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  1. Is there any one who can advise on the essential documentation required for the submission for a permis de construaire for my new in ground pool being built in August? I have the form but it does seem somewhat complex.
  2. If you take a look at www.summitleisure.co.uk (case study) you will find a set of photographs taken as a similar pool was built. I am using exactly the same technique.
  3. Just to clarify matters this is not a reinforced concrete construction but one that uses 7 newton 10x20x50 solid concrete blocks laid flat with a pea grit backfill between the pool and the earth sides of the hole. There are loads of companies that sell the block and liner kit (just do a google search) which actually means they supply all the pipework, liner, fittings, valves and a filter and pump for around £2200 in the UK. I have seen similar kits available on French websites as well. Pool sixe is 28' x 14' x 4' deep. The method was quietly recommended to me by a well respected pool installer close to where I live in the UK who recommended the Vycon construction. I say quietly as he admitted that there is sometimes an attempt to blind customers with frightening figures when for that size of pool all that is needed is someone who can competently build a 4' redered wall and provide a screed flat floor. Not exactly rocket science then but fitting the liner seems to be a bit more tricky (but not beyond reach!) hence my question. The step gasket is the right solution but I assume that one needs to buy one from a fibre glass step manufacturer. Any suggestions? I have to supply the labour and all building materials
  4. Due to the outrageous costs of employing a swimming pool specialist I am using a friend who has limited experience of building pools and fitting a new liner.He normally builds houses! The methodology of this kind of pool does not need a specialist (it is designed for DIY construction anyway) so a bit more info would be helpful.
  5. My new block and liner pool will be built over the summer. My builder (english) says he can easily provide me with a block/concrete Roman End step which we can cover with pool quality mosaic glass/ceramic non slip tiles. How does one cut the liner to expose the step unit? Is there some sort of gasket (the sort similarly used when fitting a glass fibre step unit) that can be cut to fit the gap?Clearly the liner needs to be sealed around the step unit. Any suggetions?
  6. Having looked at many options for a kit pool I have seen UK designs for a kit pool using solid 450 x 215 x 100mm concrete blocks to form an 8m x 4m shell with a constant 1.5m depth. These seem to require the services of a competent bricklayer with the pipework, liner,skimmer and inlet/outlet and steps etc. purchased seperately as a kit for around £2000. Has anyone built one of these in France?
  7. Has anyone had the experience of using a Kafko kit pool which I understand is available in France?
  8. It is a `semi enterre` pool with corroded steel framework with a pvc liner now collapsing in on itself about 20 years old so needing replacement.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I clearly need to look at alternatives but prices in France seem to be very expensive so I did consider Sunsoka as an option. I would be interested in the alternatives you manage to find.
  10. Has anyone any up to date news about the prospect of flights from the UK to Dijon, Burgundy?
  11. Having considered the alternatives and the cost of excavation for a more permanent in ground pool I am tempted by the Sunsoka wooden kit pools marketed in the UK but to be delivered to my second home in France. Can anyone out there who has had a similar pool sent out to France for assembly there please comment on the experience? It is likely to be used for only a few weeks during each summer so spending a huge amount of money on a different type of manufacture does not seem to make sense particularly as I will be replacing an existing pool same size.I already have a safety cover, pump, filter etc. All helpful comments welcome.
  12. All I wanted was to hear about other readers experience of using a Lambourgini Oilfired boiler.I offer my thanks to the very few people who actually answered the question. Some people seem to have got exited about energy usage and its future but perhaps I need to explain that this is very much a second home, rarely used in winter (but with my neighbour keeping an eye on the place!) and there is already an oil fired system (tank etc) in place. If we were there more often I would certainly have a wood burner but to change the whole heating system to an alternative form of energy is just plain daft at the moment.
  13. Has anyone experience of owning a Lambourgini Oil fired boiler? I understand they are of Italian Manufacture but I wonder if they are reliable for my second home.
  14. The boiler was serviced a couple of weeks ago and when the engineer pulled away the burner unit he cleaned out the rust debris which had fallen down from the cast iron core. There was a lot of accumulated corrosion (a shovel full!) including bits of the gasket which he replaced. I must admit I was surprised that he thought a new boiler was necessary but I do trust him and I do not feel that he would try to rip me off as it would certainly not be in his best interest. I am having trouble finding a replacement "corps" which as you suggest may be because the unit is about 15 years old.
  15. Has anyone living in or near Dijon heard any plans for flights to be provided from the UK to Dijon in Burgundy?
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