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  1. Hi, i'm not bothered about the time. I've learnt that you've just got to go with the system. It's the cost when it's supposed to be subsidised for kids boarding. My daughter translated it as being private, so not sure. They did tell me that she can't use her tickets on that train though. I've now found out there's a paper I can fill in to complain. Hopefully then the ban will be lifted on her for that train. So difficult.
  2. Hi,   My daughter has received her tickets for the train to Lycee. The train she has to get, the only one to get her there for 8am is 6.26. I've now been told that it is a private train and she can't use her tickets. We had to pay 11 euros one way. I don't receive the bourse, just these tickets like everyone else. This is ludicrous and going to cost a fortune. She boards during the week. Anybody who's had similar problems please advise. Thanks Shelly
  3. Hi, Thanks for the replys. No my daughter didn't have the Delph exam at college. I don't know if it's worth it or not. She's doing a Bac Pro now for 3 years. If she wants to continue and go to University in the Uk, she might need some A levels to boost her BAC. I'm not sure what the Bac Pro is equivalent to. Difficult one. Another english girl at her school is doing Gcse's in english and maths which will lead to A levels. I don't know if it might be too much work with everything else they have to do. Anyone with experience of this, please advise. Thanks
  4. Hi,   I'm just about to send my husbands visa application off. Let's see. One of the problems is you have to have 2 photos done by a professionel 5cmX5cm. I could do our's through an agency in Paris but they want to charge 165 euros. My husbands is 119.50 by post doing it ourself. We have to pay an extra 30 for living here in France. I'll let you know how it goes!!  
  5. Hi, We're going to India in October. We have been told that we must apply for our visas in Paris as we live in France. Has anyone got any information on this. I've heard that it can take some time by post so it would be better to visit the office in Paris.
  6. Hi, A friend of mine who is in the autoentrepenneur scheme was given 20 hours free french lessons. It was from the Chambre De Commerce. We have a sarl business and would be interested in this. Any information would be welcome.
  7. Hi, Thanks for the help. I know how to apply for the travel pass for bus and train now. Also we have received a letter which says that she will be eligible for a new laptop for a small amount. We won't find out if she's been accepted at her chosen lycee until the end of July. Our daughter has also been asked what she wants to do from a young age. She did a one day stage at the lycee but no one bothered with her as they were too busy. Very off putting really.
  8. Hi, thanks for the help. I have found a company in the Uk that allows her to do the course at home. She will then go to an international school to take the exam. After the Igcse she can go on to do her A level. I think it's worth having and will add to her qualification of her Bac Pro.
  9. My daughter is in college now. She will finish next month after her brevet. Is there any way she could take her IGcse french here in France. I think it will be useful for her future especially if she continues Her studies in the Uk. Thanks.
  10. Sorry it's supposed to read your!
  11. Hi,   Thanks for the information. I don't think we'll be eligible for the bourse. We have only one child and earn more than 14,000. I went to a meeting at the school and they explained about the navette form etc. Will I have to apply for a bus pass through the mairie. Last year my daughter moved schools so I had to pay for the pass. In Lycee however they should get it.  I'm going to the open day at the end of the month. I've also heard about a one day stage at the school of your choice. I must find out if you have to apply for that through the college. Thanks for yur help. How are your children getting on? Are they doing a bac general or professionel?
  12. Hi, Ram sent us our attestations with our number on. It's just difficult to be re imboursed quickly that way.
  13. Thanks for that. It's difficult as the open day is at the end of March for this school. We haven't decided which school yet. It's so confusing. If I apply for the bourse now and then she chooses another school, what's the implications. I went to the careers advice but they were useless. When do you have to apply for the place in the Lycee? Any help welcomed. Nothing is straight forward here.
  14. We have had our own sarl business here for 3 years. We applied for our carte vitales straight away. We have received a provisional number but no cards. We have rang them and wrote to them. They have said that it is processing. It's so annoying. If we don't pay our cotistations on time to Rsi we get a fine. It's now up to Ram in Touluse. I've tried to make an appointment but they won't let me.
  15. We're looking at options for Lycee's for our daughter. One school would mean that she will have to be interne(board). Would she be eligible for help towards it? Is it on your income like college? I believe all kids should get help with the train, bus etc. It's so confusing and I can't get an answer from anyone. Does anyone know if the brevet is equivalent to 4 or 5 gcse's. That's a bit of a sketchy area too. Thanks.
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