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  1. The numbers quoted by the original poster tie in with the expected monthly social charges of about 1000 Euros per month being deducted by the employer I suspect the 15,000 demand is in line with the calculation of tax liability with no allowances. I assume that this is done by the fisc so as to attract the attention of  the recalcitrant tax payer. The actual debt is probably in the region of 6 or 7000 Euros.  
  2. Just checked that to refresh this page with the only two posts amounted to 60Kb. nearly 1 Euro's worth!  At that rate it wouldn't take much to use up 7 Euros.
  3. 100% Neuf means no phone calls if you have no electricity. That's why many people, me included, prefer to maintain their FT line at 16 Euros a month for a bit of added security. In addition burglar alarms, remote heating controls, and some fax machines either work badly  or not at all if tied to a VOIP service. Others have encountered problems with fault reporting. There can be arguments as to who is to blame ;the line (FT) or the VOIP service (Internet provider). This can get frustrating if it becomes a long drawn out dispute, and costly as your point of contact is your Internet provider who can only be contacted at a reasonable cost if you call using their own service.Calling on  a mobile can be very costly indeed.  
  4. the magistrate of the parquet floor Presumably working very closely with the bench, they look for things swept under the carpet!
  5. Guess what...??? It's a urban myth! http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/news/Urban-myth-Bristol-Zoo-parking-attendant/article-1073841-detail/article.html
  6. Presumably http://www.kingspan.fr/ might know where / how  you can buy their products.
  7. Looks like it can be done..... http://mobilesociety.typepad.com/mobile_life/2006/08/how_to_share_yo.html or http://www.3g.co.uk/3GForum/showthread.php?t=53150    
  8. The fact that it is only a one night booking suggests that they are touring, or en route for somewhere. Whatever the reason it's not unreasonable of them to reject your offer of alternative dates. It's not what they need. You need  to break the contract,.They are entitled to some recompense for breach of contract. In order to pacify things...... You could arrange for someone to be present. You could find an alternative place for them to stay and pay any additional costs. You could offer  them the compensation of double their deposit. It's unlikely that they would consider it worthwhile to go to law having already received compensation. Look at it from their point of view. They had planned ahead, sorted their accommodation, now they are in the merde. They are understandably not very happy, especially if local alternatives are scarce.    
  9. The only good news is that the impact of the 19.6% VAT is partially offset by the lower Notaire's fees. However unless you wait 15 years you will always have the French CGT liability. If you waited the full 15 years you would then under current Uk legislation have a liablity for 18% UK CGT.
  10. Sorry Benjamin I don't remember that case. Were they non-resident? The FRs seem to have been more to the fore in the last couple of years. It often comes as a shock at the moment of final signature session when people are made aware of these additional hurdles / costs / delay.
  11. Being a holiday home doesn't affect the VAT but  you will be liable for CGT. That's going to cost you 16% of the gain. They definitely won't allow anything other than Artisan's bills in that calculation. Unless it's a very small barn and the selling price is below 100,000 you will also be lumbered with the Fiscal Representative to check the CGT calculations . They are going to cost you about 1% of the selling price. I don't know if they also check the VAT calculations. If they do they have a reputation for being very strict in the application of the rules  unlike the notaires who sometimes give the benefit of the doubt.  When you add together VAT, CGT, Notaire's/ Estate Agents fees and the Fiscal Rep you are going to take quite a hit. At least you are unlikely to have any significant CGT liability back in the UK.  
  12. I fear that you will have an uphill struggle reclaiming input tax (VAT) on anything other than  Artisan's bills.  You  will need a bill showing the details of the work done, where it was done, name of customer etc etc before they will allow you to deduct the VAT paid out. Till receipts are unlikely to be acceptable as they won't have full details of name address needed for the audit trail.  Is this your main residence or a holiday home?  
  13. I'm afraid only Ernie has the information which will determine where his earnings should be taxed. He is working offshore, does that mean that he is still within UK territorial waters or any additional areas treated as being part of the UK such for tax purposes. If he is not , and isn't spending time in the UK, then it's probably down to the tax treaties between whichever country he is working in and France to decide the treatment of his earnings. As Ron has said this is a pretty esoteric area of taxation, and I doubt if many front of house people in either the Impots or the Revenue are well versed in the proper treatment of such matters. Doesn't Ernie's company offer guidance to it's employees in such matters?    
