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  1. Hi Ok

    Not this time the site is a scam

  2. Hi Ok

    Has anyone used this Firm can not seem to find any feed back / recommendations for them , just do not want to get conned


    Thanks Dave
  3. Just bought some thing from ebay uk for £76 plus £15 p+p ...now just had a demand for €36 import duties ….

  4. The wife and I have just had our first jab today in Bressuire as booked on the Sante web site 2nd booked for 4th March
  5. Hi ,

    Got one for my wife and myself for 4 Feb and 2nd jab for 4 march back to back ..am today

  6. Hi

    I want to fit a none standard exhaust to my car , It will be under noise limits for a UK car , but any one know if it will be passed at the CT in France ..by not having Mazda stamped on it

    Thanks Dave
  7. Hi Ok

    You can run 2 TV`s from one box ,by using a splitter but only the same channel ..to run 2 boxes you need 2 outputs on your LNB
  8. errrrrrrrrrrr the Euro came in in 1993 !
  9. hi they donot look that bad to me ..are they just rotting on the ends ?
  10. Your Fosse is supposed to have a crust on the top , that `s how the system works ,anaerobic digestion in the tank and aerobic in the drainage field .( hope you have not now blocked the latter ) there should be a filter on the out let of the tank pouzzolane or cinder type this is more likely the problem if the inlet is clear...in might even be on the inlet to the drainage field ..have a poke at that with a long stick

  11. try sosh 4.99 e a month and make your calls with WhatsApp
  12. If the floor is sound , just damp proof it with a bitumen compound and screed over it .

  13. Hi

    I would hang back ...The speed at which fiber optic is being installed is rapid in France at the moment it has just come to our remote hamlet and our BB speed has gone from 0.6 to 20

  14. Hi Ok

    Donot let the bemoaners put you off it`s a Doable DIY job ,I live Parthenay way Chiche..

    The formulae is 145 lts per person and you must have a 3 day stock ...so 3 double bedroomed house is 6 (people ) x 145 x 3 =2610 ltr tank plus a 25m3 sand filter


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