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  1. But don't leave it outside a pub! http://www.theargus.co.uk/mostpopular.var.1534846.mostviewed.drunk_horsejacker_leaves_two_injured.php
  2. You could try Grosfillex on the RN21 at the north end of Chalus (opposite the Renault dealership). But hurry, August is almost here!
  3. Two builders merchants, an electrical shop, and an ironmonger in Chalus itself, together with the usual selection of other shops.
  4. What about the pig bin by the lamppost for all the food waste?
  5. Sadly we've just lost our old cat Frisky (page 8 of this thread); sheer old age! We were away for a few days, and our cat-sitter found him on the terrace, where he loved to sleep.
  6. I am always rather bewildered by the "evils of capitalism" stance. As far as I am aware, "big business" which is, I assume, the bĂȘte noire of the anti-capitalists, was not responsible for the two worst European regimes of the last century, which were Communist and (National) Socialist.
  7. She probably has, JJ, and now she will know what we poor males go through several times a year! - but we don't ever get any sympathy from you lot.
  8. If you look in "Pages Jaunes" under Decapage, Degraissage, you'll find 5 companies in Limoges & 1 in Bellac.
  9. Bitter experience says 3, and 90 euros fine!
  10. [quote user="TWINKLE"]Sorry - don't know where to put this  (I know someone will suggest somewhere[:)]) but I just had a thought after speaking to JK on the phone.  The only 'normal' Welsh person who has visited me in France is Missy[:-))][/quote] But, Twinks, isn't that one of the nicest things about us folks from west of Offa's D y k e; we don't pretend to be "normal"?
  11. PCW It's so sweet that you've given your bread-oven a name! Do you have any other named outbuildings?
  12. There is an organic vegetable stall each Friday (except the week of the 2nd Thusday in the month when it's the monthly Foire!) at our market in Chalus (87).
  13. Dick Thanks for that much-needed reminder.
  14. We had to store for a short period, so rented a 20' container., which was the same capacity as the 7.5 ton GVW truck we hired. This took most of the contents of a two bedroom town house, including all white goods, two large sofas, two beds, dining table and chairs (packed flat), hundreds of books, my wife's clothes, and some of mine of course, (but no wardrobes), and the other detritus of life. It all fitted beautifully, but the ferry company's weighbridge at Newhaven said that we were 1.5 tons overweight!
  15. Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse; just could not get into it at all!
  16. At least we Welsh (whether or not we are Celtic) have a superb and moving national anthem!!
  17. Totally in character, then??
  18. JK, I like your new avatar. Is that the Merthyr Tydfil native costume?
  19. If you are anywhere near the Haute Vienne/Dordogne border, you could visit the Ecocentre at St Pierre de Frugie (just off the RN21) where they have a bulding showing two methods of straw bale construction, and can offer advice as well.
  20. I was away, but I'm back! Belated Happy Saint David's Day to all!
  21. Llwyn In Pontypridd you'd probably go straight down to the market and flog it!!
  22. I've just finished mowing my lawn!
  23. Sorry, Dick, you got blamed for my plagiarism!
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