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  1. Not sure about where an avis favorable leaves you, maybe its because you have indicated that its not an immediate project.  All I got was a receipt for the application, a rejection/return for more information and drawings and then the Arreté (permission). Usually the Mairie pass on the permis when you get the Arreté, you have to sign receipt for it and its dated as its displayed on the Notice Board.

    What you could do is get a couple of devis from builders for the work and see what the builder proposes doing[I]  

  2. You don't mention anything about getting drawings done for planning permission.  You do know that before you do anything you need to get  a "certificate of urbanisme" for the change of use and a permit de construire for the works?

    Your application for planning will have to include drawings showing the means of construction of exterior and interior walls etc.  Might be best to talk to the people at the Mairie, they are normally quite helpful.

  3. [quote user="tinabee"][quote user="Ron Avery"]

    The 2047 is always sent out seperately. If you submit on line it you don't need to download any forms[8-|]


    Can you submit on-line even if you have a government pension taxed in the UK

     Declaring on line uses exactly the same forms and boxes as a paper entry. Look in the FAQs for how to declare all types of income.

      Also, when you submit on-line how do you declare UK bank accounts?

    To declare what? You only have to declare interest earned.

    Thanks in anticipation - I'd much prefer to go on-line but have not had the gumption yet.

  4. From the French tax office help line"

    "  point 7 case WF - Vous devez déclarer le  prix TTC mais le coût de la main d'oeuvre est exclu"

    You must declare the price including TVA but excluding the labour costs.

    Edit Snap, but that should read,  as SD has said box WH, WF is for fires

  5. [quote user="La Guerriere"]Buy sand sand, buy some lime. Chaux bagged up (hydraulic lime) St Astier NH3.5 or similar. Try 1:3 chaux / sand but you can fiddle with the mix to taste.[/quote]

    ...................before hiding it behind plasterboard[:-))]


  6. The second one is Cordes without any doubt, shot is taken from the market.  The third one could be anywhere, I don't think its Cordes though as the streets looks too narrow.  Could it be Conques, all are in the same rough area?
  7. There were two major battles in this area, the first the Battle of Aubers Ridge  was on 9 May 1915, where only a handful of the British casualties of that battle have a known grave.


    This is an account by a relative of one of the many dead who has been striving to have the first battle properly recognised and commemerated.  Reading the account referenced by Clair, it seems without much success!!  However, there is to be a service of rememberance for those who fell in 1915 this Saturday at Fromelles attended by the families of those who took part.


    "By May 1915, the 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade had been in France for six months. They had already suffered heavy casualties in the March during the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, but nothing would have prepared them for what they were about to experience at Rouges Bancs.
    Unlike the pre-war regular soldiers who formed the backbone of this battalion, many of these men had enlisted at the outbreak of war and had travelled out from England, joining the Battalion in mid-March as reinforcements for previous losses.  For these men, this would be their first taste of action.

    Whilst the officers knew their exact whereabouts, the majority of the men believed themselves to be elsewhere and when relatives received letters from comrades telling them of the fighting and where it had taken place, they had no reason to question it.  For eighty-five years some families believed that their loved ones had been killed not at Rouges-Bancs but at Hill 60 on the Ypres Salient.

    The Battalion’s casualties that day were the worst that it was to experience for any single action throughout the whole of the Great War. Fifteen officers and two hundred and forty-eight were men killed. Of this number, only two officers and fourteen men have known graves, the rest being listed on the Ploegsteert Memorial to the Missing. Of the hundreds of wounded men, many would die from their wounds over the days and weeks to come".

    The second battle here in 1916 overshadowed that of the first as it was the first involving Australian troops and they encountered similarly horrendous casualties as those of the 2nd Battalion of the Rifle Brigade a year earlier.

  8. Anton I presume you meant cement mortar, concrete mortar can be a little bit lumpy[blink]

    For just tightening up a few stones on an inside wall to be covered later just use a mortar mix of ciment+chaux (sold as LM plus) and sand. 1 to 5.  The lime content  allows a bit of movement.

  9. "Obviously if you expect to make a loss it is the wrong regime to choose."

    Will, did you mean "to have chosen"?  I didn't realise that you can just register for different regimes just to suit your end of year tax situation, I thought that if you exceeded the micro turnover limits you paid a heavier rate of tax, not just had the option to change your status.[8-)]

  10. The 2047 is always sent out seperately. If you submit on line it you don't need to download any forms[8-|]

  11. I got a pre- completed 2042K not SK and  box CH is on page 3.  You can download a 2042 K and use that if the form you have has no box CH.
  12. and next Friday as well.  VE day.  Lots of places round here are shut both Saturdays as well.
  13. [quote user="RicandJo"]Cooperlola isn't strictly correct in how they work. If you're resident in France for example but continue to pay full NI in Uk, as I do, then it is renewed each year.[/quote]


    Cooperlola is talking about non employed people, are you unemployed or retired?

    in the first line it says " Form E106 is issued where a non-employed person transfers their residence to another EC country",

  14. Whether or not its a good price, and I don't think its that cheap personally why not not have it done through a dentist?

