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  1. Only one licence???  A friend of mine has U.K., Spanish and South African driving licences all valid. Bob  
  2. As the Tax Fonciere you are paying is for 2005 and wouldnt have been billed to the previous owner until November 2005, no one would have been able to know what figure to split when you bought the property. The frenchman we bought off turned up one evening with the bill and we settled it over a pastis. Bob  
  3. No William Hartnell followed by Patrick Troughton.................but then you were probably too young to have seen them. Bob  
  4. We have a french TV (left by previous owner) an english video recorder, a french dvd player and an english skybox all connected by scart leads and have no problem watching whatever we want, french tv, english tv, french or english dvds and videos......all playing all singing all dancing. Bob  
  5. The explanations are also available through your skybox select interactive then customer services. There is a technical help section which shows you how to set up the remote. We used it to set up our french tv without any problem although our tv at home in UK will not operate through sky remote. If you get one like that just buy one of those programmeable remotes they should do the trick. Bob  
  6. At the end of the day it would depend on a lot of things whether the price has gone up or not in the past couple of years. Remember the agents fees you paid are not part of its new value to you and if you paid english agents finders fees on top well!!! A couple bought a property near us through an english agent and paid £41,000. The seller a friend got £31,000 for the property the rest was agents fees. Now if that property was valued today the owner would probably be told I can get you £33,000 for this. On the one hand the value has gone up from £31,000 to £33,000 so prices are going up. Try telling that to the couple who paid £41,000 and are being offered £33,000. Bob
  7. Jond wrote I make an effort - for once, and believe me it can be an effort - to stick with the thread and Mr Irrelevant Mobile has to wade in and upset the apple cart.   Ahhhhhhh apple carts I remember as a young lad in Somerset what fun we had on the apple cart .............ooops sorry gawn aff thread agin
  8. Need I say any more 20:16 A good few bevvies the nite Bob    
  9. Lille is the collection centre for "etrangers." I tried to pay at local Tresor Public and was told it was payable to Lille, but they would forward it this once. Not sure you can pay by instalments but then mine is only 120 euros per year. Bob  
  10. When I post to a topic I always check the box which states email me with replies to this topic. Lately I am getting two or three copies of the same posting coming through at once, on the topic regarding the moderators I had 20 odd emails of which more than half were duplicates, only seems to be for certain posters "Possum Girl" & " Russethouse" are the ones I remember, yet when I checked the topic they had only posted once. Bob  
  11. [quote user="le bouffon"]Hey hey, my my.[/quote] I'm sure she has a heart of gold
  12. Ah !!  I thought we had a gay moderator Silly me
  13. [quote user="Ron Avery"]The Visitor Centre while it was being constructed was on the south side of the river unless its moved recently, it is signpostd out of Millau on the route to Albi[/quote] [quote user="Bedders"]Sorry not to answer earlier, but i didn't pick up your question until this lunchtime, and as i only take 30 mins (this is the UK), i didn't have time to reply. The visitors centre is on the North side of the bridge, almost underneath, just to the East. I believe it's sortie 45 off the A75. There is a huge car park, and the centre itself is full of models, photos and they run a film show i seem to remember.[/quote] Well its at the bridge anyway :)
  14. [quote user="jond"]Sooooooo....one buys a ticket for a penny, turns up for a week long break in la belle france (or Vienna via ANOTHER COUNTRY or Barcelona via an albeit delightful little town on the other side of Spain) with a bag weighing a fairly modest 18kg and get charged:     - Check-in levy of £2.50     - "Excess" baggage of 3kg times £5.50 = £16.50 Total (excluding drinks) = £19 or £38 return. Frankly, for that kind of money, I'd hope that my bag got better accommodation than I did. One could probably post ones clothes for about this......why does this company annoy me so much???? [8o|] [/quote] Ryanair did announce an increase of baggage allowance to 20kg plus 10kg carry on at the same time meaning scrap the £16.50 above. But its not, not getting the £2.50 reduction on the the fare thats the problem, its the fact that the so called taxes have now increased effectivelly by £2.50 each way which means the cheapest return fares are now at least £50 before adding on the so called "fare". Bob  
  15. I am not against Ryanair doing this, as I usually travel with hand luggage only. However I would be interested to see how my normal 1p (penny) fares can be reduced by £2.50. Will he pay me to fly with him.................I think not Bob  
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