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  1. idun,

    Really!? I missed that. I don't watch TV or read newspapers. I also didn't watch either program.


  2. Paul,

    Ronnie Biggs enjoyed it.


  3. Q,

    I was just saying that there are people who will take advantage of a good thing and ruin it for others.


  4. Q,

    We get the occasional email from someone using the names of people my wife knows on facebook. One is a neighbor across the street. They are usually ads for weight loss and the like. Nothing sinister.


  5. Fred,

    It's on allllll day.


  6. Russet,

    Mary Hockaday says the BBC news dep't never gets anything wrong on Feedback and similar programs on TV.


  7. Hoddy,

    C'mon, the US tornado story disappeared rather quickly. I had to go to google to see where Ohio was hit.


  8. Nick,

    We started watching the Cooking Channel to get away from it.


  9. 17,

    I wouldn't watch Fern Britten interview anybody and you would have to tie me down to get me to listen to/watch opera.


  10. Pat,

    I was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania...


  11. wooly.

    Using his computer on the toilet, I guess.


  12. 17,

    I wonder why you seem to be so attracted to Norman.


  13. Clark,

    That was a bit before my time in GB.


  14. Norman,

    Bring back Maigret with Gambon. Although I'm not sure it was filmed in France.


    PS I see where there are plans to bring it back. And it was filmed in Budapest.

  15. Norman,

    A lot of my Cleveland Orchestra records are conducted by Szell, including a set of Beethoven's symphonies and his five piano concertos.

    I was a friends house in St Albans some years ago and was trying to convince him that the Cleveland Orchestra was one of the best in the world and had been the guest orchestra at the Salzburg Festival. He said he had never heard of the Cleveland Orchestra and didn't believe me about the Festival. At the time, he was playing a CD of one of Beethoven's piano concertos. I looked at the sleeve and informed him that it was by the Cleveland Orchestra and Ashkenazy (sp).


  16. Pat,

    Among other Goodman records, 33 1/3 rpm, I have him playing the Mozart Clarinet Concerto. I saw him perform in Cleveland several years before he died. I also saw Carlo Curley perform in St Albans about six months before he died. No cause and effect, I don't think.


  17. 17,

    Careful, I got told off for calling Betty Betsy.

    I just love it when the oboe gets everybody in tune.

    I wrote Variations on 4' 33", a piano piece by John Cage, for organ, drums, and strings.

    Gotta go listen to some Bartok.


  18. 17,

    I listened to as much as I could stand, a couple of minutes, of Billy Budd on BBC4 the other night. It was like listening to a random group of people reading any Shakespeare play while 'singing' any notes that jumped out of their mouths. It was about the worst thing I have ever heard. How could anybody write anything so tuneless? Did you watch the whole thing and actually enjoy it?


  19. Q,

    It's funny how so many people will bin junk mail that comes through the door without opening it, but are tempted to open dodgy email.


  20. T,

    Everybody is an expert on everything on every forum I have ever used even though I have never heard of them elsewhere. Microsoft is always backing things up on my computer and I have no idea why or what they are doing. I just let them get on with it.


  21. Theiere,

    I get bogus emails from people using the names of people I know to get me to look at them. I think they get the names from facebook. I looked at the first one and it turned out to be an ad for weight loss. Fortunately, no harm was done and now I report them as spam. They are usually from yahoo. 


  22. Norman,

    Yes, but my CD is the original conducted by Jenkins.




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