    Is this bloke qualified to make the always necessary small adjustments to them?  With a dentist at least you have the comfort of knowing that you can get them fitted properly and can return if you have problems. With a dentist you can also get some money from CPAM towards the costs as long as its not seen as cosmetic.

    By the way I replied to your E mail about tax threads, did you get it ?

  15. "I expect that lorry driver who's put me in hospital reckons he's good at it too."

    I think he showed his skill at "hospital putting" admirably Coops[:D][:P][:$]

  16. [quote user="Chezstevens"]Hi Folks,
    You think that driving in France is erratic ... I have survived in Naples for 10 months - you just have to laugh.  If anybody wants an unused indicator bulb for any vehicle then go to a Neopolitan scrapyard!! Creating 4 lanes from 2 is the norm and honking at the lights, girls, mates or life..........

    That is so true, do Italian cars have indicator switches then? 

    Approaching Naples en route to Amalfi Coast last summer, there were three lanes, + one hard shoulder, the hard shoulder was the fastest lane of the lot and the next junction was 3 kms ahead[:-))] AS CS said if you want to see erratic lane changing where there just isn't any room to do so, go to Napoli, if you think French drivers are Kerap ........[Www]

  17. Cooperlola said "  but what is it with these people who insist on going back into the slow lane when there's something else to overtake a hundred metres away?  They nip in and out like the proverbial snake - surely more dangerous than staying in the fast lane and overtaking everybody in one go? 

    Because that is the way they are taught to drive.  Its politeness and consideration for other road users by giving way to others who may want to pass them. OK its done excessively in some cases but surely that is better than the selfish centre lane hogging "because I cannot be arsed to move over cos I'm doing 69mph in my Volvo/ Rover 75 so you will have to go round me" tossers you see on UK motorways at the weekends when the inside lane is empty.

    EDIT There is no SLOW lane on any motorway except AFAIK in Italy where there are minimum speed limits.  In the UK and in France there is a lane for normal progress and one or two for overtaking. so if you are not overtaking you shouldn't be in it!!

    Some of the posters on here would not last five minutes on German Autobahns with their selfish aggressive attitudes, try staying in the centre or fast lane over there!!.

  18. [quote user="Cathy"]

    Meanwhile, Nissan UK have informed me that they do not issue Certificates of Conformity automatically for new cars.[/quote]

    No because the C De C its been been part of car's handbook for all cars registered in the EU since 2000.

  19. Its confirmed here in France chez Ron, not even been to Mexico.  Got a runny and wet nose and hairs growing out of it and my ears.  I'm waiting for the vet now.[:P]

    PS Am I the only one who wishes that one of those in Scotland that has got it opens a window and coughs all over the hacks assembled below???

  20. Ask a Notaire or at the Mairie, its not a fixed national figure, it varies by commune.
  21. Where there are three lanes or in some cases four,  particularly around Paris, the hogging of the middle lanes is no worse than in the UK, but perhaps for good reason, as in Italy where its actually enforced, it seems the "rule of the road" adopted by many French drivers is for the inside lane of three to be left for HGVs and slow traffic and the cars then fight it out in the other lanes with a minimum speed requirement of 90kph.  Whereas in Germany where they DO have rules, you stay in the middle lane at your peril[Www]. 
  22. If its agricultural land, the price per hectare is fixed by the farmer's association SAFER, but it can be varied by agreement.

    The purchaser pays all the fees and taxes including the charges of the Geometre for getting the land measured, re-assigned and registered. You are looking at a minimum of 1200€ in charges alone.

    EDIT If done legally there is no advantage in buying with a neighbour as the sales will be treated as separate and still incur the same fees and taxes, you might save a little on the Geometre's  charges if its done together.

  23. G-P I know you are trying to help but apart from making the page now about 3feet wide, if this was my first tax return I would be totally confused by what you have posted.

    IMHO the explanations given in the FAQs covering all the usual sources of UK  income and coverage of how income taxed in the UK which you have omitted to mention, s concise and far easier to follow for anyone making a tax return in France.

  24. Simple answer is no.  You will receive a 2047 for foreign income in the post in a few days time or you can download one.

    One change that may be needed to the tax FAQs is that you can now declare on line if its your first return provided you are aged 20 years and over. All you need to do is contact your tax office and they will send out a letter with the necessary details to do this. 

  25. Panda, maybe you didn't make it clear that you were not living in the shack?  Or they chose to assume that you were.[blink]
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