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  1. JSKS, We made it to France and back on Tuesday. The road goes around the bridge toll booths and moved well, but an accident slowed up getting through the tunnel booths a bit. I assume our online payment was accepted. David
  2. Pickles, Of course you can entirely avoid the charge by going around the M25 in the other direction or by driving through London and going across another bridge. David
  3. Chancer, And now that they have got rid of the people working in the toll booths, they have upped the return charge from £4 to £5. David
  4. Pickles, We paid for a crossing, GB to France and back, online and printed the receipt. We will see if it works on Tuesday. David
  5. Spyder, Could have been phishing... David  
  6. Theiere, I didn't even click on Spyder's link. David
  7. JSKS, Dearie me, this forum is beginning to sound like some nasty Delphi forum. David
  8. Spyder, Let me see if I've got this right. The law says you have to have a breathalyser in your car, but nobody gets fined for not having one. Typical French. Pass a law and nobody pays any attention to it. David 
  9. Kong Are you saying that the breathalyser is no longer required? We bought ours at the AA shop in Folkstone and are now on our second ones. David
  10. Kong, Don't forget an in date breathalyser that you now need to have in your car and all that detritus cluttering up your boot should you need to stop to change a pneu. David
  11. wb, A quilt is something made by quilting bees.
  12. Rabbie, Population of Ohio is over 10 million, and it doesn't even have a football (soccer) team. David
  13. richard51, A lot of us have been ignoring it for some time. (Uraguay2-England1. Tee hee.) When somebody says Uraguay, I think they are calling me a name, "Hey dummy, you're a guay!" David
  14. Frederick, According to one website I looked at, there are 47 campsites on Ile de Re. I don't remember it being that big. David
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