  14. The five year period runs from when completion is notified. The VAT deduction amounts to 19.6% of the profit. However as it's calculated as 19.6/119.6ths of selling price less any VAT receipts that you have, it sometimes works out as being more onerous than expected. For example you buy a barn at 10,000 and sell for 119,600 having done all the work yourself. The picky notaire disallows the UK VAT receipts, and the the various till receipts from Castorama. he will therefore expect the full 19,600 with no deduction for VAT incurred. An exaggeration but you get the idea. If you aren't resident in France they will also expect you to pay for a fiscal representative to audit the books.    
  15. Presumably the documentation was filled in as "no inspection to date". I would think that as long as the inspection doesn't show any immediate malfunctions rather than noting " improvements required", then there shouldn't be a problem. However if immediate and evident problems were reported then the purchaser could claim that there had been an attempt to hide known defects.
  16. You need a letter from Newcastle refusing your mother any E form.
  17. If anyone could give me an explain .... Brits have always had a reputation for being stand-offish. Perhaps you could try again in another part of France.
  18. http://www.plusmagazine.be/fr/droitargent/immobilier/artikel/18/comment-gerer-des-servitudes-/3 1 The law in Belgium may differ from France in this matter. 2 I assume that the person causing the problem owns the land over which there is this right of way. 3 Who has use of the right of way?. Does it only serve your property or do others benefit? 4 Are the terms of your use the ROW specified in a your deeds? b in his deeds?  
  19. But for what reason is anyone who is not resident in France liable to pay tax to the French authorities? (It's not as if you have property there  is it ?) But she has income in France. This seems all to c**k to me and personally speaking firstly I would be suggesting to the French authorities that they reclaim the money from your ex. In the nicest possible way....  But they can't collect one persons tax from somebody else. 1 I think there is scope for French children's income to be assessed separately. 2 If that isn't the case there is scope to pay a lower rate of tax than the fixed 20%, but that does require submission of details of worldwide income so that the actual marginal rate of tax can be computed. Presumably its this route that brought into play employing a French accountant.
  20. Can / Does the UK Revenue ever give advice on foreign tax matters?
  21. OK. So the money is paid for your children. Hence they may have a theoretical tax liability, the size of which will depend on the wealth/generosity of your ex. They will each be entitled to the normal earned income allowances, as maintenace payments are treated as earned income. That being the case do you think there would be any tax to pay?    
  22. So it's worse than I thought. A no-commitment plan with Internet + TV, calls and telephone subscription included By choosing the Internet discovery plan for only €39.90 a month (incl. VAT), customers get: - The "1 MegaMax" broadband internet access for unlimited Internet browsing, to view bank account details, keep up with the latest news, plan holidays, send and receive emails and photos with friends and family, and much more - Digital TV with more than 60 channels, including the major French channels, free DTT channels, thematic channels and VoD service access with more than 3,000 programmes on offer. Digital TV access works via the livebox (€3 a month), on the condition of eligibility and payment of a €49 deposit for the set top box... So I assume they have now put you back on the 1 MegaMax package with separate line rental. That will probably mean 23.90 plus the separate 16 Euros a month line rental. So you have the ability to switch the line on and off for a fee, but a high cost for a slow ADSL service and no free phone calls  
  23. No it's the other way around.. LD Lines operate the Transmanche services on behalf of and under contract to the local Council.
  24. Section 2: Coordonnees du declarent. adresse.... We live in England, do we put the English or french address in here? England if you want the correspondence to be delivered there. Section 3-1: localisation du terrain. Is this where we put the address of the french house that's being modified? Yes Including the plot number from the local plans (Cadastre) It will be in your deeds. 3.2 & 3.3 ignore? Ignore. They are  optional in any case Section 4 ignore? Ignore Section 5.1: tick travaux sur construction existante and describe work? Tick Both Travaux sur construction existante and Travaux de ravalement ou ayant pour effet de modifi er l’aspect extérieur d’un bâtiment and Describe Section 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 ignore? Ignore Section 6 ignore? Ignore Section 7 ignore? Ignore Section 8 fill in.  Sign and date Three copies. If not handing the forms in you are supposed to send by recorded delivery. Normally you should get your reply within a month but as the Batiments de France are going to be involved you will be told how long the case will take within the first month. I would expect that you would get a decision within three months. You may find it helpful to include photographs of the building with  the the rendering in place and explicit indications of your proposed finishes. Depending on the importance of the local monument you may need to meet the local representative of the Batiments on site to discuss things.
  25. Presumably they do the same as CanalSat and transmit two parallel streams of soundtrack. You tell the decoder which one you want to listen to. TF1 transmit some of their American import dramas with the same choice of VO or VF.
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