking for boarding kennels in the Montpon/Libourne/St Emillion area for a few days towards the end of June - does anyone have any recommendations please?
  5. Thanks to you both - as ever the advice to all must be "don't listen to what someone thinks is the right way - ask someone who KNOWS!) The value of forum sites like this cannot be overstated, they are packed full of people who really know what they are talking about - thanks again
  6. I've got someone interested in buying my campingcar and I'm pretty sure I've got a handle on the documents required but I'm a little confused now about the CT. My understanding is that any second hand vehicle being sold must have a CT valid for at least 6 months, mine has 12 months to run HOWEVER the guy who wants it says that when he comes to re-register it he will only get 6 months before he needs to have it re-tested but if I get a full 2 yr ticket all will be well - is he correct or is he trying to stiff me?
  7. This might be in the wrong place, if so then forgive me. I am in the process of appealing against a large increase in taxes fonciere and habitation and am trying to find an explanation of the various categories of building and how they are arrived at, for instance we have been given category 5M but I don't know what that actually relates to. Does anyone have any ideas please
  8. Like most others my Teleconnect service is, to say the least, fragile at present. I'm putting up with at the moment BUT I've now got the added inconvenience of my numbers being permanently engaged (FT and UK2U) plus I'm unable to dial out on my FT line - can I blame all this on Teleconnect or have I now got a France Telecom issue? Has anyone else got similar probs?
  9. Good idea about disconnecting and starting with a stripped out system but I don't feel like going down that route just yet. I have however been poking around in the BIOS and, although there is no facility to control the onboard graphics, there is an option to enable 'PCI devices power on' and I'm wondering if that would be the way to go. BTW the idea of installing the graphics card was suggested on another forum site but, even if it doesn't improve things, I still need to re-instal the old video capture card if at al possible
  10. I need to take issue with a couple of responses. I'm not quite as dumb as you think even if I have chosen PCI over AGP - there are two PCI slots as well as the AGP on the mobo. PLUS if you take the time to read my question properly you'll see that the vid card has no n need for power. But thanks all the same
  11. After talking to a (frankly p&^^ed off) technical guy at Teleconnect before the weekend and being told that I should contact them again if the problem persisted after the 6th I just disconnected the lot while I got on with the decorating! This morning I plugged it all back together et voila, ca marche! Changed the outgoing STMP setting and all is well - although there's an extra light showing now that wasn't there before (WLAN)
  12. That's a depressing response Albert! (but thanks anyway) The mobo is about a year old and was installed by a local shop that has since gone belly up and the video card (an attempt to get a better Skype picture) is brand new. The other cards are pretty old so I kind of expected problems with them. What sort of power supply problems?
  13. Hi Dog - is it a half decent hands free? I bought one of their helemt to helmet jobs that's OK up to about 80kph (a bit flimsy though - you get what you pay for eh?)
  14. Big computer problem - well it's big for me - so I must ask the techies for help:- I've got an Asrock K7S41 mobo with a Duron 1300 processor and 1400 mbs RAM running WinXP Pro SP3, the machine has just the regular stuff with no cards currently or previously installed. I'm trying to instal a Radeon M9200 128mb PCI video card (with no independent power supply) but after bunging it in when I turn the machine on all I get is a black screen, it doesn't matter if the monitor is plugged into the new or old socket or if the card is in the alternative PCI socket (there are just 2). The same thing happens when I try and put in a Soundblaster sound card or an Xpert Vstream video capture card (both of which worked with my previous mobo) Should I instal the drivers/software first or do I need to change any BIOS settings before I instal the card? Can anyone help please?Thanks
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