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  1. The price will depend on how good the harvest is this year. Two years ago I paid 10€ a bale but last winter it was 20€ due to the poor harvest last summer. These are smaller bales than the large ones you usually see these days, which might be about 40/50€ - this is the size I get: [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/The%20Donkeys/Donkeyswithstrawbale1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/Bouillaguet/The%20Donkeys/Happinessisbaleshaped.jpg[/IMG] I'm not sure that you'll be able to control a large bale (they are very heavy) once it starts rolling and they don't necessarily keep in a straight line! Why not ask if you can go and collect some loose straw (filling plastic sacks) from the farm as they are sure to have some.
  2. Why not ask you local wood mill if they could put it through their machine? Being in the Limousin you can't be far from a mill!
  3. We've bought a electric heated towel rail and the installation instructions state "...an omnipolar switch, with at least 3mm of distance between contacts, must be employed." My husband would like some clarification on what this involves please, as he not installed one before.
  4. It certainly looks like the old chaux we've replaced in many of our walls; very easy to clean/pick out, then replace with a new lime mortar mix which is more tedious but very satisfying when done.
  5. Thanks Leo, I'll pass on the information. Tony, I've sent a reply, thanks.
  6. I know it's a long shot but has anyone got a small gite available for a couple for a week in August? Any area on the west coast or inland as far as the Limousin; we have some friends who have decided on a last minute visit to us but also would like a week somewhere on their own
  7. Could you post a picture of the shades you want to use to give a better idea of the fittings needed?
  8. I've read through several threads regarding Kindles and one thing I'm still unsure about - If I buy a Kindle from the Amazon French site, re-register it to one of my Amazon U.K. delivery addresses and then want to buy books from Amazon U.K. to download via my PC (using Expat Shield). Can I pay with my French bank card as I would with other items I buy from Amazon, or would they block me? I've looked at the French Kindle books in English, but the U.K. site seems much more suited to my tastes. 
  9. What about donating them to the new English Library in the Correze? https://sites.google.com/site/englishlibraryinthecorreze/
  10. It's the IE-based tab top right of the screen, beside the spanner (tools) icon
  11. Crickey, it's like putting a pin in a map to decide on your holiday! Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I'll mull them all over and let you know.
  12. Peanut Butter??? Yuck![+o(] Kit Kat has never been as good since Nestles bought out Mackintosh - especially the ones sold in France that are made in Germany.
  13. It could well be me [8-)] but I still find the site is not compatible with Google Chrome and I have to use the IE tab button to make replying more user friendly. I use W7, Google Chrome and Modzilla Thunderbird.
  14. Not forgetting the 15th August, Feast of the Assumption, when the Virgin Mary ascended into Heaven. [:)]
  15. I have a PAYG French mobile that was with Orange, but it has been cut off as I used it so rarely (only wanted it for emergencies whilst driving). However we are off on holiday to the U.K. at the end of May and I think we ought to have a mobile with us whilst travelling. Has anyone suggestions on the best tariff / provider for me? I've heard Virgin have a much longer credit limit than most French providers and others say a U.K. sim card is a good deal (although not much help between here and the tunnel unless they post to France!)  
  16. It looked good when you posted the other pictures; now it's finished it looks stunning, so do the gates. Congratulations!
  17. May I ask where you got your pump from and how deep is the water level in your well?
  18. We've also used the HG Range on pamment floor tiles in the U.K., first to clean them, then to seal them. We found their products excellent.
  19. Your experiences seem to echo our, Wilko, at two different banks. At the second one our (french) accountant said he had never before met anyone so rude and obstructive!  The problem, IMO, is that the so called 'managers' that you deal with in France have neither the depth of knowledge nor the authority to actually make decisions as they do in the U.K.
  20. [quote user="Kitty"][quote user="Louise"]I have another query... when you register with the Mairie do you include babies in the numbers e.g we have beds for 12 people but 2 cots so do I register for 12 or 14. I think I should register for 14 ???[/quote] In the UK, where I have a holiday let, when you say, for example, "sleeps 10", this means that the house "sleeps up to 10 adults and children over the age of 2".  Children and babies under the age of 2 are not included in the numbers.  I gather that the same applies in France.  So, in my opinion, you would register for 12.  I assume that you could ask the Mairie to verify this. As for twin beds, I have a house with two doubles and three twins and that works out well.  No one has ever complained that I have too many or too few double beds.  Sometimes, people put the twin beds together. There certainly was a thread about this in the past but it was probably 3 or 4 years ago and I can't find it. [/quote] Is this the one? http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/525547/ShowPost.aspx
  21. Just to update all those who were so helpful - we bought a lovely shiny new LED HD TV on Saturday and I've also ordered a new Humax HD Freesat box via Amazon and coming this week with friends from the UK. In the meantime the TV is working with the old box and OH was delighted with the clarity of the F1 and football! Getting French TV will now be phase 2. Thanks everyone.
  22. The lavender fields each side are awful IMO and just distract from the main use - the postings. Why the whole screen can't be used I just don't understand. I also want to know why there is a huge white gap at the top between the page titles and this reply section, it's really annoying.
  23. Thanks everyone and my apologies for the delay in replying. What with the new forum layout, trying to log on, then compatibility issues I rather lost the will to live the other night! I don't think I explained things very well before - we used to watch French TV with an indoor aeriel and booster box in the gite we rented when we first lived here (10 years ago), then when we bought our first house we needed a satallite dish in order to get a decent picture (still French TV).  Then our son sent us a Sky box he didn't need any more so my husband could watch U.K. TV (same dish) whilst I returned to U.K. to work; the Sky box died, we've since moved house and we have now got just a cheap freesat box with the same satellite dish and receive just U.K. TV. As I understand it, if I get a new French HD TV with built in TNT, that's connected to our present satellite dish, I can receive French TV(TF1/2/3) and by using a new HD  freesat box and (second?) scart lead I can get U.K. TV?  
  24. My husband doesn't do any cooking Coops; but then I don't do plasterboard jointing, rubbing down, plumbing, laying electrics or cutting wood for the fire! Our three sons, on the other hand, are all better cooks than their girlfriends - because I made sure of it [:D]
  25. [quote user="Jako"]More and more TV's are equipped with DVB-T/C and DVB-S2 tuners. So they are capable of receiving both the (French-) terrestrial channels and any satellite channels. Check the manual carefully and you might even be able to tell the TV that the terrestrial tuner is located in France while at the same time the satellite tuner is located in the UK ( thus acting like a freesat box) But you will allways be able to use your old freesat box if you wish, even when it is just SD. [/quote] Thanks - what's "just SD"? (Told you I know nothing!)
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